Soft Natural Vs Soft Gamine Body Types By Kibbe: Difference
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20 Mar

Soft Natural Vs Soft Gamine Body Types By Kibbe

What’s the difference between Soft Natural vs Soft Gamine?

This article has all the answers!

Although Soft Natural and Soft Gamine body types have a lot of distinctions, it can get confusing for many individuals as to where they belong between the two.

The natural yin undercurrent in both body types further pushes people down the rabbit hole, especially if they are 5’7 in height. 

Soft Gamine body types are believed to have a height between 5’1 to 5’7. While 5’5 is not a prevalent characteristic height for Soft Naturals, 5’6 and 5’7 definitely are!

The height range and the yin undercurrent in Soft Gamine are two main characteristics that confuse people when choosing Soft Natural or Soft Gamine as their Kibbe body type. 

While height can be a determining factor for any body type, it only gives away a little about your Kibbe’s body types, to begin with. 

soft natural vs soft gamine
soft natural vs soft gamine

Thankfully, height is not the only physical feature in Kibbe’s system; other physical characteristics also play a major role while determining your unique body types, such as your bone structure, facial contouring, curves, waistline, etc. 

This article will discuss the fine distinction between the two body types: Soft Natural Vs. Soft Gamine. 

Please note: In general, Soft Gamine is usually the most petite, but it’s not always necessary.

So, don’t worry if you are on the taller side.

Soft Natural and Soft Gamine position in the Kibbe system

In the five main kibbe families, the natural body type in Kibbe’s system is dominantly yang and sits between the Dramatic (mostly yang) and Classic body types (balanced yin-yang). 

Soft Natural is an extension of the main archetype and has a slight ‘YIN’ influence in their physical attributes.

Similarly, Flamboyant Naturals are also an extension of the natural family, but they gravitate towards the yang spectrum. 

In his 13 body archetypes, Kibbe has finally removed the pure naturals, classics, and gamines because he now believes nobody can perfectly represent these archetypes.

They are mostly either influenced by the yang or the yin spectrum. 

On the other hand, Gamine sits between classic and romantic body types. Initially, pure Gamine was considered a 50:50 mix of yin and yang.

Unlike the pure classics that were a perfect blend of 50:50 yin and yang, pure Gamine’s attributes are either yin or yang, not a blend or junction between the two spectrums. 

Soft Gamine and Flamboyant Gamine are two subfamilies of the late pure gamine body types.

Soft Gamine is predominantly gamine (yin-yang mix) with an additional yin undercurrent.

So, instead of appearing bold, fit, or fierce, soft Gamine would appear girlish, doll-like, pretty, and mischievous because of their yin undercurrent. 

Gamine essence in John Kitchener’s seven style essences

It’s important to note that David Kibbe and John Kitchener have different representations of Gamine body types.

In John Kitchener’s essences, Gamine stands boldly and mischievously on the yang side of the spectrum besides the dramatic essence. 

On the contrary, Gamine sits between the spectrum and has a mix of yin and yang balance. So, please don’t get confused between the two— John Kitchener focuses on the essence/vibe in his system, and David Kibbe solely focuses on the physical attributes of an individual. 

Let’s discuss both the Kibbe body types in detail to have a better view and understanding of where you belong! 

Soft Gamine Body Type By Kibbe

In the Kibbe system, soft Gamine is heavy on the yin spectrum and often appears girlish or doll-like.

David Kibbe describes soft Gamine as the ‘spitfire chic.’ While it’s unclear what made Kibbe come up with this terminology; in my opinion, it mostly represents the presence of both the spectrum; yin and yang. 

‘Spitfire’ signifies the Yang fierceness and mischievousness present in the facial feature and personality of a soft gamine.

On the other hand, chic signifies that soft Gamine is youthfully girlish. 

To conclude, soft Gamine is mostly like the ‘pure gamine’ but with a significant appearance of the yin undercurrent.

Their petite structure and delicate curves endow them with the status of being the ‘romantic gamine type.’

