Gamine Essence— Styling Eccentric Outfits And French Tuck
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25 May

Gamine Essence— Styling eccentric outfits and mischievous French tuck!

Are you wondering what is Gamine essence and how to dress right for it?

This article has all the answers you were looking for!

When you think of Kitchener’s Gamine essence, playful mischief comes to mind, like a cat pretty in all senses yet daringly savage and naughty – all transcended into fashionable outfits.

Her face “screams” beauty, yet her aura has a mischievous smirk underneath. 

That’s precisely Gamine essence’s vibe. If you know anything about Kitchener’s essences and his typing, it’s all about the vibe you execute. 

gamine essence

John Kitchener describes gamine essence individuals as cunning, calculative, slithery, rebellious, and rogue-ish.

Mind you, they are not somber in any sense of existence like the dramatic essence— playfulness, fun, mischief, and whimsical energy runs deep within them.

They like to aggravate, controvert, and rebel just for fun— breaking laws, norms, and conventionalism is a business they enjoy wholeheartedly.

This is very well reflected in their style and the outfits that they chose. 

Gamine Essence pulls off unconventional and boyish outfits like a pro.

Might I add, they look absolutely stunning in those choices. 

gamine essence

They may appear charmingly cute at first glance, but their faces have an entirely different story to tell.

Endowed with sharp eyes, tapered jaws, and subtle chiselled details— they might contradict Ingenue essence despite the obvious similarities.

gamine essence
gamine essence

It’s the eyes— the most telling feature of gamine essence.

They say, “Your eyes are the windows of your soul.” One look in their protruding eyes, and you will know they are up to no good, only “mischief”. 

Visually, they are straight, lean, youthful, and sharp, with defined edges throughout their body.

Their shapes are often rectangles or inverted triangles instead of being round or blunt. 

If this description reminds you of your own aura and appearance, there’s a high chance you have Kitchener’s Gamine essence. 

gamine essence

Knowing your essence can help you style a wardrobe that’s unique to you and doesn’t sabotage your overall vibe!

Other body-typing systems can often make you feel boxed in or empty.

Luckily, Kitchener’s system allows you to paint a wardrobe that doesn’t cage your soul under multiple layers of rules and fashion laws or any specific IDs like Kibbe’s.

Continue reading to learn more about your essence and how to style the wardrobe that will grab you thousands of compliments. 

What is Kitchener’s essence?

“What is my essence?”

If you are new to the whole Kitchener essence system, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • John Kitchener’s style essences have a strong influence on each individual’s vibe and not just their physical appearance. 
  • In his system, Yang inclines towards traits like fierceness, and Yin drives towards gentleness. In his context, Yang defines an aura that’s powerful and a style that’s rule-breaking and unconventional. 
  • Unlike David Kibbe’s system, you can have multiple essences— primarily (most influential), secondary, and tertiary. 

Kitchener’s body typing system is very different from David Kibbe’s system.

Kibbe’s system solely focuses on an individual’s physical appearance. Meanwhile, Kitchener takes both their vibe and physique into account. 

gamine essence

This is also why John Kitchener’s definition of gamine essence is very different from that of Kibbe’s gamine body type. (We’ll discuss this ahead in the article.) 

What is gamine essence? 

In Kitchener’s 7 style essences, gamine essence sits powerfully next to dramatic essence on the yang spectrum.

Gamines are Yang in every sense of being— be it their vibe or physical appearance. 

“Playfully dramatic yang essence” is the preferred terminology for individuals with this style essence.

They add dramatics and theatrics to their existence quite boastfully. 

Initially, Mc Jimsey was the one who introduced the Gamine style in his archetypes.

Mc Jimsey and Kibbe both positioned Gamine essence on the yin side of the spectrum primarily because they are often associated with a petite stature. 

gamine essence

It was John Kitchener who believed ‘gamine’ belonged to the yang spectrum because of their fierce aura, playfulness, and mischief. 

Positioning gamine style essence on the yang side of the spectrum allowed many such individuals to embrace their visibly bold personalities.

On the yang spectrum, we have 

Dramatic essence: Most Yang.

Gamine essence: Playfully Yang

Natural essence: Laid-back Yang. 

Say anything; John Kitchener is a man of philosophy.

His Yin and Yang spectrums are completely balanced and in harmony with each other.

  • He has an extremely sincere Yang—dramatic essence. 
  • Extremely free-spirited Yang—Natural essence. 

Then he has the gamine essence to balance out both extremes— a beautiful analogy, at least to say! 

