Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine Body Type: Need To Know
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5 Apr

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine Body Type: What You Need To Know

Are you wondering what is the difference between Flamboyant Gamine and Soft Gamine types?

This article has all the answers!

Inherently, Flamboyant Gamine and Soft Gamine are both primarily Gamine.

Despite being in the same family, both these style archetypes drift away from each other instead of creating a blend.

This drift allows them a striking contrast in their appearance, style, and vibe. 

Flamboyant Gamine takes a route towards the yang influence, thus appearing more bold, sassy and dramatic.

On the other hand, Soft Gamine highlights itself with a yin undercurrent, creating a gentle, young, and girlish appearance. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

In Kibbe’s system, Soft Gamine and Flamboyant Gamine sit proudly between the yin and yang spectrums.

Dominantly, they are both a mixture (not a blend) of yin and Yang, i.e., their body types have equal, and not to mention, distinctive appearance of yin and Yang throughout their appearance. 

So, Flamboyant Gamine combines yin and Yang with an extra dash of yang influence.

On the other hand, Soft Gamine is a combination of yin and Yang with an extra splash of the yin spectrum. 

At first glance, both the gamine types may appear petite and similar.

However, if you look closely, their aura and flesh distribution are entirely different, creating two different silhouettes.

If you are confused about whether you are Flamboyant vs Soft Gamine, this article will help you better understand your body type and which style capsule will suit you better. 

Understanding pure gamine body type

Since both the gamine sub-families are predominantly ‘pure gamine,’ let’s first understand the characteristics of their main family and where it stands in the kibbe system. 

When pure Gamine was still a part of Kibbe’s family, it was centered between the classic and the romantic style archetypes.

And while Kibbe’s classic family was more like a blend of yin and Yang, pure Gamine represented contrasting ratios of both the spectrums, yin and Yang.

This can also create a lot of confusion between gamines and the classics. 

The classic family displays an amalgamation between yin and Yang, i.e., classics are neither visually yin nor Yang; they are a balance between the two.

This is also why it’s difficult to directly pinpoint someone’s classic body type; yin and yang fuse and blend together. 

On the other hand, Gamine doesn’t portray an amalgamation or balance. Instead, yin and yang influences are distinctively present in the gamine family in equal ratios, i.e., a gamine body type carries both in independent ratios, creating a contrast of yin and Yang in the gamine family. 

Here’s an example to help you understand. 

Now, the established height for someone with a dramatic or Yang body type will be above 5ft 7, generally referred to as tall.

On the other hand, the Yin spectrum is usually petite and under 5ft 5. However, someone with a classic body type would neither appear tall nor will it appear short.

Their height would always be balanced between extremely tall to extremely short. 

This is not the case with gamine body types; gamines are naturally considered petite (Exceptions may follow).

So, their height is a yin characteristic.

But they also have Yang characteristics in their visual appearance, such as angular shoulders, wide bone structure, pointed nose, etc. 

Similarly, their facial features may also represent both yin and yan features.

Their eyes are usually big and doe-like, so that’s a yin trait, but their nose and jaws can be wider, also giving them a sharp yang attribute, thus, creating a lot of contrast. 

That’s the beauty of the gamine family; it creates a gentle yet fierce contrast in its appearance. 

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine Body Type

Visually, flamboyant gamine body type can be described as lean, fit, muscular (toned, even), narrow, skinny… ish (unless overweight), and very elongated.

Their aura executes a boyish/fierce charm and appeal. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

This doesn’t mean women with flamboyant gamine body types lack femininity; instead, they appear very naughty, young, and charming.

Kibbe describes FGs as the ‘sassy chic’ on board. 

This is the only time Kibbe and Kitchener share the same mind.

The Flamboyant Gamine body type is very similar to Kitchener’s gamine essence— small explosives laced in pink with a notoriously mischievous/rebellious aura. 

Despite being shorter in height, FGs can appear very tall, given their elongated and fit body. Yes, elongated.

Flamboyant gamines usually appear taller than their natural height. This is probably because they have elongated limbs compared to their torso.

Plus, their lean, fit, and toned figure also helps them come across as someone tall! 

Here’s a detailed explanation of FG’s physical characteristics. Later, we’ll discuss how these features differ from SGs. 

