Pear Body Shape Dresses And How To Emphasize Your Beauty
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4 Jan

Pear Body Shape Dresses And How To Emphasize Your Beauty

Are you wondering how pear body shape dresses can make you look better?

This article has all the answers!

Most women with triangular bodies can boast off their pear body shape dresses, and here I can tell you why. Pear features are relatively narrow shoulders, a small chest, wide hips, and a clear imbalance between a wide bottom and a rather narrow top.

To correct such a silhouette, you need to choose dresses that emphasize the figure’s strengths while at the same time distracting attention from problematic areas. The correct cut evens out the proportions of the body and emphasizes round, neat calves and a beautiful neck.

The main task is to focus on the waist and neckline, leaving the hips “free”.

Celebrities with a pear figure

Celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Salma Hayek have mastered the modelling of the silhouette with the help of clothes. Just look at their photos, not just from the red carpet.

How to dress if you are a pear type

Since the lower body is a “problem” in our case, there are several basic strategies on which the wardrobe and the selection of clothes for the pear body type are supposed to be built.

One of them is to divert attention away from the hips by emphasizing the upper body – from the waist and above. This trick will help add volume to your upper body.

If you are proud of your beautiful curves, there is no point in hiding them – on the contrary, show them! Here are some strategies for picking clothes for Pear.

How to choose a dress for a pear figure: basic rules

If you are looking for the perfect dress, you have a lot to choose from.

If your legs are slim, do not give up the mini cuts. The main thing is that the skirt is flared.

First, pay attention to models that emphasize the bust and visually expand the shoulders while focusing on the waist. In this role, dresses with a Spanish neckline and ruffles are perfect.

Models with a neckline shape a heart, with voluminous sleeves.

It is important that the dresses you choose are eye-catching to the neckline or waist and added a little volume to narrow shoulders. The brighter, more elegant and beautiful the upper part of the dress, the better it is for your body shape.

What styles of dresses should you avoid?

I, as a stylist, recommend avoiding skinny mini and tulip lengths. They focus on the most voluminous part of the body, which we avoid.

It is worth giving up unnecessary decorative elements: pockets, double seams, tucks. A complex cut and an abundance of draperies are also not appropriate.

Advice! A thin jersey will not work either, as it will tightly fit the hips and show the presence of all imperfections.

For dense knitwear, the type of dress must be straight or loose. Forget about pleated models, fluffy tutus and American models. Dazzling shiny elements and fabrics are undesirable.

Styles that fit the best

What is the best length of the dress for a pear shaped woman?

Knee-length, midi and maxi models are ideal. A knee-length dress will accentuate slender calves and hide lush hips. Long dresses optically slim the figure down.

Does this mean you need to watch out for the mini dresses?

Short cuts can accentuate the hips and weigh the lower body. But if you chose an outfit above the knee, choose the A-cut model.

It is worth focusing on the narrowed waist. An obligatory element, in this case, is a decorative ribbon or belt.

A fluffy skirt will hide heavy curves and accentuate a thin waist.

The best model is a slightly flared cut made of flowing silky materials.

A too-tight dress can greatly emphasize undesirable volumes. Look at photos of Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé and see the stars for yourself.

You can complement your wardrobe with shirt dresses that are so fashionable this season or light dresses with butterfly sleeves that optically extend the shoulders. In your case, they will be a better choice than models with thin straps or long fitted sleeves.

Retro dresses are a great idea too.

Styles of dresses for a pear body shape

Fashion designers offer an incredible number of models of dresses that sit on the pear figure elegantly and charmingly.

The triangle figure looks great in Greek dresses. The open-top accentuates the graceful shoulders and arms, while the waistline, located under the bust, delicately emphasizes the bust and hides the wide hips.

A-line dresses will also help create an attractive bow.

The falling lower part of the dress will make the proportions more harmonious, and the straight cut will visually add height and take away a few extra pounds.

For girls with a pear-shaped figure, shirt dresses can be worn as casual summer clothes. Loose fit styles are preferred, complemented by a belt or belt, which will emphasize the beauty of the waist.