Gamine essence is sincere yet equally carefree— they know where to execute power and when to let go! 

John Kitchener combines a person’s vibe and physical characteristics to allot them a unique wardrobe, but before we highlight the main characteristics of the gamine essence, let’s debunk a few stereotypes associated with the Yang spectrum. 

What does Yang mean in Kitchener Style Essence? 

The whole point of Kibbe and John Kitchener’s system is to help individuals accept and embrace their own body type and then form a unique style without judgment— to style their bodies without the obsession of having an hourglass figure. 

Unfortunately, many women still struggle to accept their otherwise non-hourglass figure.

The truth is, the more you try to fit yourself in the hourglass style, the more unsettled your body will look! 

Hourglass shape is not the only feminine body type— lean, short, straight, toned, petite, voluptuous, narrow, and boxy are all equally feminine.

A sensual body isn’t the only embodiment of feminine attributes; so are gentleness, fierceness, and warmness. 

gamine essence

Through the ages, feminity is often only regarded with either gentleness or sensuality.

That is all the reason why innocence or gentleness is considered girlish, and naughtiness is referred to as boyish. 

Synonyms such as strong, fierce, mischievousness, and powerful are only often related to masculinity or boyishness.

It’s high time to give up that mentality— women can be just as “naughty” and powerful in character as any man. 

So, you see, Yang doesn’t directly portray masculinity but the fierce qualities of a woman. It’s high time we let go of the 50s mentality. 

You are as feminine as anything can get, and no body type can take it away from you.

This is also why I rarely use terms like boyish or masculine to describe women. 

I hope this helps you accept your body type a little more proudly!

Now that we know your essence, let’s move on to the physical characteristics of Gamine essence archetypes. 

Physical characteristics of the Gamine essence

This is a general overview of the gamine archetype; you shouldn’t take it by the law.

Naturally, you will connect to most of the attributes Kitchener has outlined. Still, it’s completely alright if you don’t connect to all of them together. 

Gamine face

Despite having childlike features, the gamine face has a subtle sharpness to its edges. Their tapered chin makes their face appear more defined and subtly chiselled. 

gamine essence
gamine essence

You can expect slight wideness in your face structure, but it’s not necessary. Overall their faces are oval or round in shape (they can be squarish with blunt edges).


Gamine essence very much resembles the features of ingenue essence except for their eyes.

Their eyes are undoubtedly big and doe-like, but they are also very sharp-edged and protruding. 


Gamine essence types often have wide and stretched noses with a little bounce at the center, again resembling baby-like features. 

gamine essence

Body structure

Gamine essence’s bone structure is what locates them on the yang side of the spectrum.

Instead of accommodating soft lines or a voluptuous figure, gamine essence has a straight, lean, and edgy body. They create Z-defining lines with their silhouettes.

gamine essence

Their sharp shoulders, straight lines, and narrow body frame alleviate their fierce figure personality. 

Although usually petite, their toned limbs and narrow torso makes them appear taller than they actually are! 


Pixie haircut is the hallmark of individuals with gamine essence. It’s often regarded as unfeminine and boyish.

However, have you ever seen Winona Ryder, Audrey Hepburn, Emma Watson, Katty Perry, and Miley Cyrus in a pixie haircut?

gamine essence

They all look absolutely stunning, cute, sexy, gentle, and fierce all in one!

Short hair is the golden choice for individuals with gamine essence. Still, any unconventional or out-of-the-box haircut/hairstyle would magnify your charm. 


Gamine essence is usually correlated with individuals who are petite and shorter in height, but it’s not necessary.

gamine essence

There are many tall examples who are beautifully gamine! This is also why you shouldn’t let your height decide your otherwise gamine body type. 

gamine essence

Kitchener Gamine Essence Vs Kibbe Gamine Body Type

What’s the difference?

In physiological terms, both Kibbe and Kitchener outline the same physical characteristics for gamine individuals— narrow, toned frames accommodating shapes like triangles and rectangles

However, there’s a big difference as to where they position ‘gamine essence/body type’ in their chart.

Gamine kibbe’ resides on the Yin spectrum because of its petite height. 

Kitchener believes gamine should be on the Yang spectrum because they display fierce traits like playfulness, bold outlook, and rebellion throughout their vibe and body type. 

It’s also important to note Kibbe has recently removed ‘pure gamines‘ from his typing and now only focuses on ‘flamboyant gamine and soft gamine.’

By definition, Flamboyant gamine and Kitchener’s gamine essence mirror each other— having the same boyish charm and appeal.

On the other hand, soft gamines are slightly softer and display more yin traits than gamine essence. 