Physical characteristics of Flamboyant Gamine Kibbe

Kibbe’s system can be very restricting initially, and it may make many individuals feel boxed and constricted.

Kibbe’s flamboyant gamine style and outfits are also believed to be heavily influenced by a single model, Liza Minelli, and women with similar extravagance. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

So, women who don’t particularly match Liza’s vibe and silhouette may feel very lost.

This is also why you should use Kibbe’s system only to get a general silhouette instead of getting too lost in his details. 

You may not comply with all these physical attributes. However, if you share the main accommodations with his description, you are most definitely a flamboyant gamine. 

For FGs, a petite stature with visibly toned muscles, elongated limbs, lean figure, and broad bone structure are their accommodating features.

The rest can be switched between Yin and Yang.

Bone structure— sharp Yang

Flamboyant gamines’ bone structure is extremely angular with pointed triangle and rectangle shapes.

Their bone structure is wide, and this is also visible in their face, especially their noses and jaws. 

  • Shoulders: FGs have rectangular/boxy shoulders with sharp edges. Their shoulder line is well-defined, giving their silhouette a straighter and more taut figure. 
  • Vertical lines: As stated, FGs have very long legs and equally long arms compared to their torso. So, they naturally accommodate vertical lines despite having a small figure. 
  • Wide body: FGs’ wideness is not only visible in their face but throughout the body. This includes their shoulders, torso, and limbs (feet/palms). 

The only ‘Yin’ influence that FGs have in their bone structure is their petite height. 

FG’s height— mostly ‘Yin.’

While Flamboyant gamines are usually considered short and below 5″ 5, Kibbe’s rules allow FGs to have a height of up to 5″ 7. So to say, you can be anywhere between 5″ 2 to 5″ 7 (or shorter) in the family. Please note 5″ 7 is usually a case of exception for FGs. 

Flamboyant Gamine Face type

FGs face displays a great contrast between Yin and Yang. 

  • Yin eyes: FGs are known to have big, doe-like eyes. However, instead of executing innocence, these doe-eyes portray mischief. Please note it’s not necessary for FGs always have big eyes; they can also be average-sized but not too small. 
  • Full or slightly full lips: FGs will mostly have yin lips that are fuller in appearance, but it’s not necessary. They can range from average lips to wholly full lips. It’s rare for Flamboyant Gamines to have thin lips, though! 
  • Square face structure: FG’s face is usually Yang because of the wide bone structure. The wide nose and jaws create a box shape for their face. 
  • Pointed nose and lifted cheeks: Compared to their yin eyes and lips, FGs usually have pointed noses (still, wide) and cheeks. Their cheeks aren’t fluffy either; they are taut and well-defined. 

Body flesh— Yang

Flamboyant Gamine’s yang body flesh is one of the most visible attributes that separate them from Soft Gamines.

Soft Gamines have visible flesh on their body, which is present in good quantities. This yin body flesh also gives SGs a curvy silhouette (double curve)

On the other hand, Flamboyant Gamine types have negligible flesh present on their bones. Visually, they have a flat bust and hip area.

Their body doesn’t accommodate flesh in other areas either, such as their legs, hands, and whole body. 

Because their body is taut and fleshless, they appear more muscular, lean, and fit.

This is also the reason why FGs have a boyish charm and appear mostly Yang visually. 

Waist definition: Since their body is lean and their bone structure is wide, FGs don’t have a waist definition either.

They create a square/rectangle body silhouette. This is another reason why FGs are different from SGs. 

Overweight Flamboyant Gamine

Because of their strong shoulder line and waist-down weight gain, they appear more thick than round.

Upon gaining weight, FGs start to appear square or stuffed.

They usually gain weight around their waist, hips, and thighs. Similarly, your arms and legs are more likely to gain thickness than your upper body. 

The same goes for your face; when overweight, it may appear square and fleshy. 

Flamboyant Gamine Style

“Dare a little.” 

Flamboyant gamines have a daring and rebellious style.

They can pull extreme theatricals, asymmetrical shapes, unconventional geometry, bold color combinations, etc. 

For this particular Kibbe body type, you can also take notes from Kitchener’s gamine style guideline. They are very similar in shape and vibe. 

If you are anything into studying Kibbe’s system, you must know Audrey Hepburn was an epitome and a prodigy in the early 50s and 60s.

