Romantic Essence — Style Your Wardrobe And Dress Body Type
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24 May

Romantic Essence— How to style your wardrobe and dress your body type?

Are you wondering what a Romantic Essence is and how to use the style right?

This article has all the answers you need!

Romantic essence takes you closer to what is called “mature sensuality”, connecting you to your root chakra and flaunting appeal.

This essence flows throughout your bone structure and is visible in your body and the overall vibe. 

Individuals with a romantic style essence have a lifestyle endowed with glamor, extravagance, seduction, indulgence, and lavishness. 

While others may seem pretentious and “wannabe divas” when styling themselves with glamor, individuals with romantic essence outshine the crowd with their grandeur and somewhat feminine demeanour. 

romantic essence
romantic essence

Sensuality isn’t only a “bold” body trait; its intensity runs deep within their souls. You can sense their sultriness whether they are provocatively dressed or not. 

Everything they do has a strong influence on their sexuality— the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they gaze at you, the way they move their hands, their expressions; it all pulls you towards them. 

When you look at their eyes, you automatically get engulfed in an intense aura that stupefies you.

They breathe romance and are constantly enwrapped in that mist. 

Adjectives such as intoxicating, alluring, and floral best describe them.

Beware, they are in no way soft or gentle; they are hypnotizing and cunningly convincing. They will make you “dance and obey” while smiling sweetly at you. 

Have you seen Jane Russel and Marilyn Moroe in Gentlemen prefer blondes?

If you have, you’d know it’s not just their body that’s sensual but every bit of their existence – the vibe. 

Visually, romantic essence embodies their sensual personality— they have round, wholesome figures with soft edges and circular shapes.

Their frame is dainty, with curves adorning their body in every sense; you will not witness a single line of edgy definition in their existence. 

Naturally, romantic essence has the most popular and desired hourglass figure with big bottoms, breasts, and a tiny waist.

However, an hourglass shape is not always necessary to have romantic essence.

As long as your primary traits are round, voluptuous, soft-edged, and full, you are good to go! 

What is Romantic Essence by Kitchener? 

In his system, romantic essence belongs to the Yin side of the spectrum, but it’s not the ‘most Yin’ in the chart. 

Unlike Kibbe, who believes romantic body types to be the most Yin, Kitchener positioned romantic essence between the small-scale yin (Ingenue essence) and the most yin (Ethereal essence) in his seven style essences.

This creates less judgment and more understanding in individuals learning their body types and essences, so they don’t fixate on the only desired essence. 

romantic essence
romantic essence

Romantic essence balances both the extreme Yins (Ingenue and Ethereal). 

  • Ingenue defines the young-adult age of a woman. 
  • Ethereal essence illustrates the mature and wise age of a woman. 

Romantic essence sits in the center and defines a woman’s primal age.

John Kitchener refers to this essence as the ‘Sensual, deep yin’ because it runs deep within individuals. 

Kitchener and Kibbe have similar definitions of pure romantic beauty— voluptuous, curvy, and seductive.

However, in this context, Kibbe only believes these attributes to be physical. 

This is also why he strictly puts Marilyn Monroe in the romantic body type.

However, the physical attributes of a woman aren’t enough to decide their essence, says Kitchener. 

This is also why he puts Marilyn Monroe in the Ingenue essence instead of romantic.

She does have a romantic body, but her vibe is strikingly different.

In real life, she is nothing like the roles she plays in movies. Instead, she is bubbly, childlike, and full of innocence and curiosity in her eyes. 

So, it’s alright if you don’t mirror all the details of your essence; it’s your vibe that should match first. 

“Face is one value of an individual, but your personality sums up your existence.”

Are you someone with romantic essence? 

Least to say, romantic essence is the most desired essence/body type and yet the most cursed one.

Often seen in the light of sexuality, women with romantic essence can often feel objectified to no limits. 

Because no matter how you see it, romantic essence does personify and describe the sensual maturity of a woman, i.e., their natural appeal. 

romantic essence
romantic essence

It’s important to note, Kitchener’s system or Kibbe’s system, as a matter of fact, wasn’t derived to objectify women or to only signify their existence based on their beauty. 

The system was built as a guide for women to accept their own bodies and style themselves accordingly in the world of fashion. 

Unfortunately, through generations, romantic bodies have been idolized so much that other essences constantly feel insecure, not pretty, unfeminine, not beautiful, or simply not womanly enough for the world. 