Fashion experts recommend opening your shoulders as this is a beautiful part of the body.

The outfit can have a deep neckline, thin straps or voluminous trim with ruffles, flounces, frills.

The skirt in these styles can be wide, flared or bell-shaped. The most successful length is up to the knee or mid-calf.

Fans of retro style can try on a tight corset and a wide skirt.

A model from the fifties flirtatiously emphasizes graceful shoulders, back, neck but disguises the heavy lower part of the silhouette.

A dark sheath dress will visually reduce the hips but effectively highlight the seductive outlines of the figure. To balance the proportions, you can wear a fitted jacket or throw a stole over your shoulders with this outfit.

Some feminine tricks will help you shape the perfect silhouette:

  • You can add volume to your shoulders using shoulder pads or decor in the form of shoulder straps;
  • The V-shaped neckline will help to accentuate the chest;
  • The classic white top – black bottom will help you achieve a proportional silhouette.

Evening Dress

You can create a sophisticated evening out in a long dress with thin spaghetti straps or models on one shoulder. It is better to prefer light fabrics: chiffon, silk, translucent toilea, satin.

A bustier dress will emphasize the beauty of the A-shaped figure. The corset will gracefully support the posture and highlight the thin waist and bust, while the open back and shoulders add coquetry and elegance to the image.

A dress with a peplum will help to narrow the curvy hips visually. The desired effect can be achieved if the frill is sewn above the natural waistline and ends slightly above or below the widest point.

Wedding dress

A pear shaped girl has a rich selection of wedding dresses at her disposal today. Going down the aisle, the bride will shine in an A-line dress, Greek, mermaid model. It is contraindicated to hide beautiful shoulders, let the upper part of the exit also reveal a neat back.

Skirts can be light, flowing and almost weightless, or layered and fluffy, hiding voluminous parts of the body. Lacing on the corset will make the waist even thinner and more graceful, while large jewellery and intricate decor on the bodice will balance the proportions.

Complementary dresses and outfits

Dresses for plus-size women with a pear figure should emphasize the waist and bust, hide massive hips and visually stretch the silhouette out. Models of Empire-style options do an excellent job with these tasks. A fitted dress with an expressive neckline and a flared skirt made of flowing fabric, knee-length or floor-length, is a must-have for such a woman.

The midi-length for ladies with appetizing forms is contraindicated: in such skirts, the legs will seem too full. Stylists are not advised to wear clothes with a small print. Materials with large geometric patterns or flowers will look more harmonious and feminine.

Iconic little black dress

A basic wardrobe item should be in every woman’s “arsenal”—the optimal choice for the owner of a triangular figure – models with a laconic stylish finish. The bottom of a flawless dress can be made in the form of a tulip or a trapeze.

A pencil skirt can make your lower body look even wider, so it’s best to skip it. The recommended length for the little black dress is mid-knee. Such a skirt, combined with high-heeled shoes, will accentuate the legs, and the image will be complete and graceful.

A classic that never goes out of style. The model, released by Coco Chanel, is appreciated not only for its timeless character but also for its cut that suits any figure.

Black dress for a pear figure, this is a midi length, flowing fabric, a low waist and a straight fit.

It will be a great backdrop for sparkly accessories such as cascading necklaces, strings of pearls or brooches. As you wear it, keep in mind the elements that will visually expand your top—for example, an elegant scarf or jacket with a hanger.

Choose from an asymmetrical one-shoulder dress or a black, off-the-shoulder outfit. It is suitable for both short and tall women.

Features of this type and what clothes are suitable

Men consider these forms very attractive because the woman looks beautiful in their eyes. Rounded hips speak of her fertility and readiness for motherhood. Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé are world-famous pear body owners.

The waist with such a figure is usually narrow and well-defined. If you are overweight, fat deposits are concentrated on the thighs and buttocks. Women with a pear figure are most prone to such an unpleasant phenomenon as cellulite.

