Appealing Outfits For Pear Shaped Body That You Need To Try
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5 Jan

Appealing Outfits For Pear Shaped Body That You Need To Try

Are you wondering how to pick outfits for pear shaped body?

This article has all the answers!

Many women are struggling to find the right outfits for pear shaped body that they own.

Those girls have thin waists, “confident” hips, and often have full calves and shins.

If at the same time they have a small chest and/or sloping shoulders, their body type is called a pear.

These include starlets like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Rihanna, whose forms are quite lush.

If you’re feeling shy about your lower body volume and want an hourglass-like silhouette, I will have a few suggestions on how to achieve it.


This female figure is also called an A-silhouette or a triangle body shape.

It is characterized by a substantial difference between the shoulder line and the bottom.

Women with a similar figure have fragile graceful shoulders, a narrow chest, a visible waist, and legs of medium length.

The chest, as a rule, with such a figure is small.

Therefore, ladies with a pear shaped figure should keep their weight within the required limits to not completely “distort” the body’s proportions.

The main advantages of the figure are lush hips and voluminous bottom.

Such a figure has its unique charm and femininity. Of course, pear proportions require some attention to the choice of wardrobe.


To emphasize the merits, it is necessary to give preference to bustier dresses, models with an American armhole, form-fitting turtlenecks and various sweaters.

These things will add femininity and make the body proportions more graceful.

Pencil skirts (depending on the body), skinny jeans, and trousers that are too tight on the buttocks are not acceptable for plus-size women.

A woman needs to pay special attention to the correct placement of accents of the whole outfit.

A stylist recommends:

• Blouses, blazers and dresses with shoulder pads. These elements will accentuate the shoulders and make them wider;

Wide neckline as well as with collars. They will visually expand the line of the shoulders. You can also wear things with a diagonal cut. Deep V-necklines will look great. Wide light stripes will visually enlarge the breast;

• the proportions of the body need to balance clothes that fit the top of the figure and expand towards the bottom, creating an even silhouette;
• the lines of the neck and shoulders should be emphasized with various accessories like a silk or cashmere scarf.

accentuate a thin waist with a belt;
• do not emphasize the bottom of the figure (it is already emphasized by nature). It is better to prefer things with smooth silhouettes without voluminous and bright details on the hips.


  1. Very tight-fitting styles.
  2. Baggy clothing.
  3. Do not wear things that hide the waist.
  4. Cross seam and similar patterns.
  5. Too wide belts – it tends to emphasize the significant difference between the top and hips.
  6. Hard materials – Wear soft, flowy fabrics.

Outfits with a voluminous top

The owners of wide hips should be aware of a turtleneck – it can make them even larger in relation to the covered shoulders and chest.

Various oversize variations can help you visually balance the proportions if the abdomen has excess weight.

For example, it could be an elegant off-the-shoulder shirt or an oversized cardigan.

Outfits with midi and mini skirts

The midi skirt is the most versatile length for real-life wearing.

As for the best cuts, for “pears”, it is an A-line and a flared bottom, which fit well at the waist and leave a free fit over the hips.

A straight pencil skirt or a not-tight wrap skirt with a high waist is also a good option.

Bright colors are not forbidden, but it is better to be careful with prints, especially large-sized ones as they will magnify the size of your bottom.

Printed tops outfits

Blouses, shirts, and other patterned tops are excellent choices, as they will slightly widen the upper body.

Prints will bring a Jennifer Lopez figure to an hourglass silhouette if matched with a solid bottom.

The prints can be geometric and animalistic, and a mix of patterns, including the same type in different calibres.

Loose, wide-leg and flared trousers outfits

As you know, pears might gain weight in the area of the thighs and buttocks.

Therefore, bootcut trousers at the waist will fit you well after a good weekend – it’s all about the fabrics.

For informal outfits, straight or flared jeans will go well.

Accentuated waist outfits

When choosing a dress, do not forget to emphasize your femininity, namely, the difference between a thin waist and feminine hips.

Pay attention to slightly loose silhouettes, such as trendy slip dresses with straps together with the belt.

Accentuated shoulder line outfits

The trendy must-have of the last few years is the elongated oversized double-breasted blazer.

It is good for those with wide hips because it adds the volume to the shoulder line or even slightly increases it, creating harmonious proportions.

If you also add a medium-width belt, you will look beautiful and very stylish!

Winter Outerwear For Pear Shaped Body

A fur coat

Even in winter, pear figure body types can dress very elegantly and luxuriously.

The fur coat must be of a correct cut; the model must have shoulder pads or a voluminous collar.

The cutout of the model should be extended horizontally in the shape of a boat.

These nuances will add the necessary volume to the thinner top of the figure and draw more attention to it.

Slender young ladies can wear fur or fur-like coats with horizontal stripes. Curvy ladies should pay attention to monolithic coloring.

Otherwise, you can make the silhouette bigger.

Choose an average length of a fur coat – stylists categorically do not recommend short models.

It would be best if you did not focus on curvy hips – extra horizontal folds will add unnecessary volume.

The best option is A-line fur coats made of sheared fur.

A coat

Choose a coat made of well-draped fabrics that fit perfectly well.

You should not wear things made of stiff cloth or textured leather. Don’t buy a single-breasted straight model with a narrow collar.

The most suitable option is a modern cut-off coat with a highlighted waist.

The model must have long sleeves, and they can also be assembled as flashlights. The hem should be fluffy enough, and such a coat will balance the figure’s proportions.

Anyone who loves classic coats can wear fitted wool models.

Such a coat should have a fluffy fur collar and shoulder pads. A beige jacket with a flared hem and narrow sleeves is also suitable.

Young ladies can wear an oversized coat made in a loose fit. Any model must be equipped with shoulder pads.


When choosing short jackets, it is essential to remember one rule – it should not end at the widest line of the hips.

It is better to give preference to the short-cut version of the jacket, the edge of which is up to the waist or the middle of the buttocks.

Wear a jacket with a belt to accentuate your thin waist.

The shoulder line should be well defined. Sleeves must have shoulder pads. A hood or a wide fur collar is required.

A winter jacket should have prominent shoulders as well.

Trench coats

Classic models are all times classics for the pear shaped body.

Opt for an elegant double-breasted trench coat with a collar and hypothetically a mid-thigh length.

A belt must also be present, as it will look very elegant.

Flared raincoats are also suitable and are pretty feminine and stylish.

What exactly is essential to avoid when choosing a raincoat?

Stylists recommend abandoning laconic and straight cuts. Give preference to voluminous styles of raincoats in the style of the 50s.

Summer/Spring Outfits


When the pear is a type of figure, the summer clothing choice requires special attention.

Wear wrap dresses – they accentuate the chest and completely hide the bottom.

It is better to choose the average length of the model.

“Balloon” dresses also look good. A similar style was invented specifically for the pear figure, which hides all the flaws.

What dresses are better not to wear?

Straight models, shirt dresses without a belt, and oversized baggy clothes are not suitable for the pear figure.

All of them make the silhouette heavier, shapeless and out of proportion.

Don’t wear styles that weigh down your lower body. These recommendations should be followed by curvy ladies and slender girls with a pear body shape.

Skirts and trousers

Straight skirts that hug the top of the hips and look flared towards the bottom and loose flared models are the suitable options.

The wide hem will balance if you have heavy hips.

Pants should be straight and flared from the hip. Do not choose too narrow models.

Their fit at the waist can be great, and the belt will be a perfect addition.



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