“Romantic essence and body is the current beauty standard and yet it shouldn’t have been the only one.” 

The sensual appeal isn’t only what is to women’s existence; there are many equally desirable traits— strength, class, power, intelligence, aura, personality, etc. 

romantic essence
romantic essence

I always say beauty standards are subjective and constantly changing.

Each continent, country, city, and individual will have different and ungodly beauty expectations from women. 

  • Asian culture demands white and pale skin.
  • Add tall and thin to white skin, and you have Indian culture. 
  • American culture desires bustier and fuller women, while dainty and girly are what east asia accepts. 
  • Double lids in Korea, thin noses in Japan, straight hair in African culture,… there’s no limit to it; trust me! 

If you look closely, these beauty standards often resemble European and American features.

The only way here is to accept your beauty for what it is!

You are beautiful, whether busty or straight.

You are beautiful without thin noses and double lids. 

You are beautiful with your exotic brown and chocolate skin. 

You are beautiful, whether tall or petite. 

That’s not all; as an individual with a romantic essence, your body is not an object to be constantly manipulated.

Don’t shy away from wearing romantic clothes that fit your romantic essence; the world can change. 

How to wear your essence?

Start by understanding the main physical elements of your essence. 

Physical characteristics of Romantic essence

It’s easier to track someone with a feminine romantic style— curvy figure, soft lines, lush features, etc. They are often considered the ‘most womanly,’ given their visually voluptuous figure. 

It’s necessary to note that ‘womanly’ here doesn’t always mean a woman with big breasts and buttocks— it’s more about her deep-rooted sensuality and connection to her primal core. 

Below are the listed physical characteristics of the romantic essence. You don’t have to follow every nook and crook of their system; just follow the main lines, and you are good to go. 

Body curve

Creating a deep ‘S’ shape in their silhouettes, the body curve is the most prominent attribute of the romance essence— voluptuous, curvaceous, and soft edges. Their body is fleshy throughout, thus allowing individuals to have a softer look. 

This flesh isn’t only available at the hip and the bosom but is also very much visible on their faces, shoulders, thighs, and limbs. It doesn’t look fat but gives individuals a velvety soft outlook. 

The only place where you won’t witness this flesh is their waist, thus allowing individuals to have an hourglass figure. (It’s not always necessary)

Physically, they can appear very round and pulpy. 

Romantic face type

Individuals with romantic essence have very fleshy and cheeky faces. They don’t have sharp jaws, noses, or high cheekbones like the Dramatic essence; everything is endowed with roundness. 

Instead of high cheekbones, you will find fluffy cheeks on their face, small and round noses, and unsharpened or hidden jaws. 

Visually, their romantic essence faces appear very round or slightly oval in shape. They can accommodate a big forehead along with their otherwise smallish face. 


Their eyes are the most sensual attribute of their essence— they are daringly seductive and provocative. Their big eyes have a prominent and alluring shape that gazes at you and makes you forget the world. 

Their large eyes are often half-droopy or smoldering. You can also call them drunk eyes— they analyze and make you dance just with a simple look. 


Small nose with a perky center. Their nose isn’t wide or stretched like the gamines; it’s dainty and perky. Their noses aren’t pointed or sharp-edged either; they are endowed with subtle softness to their edges. 


Lips can be very plum and big compared to other features, but it’s not necessary. Many romantic celebrities have thin or not-so-plump lips. 

romantic essence
romantic essence

Romantics often have a knowing smile— they know the power of their sex appeal and how it makes people wither and weak in the knees. 

Bone structure

Their bone structure may appear wide because of the flesh in their body; however, nothing looks out of shape.

Everything is in harmony with the rest of the body, i.e., there is symmetry in their body horizontally and vertically. 

romantic essence
romantic essence

Their limbs aren’t too short or tall, and the same can be said for their torso and hip region; they all balance each other without sticking out of proportion. 


Your aura is dark, alluring, and sensual, and so should be your hair. The romantic essence leaves others stunned by their dark, black, and thick wavy hair. 

Since everything about the essence is lush, their hair should also be high in volume! 

As an individual with a romantic essence, you should try dying your black or darker brown, it will automatically intensify your aura. 

romantic essence
romantic essence


Height is not a prominent factor while evaluating your essence. Generally, their height is average, neither too tall nor too short.