While soft Gamine and Flamboyant Gamine are considered petite, they differ in their bone structure and flesh deposition. 

Soft gamines are more delicate and curvaceous in visuals than the flamboyant Gamine. On the other hand, flamboyant Gamine is more fit and lean in the kibbe system.

It’s important to note Soft Gamine types are curvaceous but not like the romantic body type; their curve and volume are delicately present— neither too much nor too less. 

Physical attributes of Soft Gamine body types

Now, your body may not agree with every physical attribute that Kibbe highlights in his system while articulating soft Gamine; but you will connect to most of them if you have a soft gamine body type. 

soft natural vs soft gamine

Just like the soft natural defining line is their upper torso width.

For Soft Gamine, it’s their petiteness, delicate curve(s), and still visible angularity. Kibbe refers to this ‘defining line’ as accommodates. 

Soft Gamine’s body structure isn’t sloppy like the classics or the romantics; it’s quite straight and angular, yet curvy.

That’s what I find beautiful and mesmerizing while studying soft gamine body type— it visualizes a strikingly beautiful contrast between yin and yang.

Both are present fiercely yet softly— they don’t blend into each other to create a single entity. No, instead, they both exist together peacefully and independently. 

Of course, the yin is slightly more visible in the soft gamine body type because it has an additional yin undercurrent. 

Now, back to how soft gamines are angular yet delicate.

Bone structure

Soft Gamine has a yang bone structure, especially in facial contouring and shoulders.

Their shoulders aren’t wide like the soft naturals, but they are definitely straight and very angular, not sloppy in the least. 

soft natural vs soft gamine

Soft Gamine’s bone structure is usually wider but in harmony with the rest of their body, unlike soft naturals with an unproportionate upper width.

Soft Gamine’s width is evident throughout the body, not just the upper torso.

Their bust and hip align in harmony. They have a moderate waist definition, emphasizing a visible hourglass outline. 

As for soft Gamine’s facial contouring, they have fluffy cheeks, but they are mostly uplifted.

So, their facial flesh creates a lot of striking contouring instead of being round. 

Their facial bone structure is wider yet fluffy, allowing them to have a heart-shaped face.  

Curve/double curve

Although straight and angular, soft gamines have a visible curve/double curve, their body’s fleshier, and that flesh is equally visible around their arms, legs, bust, and hips. 

Their fleshy body is also why soft gamines are considered delicate instead of coming across as someone sharp around the edges despite having sharp shoulders and bone structure. 

After gaining weight, soft gamines appear round and full after gaining weight because they easily collect fat around their hands, waist, and thighs. 


Petiteness doesn’t necessarily mean being shorter in height. It rather signifies the small-boned frame of an individual. 

It rather refers to the compactness of the body. Soft gamines are narrower and more compactly built than other yang-influenced body types. Their visible flesh further enhances their compactness. 

They have a small doll-like head, small hands, and legs.


This is where soft gamines earn the tag of being doll-like. 

  • They have big doe eyes, and these eyes are usually far apart. 
  • They have high but fluffy cheekbones.
  • Their noses are small but might be wide in appearance. 
  • They have small mouths with fuller lips.

Style guide for Soft Gamine types

You want to appear chic; you want to appear doll-like; you want to appear innocently mischievous with your outfits.

Your style guide should highlight your accommodations instead of hiding them or fitting them into something your body is not. 

soft natural vs soft gamine

You have three accommodations: petiteness, angular shoulder, and curve/double curve.

  • Always choose compact outfits that complement your delicate and small frame to compliment your petiteness

Compact and small outfits may include mini skirts, pants with a visible ankle length, crisp dresses with a thigh length, etc. 

  • For your angular shoulders, choose a crisp style with a defining line, neither too soft, flowy, nor stiff or unstructured. 

Choose outfits that perfectly outline your angular shoulders.

High neck tops/dresses, tank tops, crisp shirts with visible shoulder stitches, ¼ sleeve length with button down collars, blazer dress, etc.

  • Always compliment your double curve with outfits that moderately define your waist and hug around your curves. 