Despite the positioning, both systems offer you a wide range of outfits to choose from, and both are equally top-notch.

So, you can combine their advice and create a wholesome wardrobe that compliments your body and vibe beautifully. 

Neither of the systems is rigid laws, but they do guide you quite efficiently toward your own style. 

Styling Gamine Essence— Gamine clothes

Here comes the best part— where you finally get to explore the wide range of fashion and outfits that suit your body and bring the best out of it! 

Compact outfits— Gamine body type clothes

You want to start with something compact in size. It will compliment your petite and lean frame.

gamine essence

Compact outfits accentuate your body silhouette— making your defined line visible through the clothes. 

So, you want to choose mini or tiny outfits— crop tops, shorts, and mini skirts are great choices, to begin with.

Don’t shy away from trying the wide variety of mini bottoms that are available in our current fashion— pleated skirts, bodycon mini skirts, cargo shorts, and skirt+shorts. 

Do avoid frills, A-line, or other airy skirts because they will take you away from your edgy personality towards a softer side.

Tank tops, asymmetrical blouses, crop shirts, corset tops, bralettes, and sporty tops are all great choices for individuals with gamine essence.

Remember, your vibe is edgy, so be sure to collect as many unconventional and out-of-the-box choices when choosing your tops and bottoms. 

  • Crop leather jackets.
  • Tight-fitted leather pants. 
  • Crop vests
  • Mini leather or chain dresses

Bold Patterns

Your gamine outfits should reflect your essence through them.

gamine essence

So you should choose clothes that have bold, asymmetrical, and daring patterns and designs.

Others may seem comical in such choices, but you will bring out the best in these patterns.

Have you seen Helen Boham Carter’s popular dresses? It’s hilarious and she slays that look!

If your heart goes to those checkered patterns, animal prints, and unusual color blocking, don’t think twice, you are right in your choice. 

Multiple color-themed dresses are sweetheart choices, too! You slay the terms ‘unusual’ and ‘antic’ when it comes to patterns. 

Edgy details should be a major part of gamine clothing

Instead of adorning your dresses and outfits with floral bows and tiaras, your iconic selection will include ‘gangster vibes.’

So, add leather body harnesses, suspenders, and chains. 


Leather or shiny high-heeled boots will always magnify your aura and personality.

Add thick chained chokers, knuckles rings, multiple piercings, septum rings, leather belts, and retro or unconventional sunglasses, and you are good to go! 


Having gamine essence doesn’t mean you cannot pull off sexy dresses— you absolutely can as long as you keep your vibe in check.

gamine essence

Choose dresses that wrap your body lines perfectly. Your dress should have a unique asymmetrical shoulder cut and neckline. 

Dresses with slits that run far up your mid-thigh will enhance your edgy personality, along with net stockings and pointed heels.

It’s also best to choose a dress that allows your legs to be visible. 

Other than that, mini-dresses will always help you shine—

  • Choose dark and sultry colors such as green and magenta. 
  • The fabric should be stiff or crisp so as to not allow a softer outlook. This can include shimmer or glass-endowed details. 

Geometric shapes

Whatever outfits you choose, ensure they have a lot of geometry in their stitching with straight and strong lines. 

Emo getup— Boyish outfit ideas. 

Dark and rule-breaking are your popular adjectives, and no one breaks societal rules better than an emo personality.

gamine essence

Emo fashion can thoroughly amplify your essence; with all those chunky rings, sharp-edged hand bands, numbers of dangerous piercings, tattoos, etc. 

Here are a few great fashion choices for your emo look: 

  • Thigh-length gothic boots with a lot of belts, chains, and leather. 
  • Elbow-length net or stripe gloves. 
  • Dark, alluring corsets, mostly black and blood red
  • Loose-fit extremely graphic t-shirts with knee-length loose-fit shorts (A popular look for tomboy aesthetics) 
  • Graphic t-shirts with high-waisted denim shorts or pleated skirts. 
  • Stockings 
  • Worn-out denim pants. 
  • Loose-fit outfits in darker colors.
  • Tomboyish hairstyles can include side-shaved heads, short pixie haircuts, dreadlocks, etc. 

Remember, emo aesthetics is all about accessories yourself. Going emo will allow you to open multiple gates of aesthetic boyish outfits, baddie tomboy outfits, etc. 

Men’s wear— boyish aesthetics

Men’s wear is the strongest pursuit for individuals with gamine essence. It brings out the best in you, and this doesn’t mean you are masculine or unfeminine.

gamine essence

It simply means you are an individual who can break traditional norms like a pro and slay every second of it! 