However, it’s not a necessity; there are many taller or shorter individuals with a romantic essence.

romantic essence
romantic essence

Romantic Style Essence: How to dress a romantic body type

If you think you have the romantic essence, you want to style yourself with glamor and extravagance.

It should accentuate the sexiness of your body and the sensuality of your overall personality and vibe. Here are a few great romantic fashion style ideas: 

Body-hugging romantic outfits— dresses for romantic body types

Your first priority is choosing outfits that correctly hug and emphasize your body’s curves.

So, bodycon dresses with ample and intricate details would be your first choice.

It’s important to note a simple knee-down bodycon dress isn’t enough— it will be too basic for you and your body type. 

As a romantic, your main element is glamor and grandeur.

So, your dresses should have frilly, drapey, or exotic details at the necklines, waist, hem, or the entirety of the outfit. 

It’s alright to not wear bodycon all the time, as long as you have proper waist definition in your dresses.

Everything ornate, including jewel details, gemstone ornaments, thigh slits, and airy bottoms, is welcome. 

The length of the dress doesn’t matter; all lengths, whether short, long, or midi, will suit your romantic essence as long as it’s glamorous. 

romantic essence
romantic essence
romantic essence
  • Glamorous details include extensive frill work.
  • Jewelled top or bottom. 
  • Deep and plunging neckline with ruffles and layering. 
  • Expensive fabric choices

Draping, webbing, ruffling stitch

Plain outfits, whether a dress or casual wear, would not bring out the best in you— you need intricate draping, webbing, and ruffling details to make them all stand out against the crowd and enhance your beauty. 

This can be done on your sleeves, bottoms (if wearing a skirt/dress), necklines, or the whole dress. 

Deep, plunging necklines

Having the right neckline for your romantic essence is a must because it will accentuate your bosom and sensuality the most. 

Necklines, such as deep cowl neck, halter, sweetheart, scoop, halter straps, off-the-shoulder, queen Anne, straight across, v-neck, and spaghetti straps, will all accentuate your romantic figure and body curve. 

romantic essence
romantic essence

Ornate detailing

Bring jewels, frills, feathers, ruffles, gemstones, and whatever extravagant detail you can master.

This will add life to your overall outfit. They portray your extravagance and grandeur quite strongly. 

Flaunt your curves

Whether you choose to wear an even gown, a dress, or casuals, flaunting your body curve is a necessity.

So, don’t hide your goddess’s body under layers of unnecessary covering. You are meant to embody the sensuality of women, do it proudly. 

Choose romantic outfits that emphasize your sensual breasts, thick hips, and tiny waist. Loose clothes are never meant for your body!

Your body is meant to paint the world with sensuality and the color red. 

Luxurious fabric

Without the right fabric, your dress/outfit would never rise enough to shine— it would be too basic or cheap for your aura.

You want to choose rich and expensive fabrics, such as silk, satin, velvet, and cashmere, to add to your glamor. 

romantic essence
romantic essence

Such fabrics tend to justify the draping and webbing details of your outfit. 

Casual wear for romantic clothing style

The biggest tragedy for individuals with romantic essence is the low availability of casual outfit ideas.

Finding the correct casual wear becomes extremely difficult since you are only associated with extravagant dresses. 

That’s why I always say as long as you follow the basic outlines of your essence/body type, you will always know what to wear. 

Here’s what you need to accommodate your silhouette. 

  • Deep necklines (This can include strapless straight across necks, too) 
  • Crop tops or blouses to emphasize your body curve. 
  • High-waisted bottoms, weather shorts, pants, jeans, or skirts. 
  • Tight-fitted jeans are not coming back anytime soon in the fashion world, and they do seem outdated and unflattering. Instead of tight-fitted jeans, go for bell bottoms, straight pants that wrap your hips and are airy afterward, boot-cut pants, flare, etc. 
  • It’s even better to wear mini/maxi/midi skirts instead of jeans. To avoid discomfort, you can choose skirts with a divider inside. 
  • If your height is average or above average, you can also wear low-waist bottoms.
  • Style your casual outfits with dainty but floral jewelry. 
  • High heels will glorify your wear, but pretty flat wear will do, too. 
  • Your casual outfit can look exceedingly justifying with the right hairstyle and makeup. Thick waves look best on you, but they shouldn’t be messy. You want to approach a cleaner look for your hair. 
  • Bodysuits will never disobey you. 

Expensive and bold jewelry

Jewelry increases your extravagance, so don’t shy away from adorning your body with jewels.