Summer Dresses

Lightweight, patterned cuts that give you freedom are perfect for casual looks. Choose models with a timeless floral print—best with a V-neck, wide ¾ sleeves and a ruffled skirt.

Feel free to choose contrasting color combinations. A pink dress with red flowers will not only add charm but also perfectly accentuate your figure! Match it with beige pumps, a trendy bag, and large dangling earrings to further accentuate the neck and shoulders.

A dress for spring and summer for a pear figure can have fashionable draperies and ruffles, provided that they adorn the top of the outfit.

Complete your wardrobe with an airy boat-neck dress and wear it with a wide belt, delicate jewellery and metallic sandals. It’s a versatile proposition, great for a date or a weekend outing with friends.

What to wear for pear body shape to look slimmer?

To visually reduce the lower body, when drawing up the wardrobe, the owner of the A-silhouette should pay attention to the following details:

Dark colors and their shades – from dark blue to classic black.

Vertical details visually lengthen the hip line – folds, seams, decorative zippers.

Jackets, sweaters, blouses and tunics that extend slightly below the hipbone. It would be best if you refused to wear clothes that reach the thighs, as it will only emphasize this short height.

Wear shapewear for the buttocks and thighs to make you look a few inches thinner. You can also wear push-up bras to add volume to your breasts.

Shoes with high heels. It will make the woman taller and lengthen the lower body, as a result of which the hips and buttocks will appear slimmer and more toned.

To create a harmonious silhouette, it is important to know not only what to wear for girls with a pear-shaped figure but also what should be avoided when putting together an outfit.

If you do not want to focus on the hips, your wardrobe should not have these clothes:

  • skirts and dresses with decorative elements along the edge – frills, ruffles, drapery;
  • items with tiny floral prints and large patterns;
  • leggings that are too tight-fitting for the female figure.

There is another simple technique that allows you to slightly adjust the figure by balancing all body parts with each other. Choose clothes made of stretch.

According to stylists, dense, non-stretching fabrics make the female figure fuller. You can also safely wear skirts, trousers and dresses with a slightly flared cut. Unlike the pencil, skinny and sun flare styles, they will divert attention from the problem area of ​​the female body. Do not forget about the length of the outfits: the longer they are, the slimmer your silhouette will look.

In the photo, girls with a pear-shaped figure in such outfits look slim and beautiful:

Dresses & outfits for work and an important meeting

Dress for work or an important meeting does not have to be a sheath or pencil skirt. If you’re looking for an idea of ​​the right look for work, a flared dress in a muted color is a good choice.

Choose a model with a contrasting collar.

Going to a business meeting?

Complement your outfit with a blazer with a crisp shoulder line – choose a suit model in the spirit of power dress.

However, this is not the only option that makes you look professional and stylish. An interesting option is a dress with a peplum. A flared belt made of material at the waist level will balance the proportions.

If you are petite, choose models with an asymmetrical cut, which will emphasize the waist, but also optically lengthen the silhouette.

Pants & Jeans

It is the most difficult to choose them if you are thinking about choosing clothes according to the pear shape type. Pants are a tricky thing that can make your hips even more massive.

Avoid high waist or too low waist. Sure fit – mid-rise. The pants should not taper – this will only highlight the hips. Better to choose straight or flared models.

If you wear skinny jeans, you will need to compensate for the lack of volume in the lower part with massive boots or boots with decor.

Colors should be dark, as lighter shades can create extra volume.

The legs of girls with a pear shaped silhouette can be plump.

In this case, you need to select the shorts carefully. Their length should hide all problem areas, so in some cases, it is worth wearing things up to the knee.

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Cocktail dresses – for an event

Do you have a corporate banquet, wedding or an important celebration ahead?

Pay attention to corset models and outfits with a round or square neckline.

The most reliable will be a flared skirt – with tulle or silk decorated with thin lace or completely smooth. In this outfit, you can go to a wedding or birthday.