She defied the ‘beauty measures of the time’ and created her own style that is still admired by many in the fashion industry. 

Women of Audrey Hepburn’s age all invested their time looking overly woman with sensual and curvy shapes and long/curly hair, not Audrey.

Audrey’s pixie haircut is still the talk of the town. Audrey’s hair defined most of her fashion; it highlighted her features, playful vibe, and elvish spirit to experiment with the unthinkable. 

Oh, and Audrey Hepburn was a verified flamboyant gamine; following her aesthetic line will surely give you great fashion inspo.

It’s important to note Audrey Hepburn was a bit taller for her flamboyant gamine body type. So, some of her choices may not look good on you if you are anywhere below 5″ 7.  

Flamboyant Gamine outfits— compact geometry

Unstructured dresses with a lot of flow and air wouldn’t suit your gamine body type.

You need something compact and geometrical that highlights your main accommodation, which is your visibly angular body. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

Your dress/top choices must be compact, i.e., cropped and with a lot of geometry.

This geometry should highlight your shoulders and your very angular frame.

The same goes for Gamine bottoms— Instead of being open and loose; they should be compact and narrowly fitted. “Being visible narrow” is a Flamboyant Gamine’s major accommodation.

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

Irregular and asymmetrical shapes

After geometrical outfits, irregular shapes are another great choice for FGs.

They compliment your structured and sharp body. Additionally, irregular shapes also enhance the Flamboyant Gamine overall rebellious vibe. 

Crop separates

The more you cut your outfits into pieces, the better they will suit your body.

Separating your tops and bottoms allow your body to breathe and look lively.

Too long vertical lines, i.e., maxi dresses with no color blocking or separation, dull you down; vertical lines look too heavy on you because they hide your verticality (your limbs)

So, it’s best to have separated in your outfits because they enhance your vertical line and lean frame. 

Ankle-length bottoms

I believe this trend began with Audrey Hepburn’s crop shirt choices and high-waisted ankle-pant lengths.

Nonetheless, ankle-length pants do really look on flamboyant gamines. 

Flamboyant Gamine dresses

Dresses can become tricky for flamboyant gamines because they cannot carry long vertical lines (Maxi dresses).

So, short dresses (mid-thigh length) with visible geometry and irregular shapes are definitely a better choice. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

When styling long maxi dresses, try to choose maxi dresses with some color blocking, i.e., two different colors instead of one solid color.

With that in mind, you can add a run-down mid-thigh slit in your dress to make your vertical lines visible if not wearing color-blocking. 

Similarly, choose maxi dresses with high necklines or turtlenecks; they will add height to your overall dress-up. 

Bold patterns, cheques, graphic designs

Being unconventional is your playground— so experiment with as many bold prints/patterns as possible. It looks chic, youthful, and rebellious on you! 


As said, color blocking enhances your narrow figure and adds a beautiful proportion to your body.

Additionally, adding different colors and prints to your attire makes you come across as someone fun and bold. 

High necklines

Turtlenecks, boat necks, crewnecks, and collar necks would look absolutely stunning on you!

They give your shoulders a geometrical appearance and add vertical length to your upper body. 

Pleated shorts/skirts

Instead of going for soft/flowing skirts or bottoms, go for pleated shorts/skirts with multiple geometric lines; they compliment your angular/sharp body type. 

Go a little emo

When accompanied by bold graphic designs, black can be your soul color, so going emo may be a fun experiment for your body type. 

Flamboyant Gamine hairstyles

Short, pixie hair is an iconic hairstyle for flamboyant gamines; your body type and style are all about experimenting with unconventional fashion choices.

While others may look comical in pixie, FGs look absolutely stunning in pixie haircuts.

How you style your hair depends on you, though. You can have a pretty pixie haircut like Audrey Hepburn’s or a fiercer look with a short wolf cut.

It depends on you and the vibe you wish to execute. 

If you don’t want to cut your hair short, curly bob-length will compliment you, too!

Again, you can keep them soft and gentle with curtain bangs or give them a pointed look with pointy edges at the bottom. 

Keep it wavy or curly. 

Kibbe Soft Gamine body type

While flamboyant Gamine is sharp, soft Gamine is more gentle and luscious.

It’s endowed with a small frame but a curvy body.