Florals details are a great start for your accessories; continue to add more diamonds to your essence. 

Pretty, subtle, but lavish and diamond-studded necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, body jewelry, and anklets are a must for your essence.

romantic essence

They might look too much for others, but for you, the more the jewelry, the better! 


Just like jewelry, accessories will always compliment your overall look; they will complete you. 

  • Lacey gloves, 
  • Real red roses for your hair, 
  • Sometimes, a lacey veil as well, 
  • Stilettos and slink high heels, 
  • Small but lavish handbags
  • Floral tiaras, etc. 

The color— red

Red is the color of romance— nothing best justifies your sensuality than the color red. It will never disappoint you. 

Not just blood red, you can go with all the pigmented and darker shades of the color to stun the night— maroon, burgundy, cherry red, mahogany, barn red, crimson, etc.

romantic essence
romantic essence
romantic essence

You can add this color to your outfits or create the whole outfit with this color, especially your dresses.

This is also why ruby, red lipstick, and red roses will always be your accents when styling your romantic essence. 

Lace details

After satin and silk, lace is one fabric that makes you dangerously seductive.

You can wear a dress/outfit wholly made of lace or create the whole outfit with lace necklines, sleeves, and hems. 

Dark lace choices such as black and maroon are the best choices to enhance your dark and seductive persona. They conceal yet reveal everything, like a sexy paradox. 

There’s a reason why sexy lingeries are made of dark lace material. 

Not just your outfits, you can use these lace details in your gloves, veils, and heels to increase the intensity. 

Avoid geometric lines or shapes

Each detail of your outfit should be soft and gentle on the body— they should never appear edgy, sharp, or straight.

Remember, you accommodate the shape circle, straight lines, or square/rectangle silhouette that will go against you. 

Romantic style celebrities

Use these romantic celebrity examples to style your wardrobe with outfits complimenting your body type. 

Cristina Hendricks

Cristina Hendricks‘s body is the embodiment of the romantic essence. She is voluptuous but not precisely thin-waisted.

romantic essence
romantic essence

She is the perfect example of how romantic essence is not always the glorified hourglass body; it’s more about having a rounder and fuller body. 

Cristina Hendricks either dresses with a classic wardrobe or with her primary romantic essence.

She looks plain, simple, and out of place with the classic wardrobe. However, she looks gorgeous when choosing romantic outfits.

This signifies why it’s necessary to dress according to your body and essence. 

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya is a romantic – classic woman; her eyes are always drunk, and she constantly has that ‘knowing smile’ on her face. Her body aligns with Kichener’s essence perfectly as well.

You should see her in the color red— she looks exotic and marvellous. Plus, those thick and neat curls are to die for! 

romantic essence
romantic essence

Angelina Jolie

Everything looks good on Angelina Jolie, whether it’s a dramatic, classic, or natural wardrobe.

So, it can get a little difficult to follow her wardrobe, but you can take inspiration from her romantic wardrobe.

Sherilyn looks stunning in lacy details and the color red, especially the black lace spaghetti dress, red lipstick, and her precise winged liner. 

romantic essence
romantic essence

Her draped and wrapped off-shoulder and sweetheart tops are great choices, too.

Looking at her pictures, you can notice how glorified, sensual, and elegant she looks in her primary element. 

If you have a classic romantic style, following Angelina will be the golden era of your wardrobe. 

Other romantic classic celebrities are Anne Hathway (Also has natural in her) and Tina Fey. 

Sofia Vergara

Instead of choosing Marilyn Monroe or Beyonce as his preferred romantic, Kitchener believes Sofia Vergara better represents the romantic essence.

She is a sensual woman, and so is her personality! While Marilyn Monroe is innocent like the Ingenue, Sofia Vergara has a mature sensual personality to go with her sultry body. 

romantic essence
romantic essence
romantic essence

Sofia mostly wears casual outfits defining her secondary natural essence, but when she dresses, her romantic essence, she is simply phenomenal.

Those frilly floral details best suit her body and vibe. 

Sofia Vergara has a natural romantic style, so following her fashion line is a great start if you have romantic natural essence. 

Another romantic natural style celebrity: Eva Longoria. 

Charlize Throne

Charlise is a romantic classic essence celebrity. So, if you want a romantic classice style in your wardrobe, she is the one to follow. 

romantic essence
romantic essence

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