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1 Sep

Beautiful Dresses For Petites If You Are 5,3 And Above

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Dresses for Petites could be tricky, but not if you follow this advice!

I know that each and every woman of you will definitely search for the body shape dress. Which is actually true and the only right thing to do. But what if all the stores you know have the best things of your desire, but it looks like it has been sawn for your “older and taller sister”.

While being in the changing room of a Zara boutique (or any of your favorite ones) you start feeling frustrated. The dress that you chose is not matching your height and you really did not plan on visiting the tailor. I know, I am often in your shoes feeling the same. Sometimes I just wish things could fit perfectly in accordance with my petite height.

I am 5,3 and apparently so are you (+/- around that height). I started shopping online more often for obvious reasons and I think you were just like me (we are almost sisters). And what really irritates me is returning the thing ordered. I spent nights or days thinking of it and it just did not fit well. I am the person that really cannot be bothered by these inconveniences by going to the post or meeting a courier yet another time.

So, I decided to prepare a good recommendation list with the best dresses for Petites (like me and you ;)) I took into consideration things like body shape. And if you didn’t know I’m a fashion stylist and I really know what I talk about. By the way, here you can check your body shape capsule wardrobe when you have time.

These dresses are going to fit the majority of body types. Plus there is a personal thing from me. As you might have noticed earlier, I started my own clothing line with beautiful summer dresses. And those are like they were made specifically for our short height (which I think is an advantage rather than a minus).

I hope you watched a video earlier and got some ideas already. So I am just going to drop the list over here and you can choose those beautiful apparel easily.

The Little Black Dress For Every Occasion

A little dress like this will always emphasize your body shape. I really love that it’s a v-neck, so that will also automatically elongate your upper body. A v-neck always creates a room that is an advantage for a petite lady. But, be careful; if you have pale skin (blond or brunette), it is better to put stress on your neck between your face and the black color because it can wash your beauty out. 

I prefer to put creamy pearls that will emphasize my eyes and a beautiful smile and simultaneously be a profitable division for the pitch-black color. You can also take a silk scarf that matches your complexion.

Romantic Chiffon Dress For A Date

There is nothing more romantic than a flowy dress. Just imagine when the wind blows, you are going to shine in your natural feminine vibe. This dress is what it means to be a femme. 

Or a lavender freshness for a morning brunch or a coffee. I really love to experiment with the light purple color because it can literally transform your complexion in a second. You definitely look refreshed like a spring flower.  

My Flowy Black Dress For 5,1 And Above

I really love that Frech style with this black/grey dress. I would definitely pair it up with the barrette and transparent elegant gloves for summer. It just makes the whole thing complete and more enjoyable. It just makes me want to go for the baguette and coffee. 

Casual Shirt Dress For Petites Is The 1 Casual Choice

Whenever I have no time to think of my wardrobe – I go for a shirt dress. Plus, it is made of breathable cotton so that you will feel great during the day. I choose stripes not to be too pretentious, and on top of that, t makes you look fresh and suits everyone!

Polka Dot Dress Is Classy

I was very skeptical at first but after trying it out, I realized that polka dot is actually a very classy and chic pattern to wear. I cannot stop praising that magnificent idea. Just a dotted print will not only make you feel better about yourself and elevate your mood but also it’s all-time classics – almost like a Burberry trench coat!

I promise you, you will not look funny. A lot of celebrities are strolling in this kind of a dress somewhere on the shores of Monaco. It’s beautiful, feminine, and classy!

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