In the case of New Year Eve and carnival outfits, glittery decorations play first fiddle. Sequins, shiny threads, crystals, sequins are all welcome in the upper parts of the outfit. If you prefer a shine like this, make sure the bottom of the dress stays matte.

An evening dress can intrigue with an interesting texture. Velour, satin, leather – these are materials worth remembering. For this style, go for pointed-toe shoes and XXL jewellery.

Basic rules for the selection of skirts for women with a triangle figure type

To begin with, let’s find out the characteristics of women with a figure of this type. For girls with pear shaped bodies, the lower part of the figure is much larger than the upper part, that is, lush hips with larger legs and fragile or sloping shoulders. Often (but not always), these girls have small breasts. But, unlike the “hourglass”, the waist is not so pronounced.

Often, the main goal when choosing pear clothes for women is to visually reduce the hips and legs, thereby creating a kind of balance between the upper and lower body. Most often, fat girls want to reduce the bottom.

Suitable styles

So, the styles that can and should be worn by girls with a pear shape:

  • The first and most important rule is that the skirt should fit perfectly at the waist, regardless of the style. We remember that the waist is our main advantage and we simply must emphasize it.
  • Straight pencil skirt (exactly straight, in no way tight). The length of the product is approximately up to the knee. Such a model will accentuate the waist and perfectly mask excess volume on the hips, if any. In addition, she is able to visually make her legs longer, which is especially important for short women.
  • A straight skirt with a peplum will only look good if the hem of the peplum is loose enough. This makes the hips appear smaller. In addition, an element such as a basque is able to hide the belly of overweight girls.
  • Must have for women with “A-shaped” body type – a skirt with a flounce at the bottom of the product. Thanks to the shuttlecock, the wide hips are aligned with the lower legs, which makes the figure more proportional. But be careful – the length of the product should not be much lower than the knee line, otherwise the effect will not be achieved.
  • High-waisted skirt with a wide belt. Firstly, such a model grasps the thinnest part of the waist – its upper part. Secondly, thanks to the wide belt, your torso visually becomes longer, therefore, slimmer.
  • Tulip skirt. This style is more suitable for slender girls, since the product sits freely on the hips, without hiding their volume. It is best to combine this model of a skirt with blouses or sweaters with decor on the shoulders (“lanterns”, embroidery, prints or something similar). This will help you shift the focus to the upper body.
    Models of skirts with side panels in a contrasting color will visually make your hips slimmer.
  • A-line skirts are one of the best models for women with an “A-shaped” body type. Products made of dense material look best.
  • A sun skirt made of bright flowing fabric is an excellent summer option – it is both comfortable to wear and successfully hides flaws.
  • Models decorated with small pleats look good – pay attention to them.
  • The color of the product should be slightly darker than the top of the outfit. And for full girls who want to hide their hips as much as possible, it is better to give preference to dark shades from blue, green, burgundy to black.
    Heavyweight fabrics are the best that can be used to tailor a skirt for your body type.

The best skirt length for women with a triangle figure is midi or maxi. So you can hide excess volume on the hips and visually make the figure more slender.

What should a pear body shape avoid?

When choosing a skirt, a woman with an “A-type” figure should avoid:

  • Tight fitted skirts. Such models will unnecessarily highlight the hips and legs, from which we are trying, on the contrary, to divert attention.
  • It is better to give up skirts with an elastic band – they hide the main advantage – the waist, although they can distract attention from the hips.
  • A short mini skirt shows all the existing flaws and makes the figure disproportionate. The mini length is not suitable for a triangle shape.
  • Bulky side pockets, patterns, prints, embroidery on the hips – all this visually enlarges them, which is unacceptable for women with an “A-shaped” body type.
  • The skirt should not be shiny – this texture can also add volume to the already lush hips.
  • Thin elastic fabrics such as spandex or elastane tend to tightly fit the figure, which is highly undesirable, such as pear-shaped, so it is better to refuse such materials.
  • Thin knitwear should also be discarded.
  • Avoid designs with elaborate cuts or ruffles / drapes along the entire length of the garment. Minimalism, in our case, is the best solution.

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