Anything from shirts to pants, vests, and coats will justify your gamine essence. 

Here are a few great choices to start:

  • Button-up shirts: You can absolutely wear them with men’s pants or go solo with the shirt. When going solo with the shirt, add details such as a corset on top of it, a body harness, or a long tie. Add a fedora and high boots to finish your look. My absolute love here would be a stylish French tuck!
  • Pants: loose-fit pleated pants are stunning choices, and you can pair them up with a men’s vest or a button-up shirt. During winter, you can go hardcore with the three-piece suit. 

Color choices

Instead of pastel or lighter shades, go with darker hues, prints, and checks.

Black, white, and gray are your expert arena, but other brighter and stronger choices are also great. Just stay away from lighter or softer colors. 

gamine essence

It’s also good to note that a person’s color selection is often based on their seasonal color analysis instead of their body type or essence. 

So, it’s best to choose colors from your color palette and then reflect them with your essence.

The good news is each color palette has its own darker shades that will most certainly help you address your edgy and sharp essence. 


Just like your outfit choices, your makeup should be smokey, dark, and enchanting.

Your eyes are your main feature as a gamine essence, so it’s necessary to highlight them with smokey makeup. 

To provide an extra edge, match your smokey eyes with nude lipstick colors. After nude lipsticks, dark-colored lipsticks also uplift your aura. 

Gamine Essence Celebrities

There are many beautiful gamine celebrities that you can look after to get inspired and arrange your wardrobe. 

Remember, gamine essence is just as equally beautiful as any other essence, and it’s not right to overlook that fact. 

Many individuals associate gamine with ‘less attractiveness,’ but that’s incorrect.

Every essence is beautiful and womanly; being bold and on the Yang side of the spectrum doesn’t make you any less pretty or sexy. 

Beauty is subjective. Below are a few gamine celebrity examples to let you know just how gorgeous this essence actually is! 

Also note, Kitchener’s system believes each individual can have more than one essence, so you may find different style influences in these celebrities’ closets. 

Rooney Mara

You will see a striking difference in Rooney Mara’s gamine wardrobe and when she dresses otherwise.

If you look closely, she looks absolutely stunning when dressing her gamine essence— dark, sleek hair, maroon lips, and a wardrobe full of black aesthetics.  

gamine essence

At the same time, when we look at her in other essences, she doesn’t shine as much as when she is in her essence. 

When she has light brown, wavy hair, and casual clothes— somehow, they snatch away the spark she has in her aura.

Winona Ryder

Young Winona Ryder was every girl’s dream!

She was cute, naive, and yet daringly gamine. Her boyish haircut was an epitome because it enhanced her feminine attributes. 

If you look at young Winona’s pictures, she gelled and combed short mullets were to die for, and so was her pixie haircut. It somehow bought the best out of her!

gamine essence
gamine essence

The haircut made her eyes glitter with childlike whimsy. 

You have probably seen young Winona only in award functions and dresses, but have a look at her regular outfits— boyish t-shirts, men’s wear, leather jackets, and corset dresses; they suit her beautifully!

Willow Smith

Willow Smith is our drop-dead gorgeous ‘Ethereal gamine’ celebrity. She is also the perfect example of why height shouldn’t be a factor in determining your essence.

gamine essence

So, my tall gamines, your height is perfect; let it lead your style. 

Cara Delevingne

Being in the model industry, Cara definitely knows how to style and accentuate her gamine essence.

She mostly prefers men’s outfits and slays all of those big coats, and pleated pants look!

Combine the blazer with a bralette inside, and you will enhance your fierce beauty. 

gamine essence

As a gamine, following Cara Delevingne’s wardrobe can be a big game changer for you.

Her smokey eyes, the daring look on her face, and the black and bold outfits she chooses justify her essence without having to utter a single word. 

She has a combination of Dramatic Gamine essence, which is quite obvious! 

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is our classic gamine beauty. She combines her men’s wear with a classic appeal; it makes her come across as poise, classy, and yet daringly bold. 

gamine essence

Anya Taylor Joy – Ethereal-Gamine-Dramatic

The mischief in her eyes is quite evident that she is a gamine.

Although many comprehend her as an Ingenue, her beauty belongs in the gamine essence, and there’s no doubt about that. 

gamine essence

Anya Taylor Joy is a glorious example of how Gamines are just as equally beautiful.

Emma Stone

She is our natural gamine beauty. So, if you have a mix of natural and gamine essence, you know who to follow. 

gamine essence
gamine essence
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