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

Their curves are subtle (but visible), with soft flesh wrapping their overall body.

This subtle flesh is also why soft gamines appear girlish and doll-like. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

As discussed, soft Gamine is a mixture of yin and yang elements with an extra dash of yin. 

Physical characteristics of Soft Gamine, Kibbe

Flamboyant Gamine and soft Gamine both accommodate a small frame and yang bone structure; it’s their flesh deposition that brings out the difference. 

  • Bone structure— mostly Yang: Like the FGs, soft Gamine has a wide bone structure and angular edges. While the rest of the soft gamines’ body is well-hidden under the subtle body flesh, this yang bone structure and angular edges are well highlighted in their shoulders. This is also why soft gamines don’t appear sloppy. 
  • (All in) Petite body: Soft Gamine is either 5’5 or shorter. Unlike flamboyant gamines that accommodate vertical lines, soft Gamine is overly petite, including their limbs. Their hands and legs are wide but small as compared to flamboyant gamines. 
  • Soft gamine face: Their face is very doll-like with wide, doe-like eyes that are far apart. Their noses are small and round with visible wideness. Their faces are more heart-shaped than square because of their fluffy cheekbones. 
  • Body Flesh: Soft gamines aren’t as luscious as romantics, but their bodies are endowed with visible flesh. Unlike Flamboyant Gamines, they don’t have a flat bustline or hip line; it’s wrapped in flesh, allowing them to have a visible curving line (curve/double curve)
Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

Overweight Soft Gamine

Because soft Gamine already has a fleshy body, they tend to become round when gaining weight instead of appearing square like the FGs.

This weight first accumulates on their bust and hip line and is very visible in their arms, thighs, and legs.

Over-Soft Gamines can appear very soft, round, and full when overweight. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

Soft gamine clothing

Soft Gamine can slay a girlish, doll-like look at any given time. Their style and outfits usually have softer colors, patterns, and unique gentleness.

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

On the other hand, flamboyant gamines have a sharper, bolder, and more unconventional look.

While they both carry tight outfits, those style vibes are completely different from each other. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

Soft Gamine screams gentle and vintage. On the other hand, the Flamboyant Gamine is bold and retro. 

Please refer to our style guidelines here and here to better understand the Soft Gamine body type, Soft Gamine style, and Soft Gamine outfits.

Soft Gamine Vs Flamboyant Gamine

You probably have an idea of how Soft Gamine differs from Flamboyant Gamine after reading them separately.

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

Nonetheless, here are the highlighted differences between the Gamine sub-families, and they are worth noticing. 

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Because they decide whether you would look good in gentle and soft outfits or sharp and unconventional styles. 

The three main differences between Soft Gamine and Flamboyant Gamine create two completely distinct entities and style guidelines. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine
  • Petite frame with or without verticality. 
  • The presence of body flesh or its absence. 
  • Doll-like face or sharp-edged face. 

Petite frames but different vertical lines

Evidently, Soft Gamines and flamboyant gamines are both petite or have short stature.

However, Flamboyant Gamines have elongated legs and hands (longer than their torso), which helps them appear taller than their average height. 

On the other hand, Soft Gamines are petite. They are shorter in height, and so are their torso and limbs.

They can even appear smaller than their height because of their flesh deposition and overall short limbs. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

Body flesh

Flamboyant gamines are lean, muscular, and thin, i.e., they don’t have any flesh displayed on their body type.

They have a flat bust and hip line. Plus, their arms, thighs, and legs are also comparatively thin. This allows them to have a boyish figure. 

Contrarily, soft gamines have visible flesh on their bust and hip lines, including their arms and thighs.

So, they naturally accommodate a curve/double curve (S/ hourglass body shape).

Their flesh also allows them to have a visible waist definition despite having a wide bone structure. 

Flamboyants don’t have a waist definition because their bone structure is wide, and their hip/bust line isn’t fleshy.


Both the sub-families have big and doe-like eyes and full lips. However, FGs often accommodate pointed/elongated noses and sharp/high/lean cheekbones/cheeks. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

Soft gamines have fleshier and fluffier cheeks. So they naturally appear heart-shaped.

On the other hand, FGs don’t have flesh on their face and thus appear square-shaped because of the visible wideness in their bone structure. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine
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