You want to emphasize your waist, double curve, and petiteness together, and it’s only possible when you choose neither too tight nor too loose outfits.

Your outfit should hug your waist and hip area closely to give you a delicate and compact look. 

soft natural vs soft gamine

After complimenting your accommodations, your next step is to highlight the romantic influence of your body type.

You don’t have to go all on board while bringing out the romantic essence in you; it should be soft and subtle.

You can display your romantic influence in your neckline, pretty details, ruffles, some draping, etc. 

Soft Gamines have a casual sense of style; they’re comfortable, compact, and still pretty.

They can appear vintage/retro effortlessly! Below are a few Soft gamine style guidelines and outfits that wouldn’t make you feel primitive and still help you carry your body type with sass. 

soft natural vs soft gamine

Fabric choice

Always choose crisp fabrics; neither too soft nor too stiff! Too soft fabrics will push you into being romantic or natural.

Too stiff outfits will make your silhouette appear dramatic. These fabrics don’t compliment your body type. Instead, choose a crisp and clean fabric with a healthy blend of soft and stiff. 

Crisp fabrics will hug your body compactly and define your yang outlines. Some of my favorite fabric choices for soft gamines are tightly-woven wool, leather, cauterized material, cheque woollen, etc. 


As discussed, too loose or tight clothes will overshadow and overpower you. Too-loose clothes will easily hide your best features, i.e., your angular shoulders and double curve.

So, always create a silhouette that visualizes your body compactly. 

It should be compact and highlight the outline of your body, but it shouldn’t be too tight to suffocate you. 

soft natural vs soft gamine

Break your height

Lengthy and vertical outfits wouldn’t compliment your height; they will overpower your natural size and shape. So, avoid wearing maxi dresses or single-run bodycon down your knees. 

Breaking your vertical lines will always compliment your soft gamine compactness.

So, it’s always a good choice for soft Gamine to have 2-3 pieces in their outfits. Don’t forget to define your waist while breaking down your outfits. 

“Breaking down your outfit sounds scary, but it simply means choosing 2-3 parts for your outfit instead of one.”

For instance, instead of choosing a bodycon dress, choose a high-neck top and a leather skirt (preferably short), and compliment them with knee-length stockings. 

It doesn’t mean SGs cannot wear dresses, they definitely can, but I would highly ask you to avoid long/maxi dresses. As long as it’s a mini with a unique waist definition, it’s good to go! 

Soft Gamine type dresses

Keep them short because short accommodates SGs petiteness. The signature dress for SGs would be a tightly-woven short wool dress with a shirt underneath. 

Mini skirts and shorts

I do want to bring as much light to these choices as possible. High-waisted mini skirts and shorts are the hallmarks of the soft gamines. They effortlessly compliment your waist, hip curves, and the short length of your limbs. 

High-waisted bottoms

High-waist can really level up your game. High waist bottoms give your body the much-needed ratio. Additionally, it emphasizes your waist and hip curves beautifully!

Colors compliment SGs

Assembling different colors or experimenting with color blocking really benefits SG’s whole style and aura.

So, you can combine different colors as long as you know how to do that! 

While choosing the right colors for you, I’d recommend going with your season (seasonal color analysis) instead of sticking to David Kibbe’s color theory. 

Your color choices should depend on your season (i.e., your body color, hair color, eye color, undertones, etc.) and not your body type, whatever that may be! 


Patterns really compliment the overall girlish vibe of soft gamines. Checkered wool is always the first and foremost choice. Next, you can add polka dots, small fruits, or other small animated objects to your outfits. Ensure they are small in size! 

SGs hair and makeup

Short bob or pixie is definitely the go-to choice for soft gamines— it naturally appears and enhances your girlish features. 

soft natural vs soft gamine

Straight hair really isn’t your scene; it takes away your girlish and playful charm. 

As for the makeup, you don’t want to go too bold or too subtle. For SGs, adding colors to your makeup is a great choice. 

Your main features are your eyes, so highlight them as much as possible.

Avoid smokey eye makeup because it negates your overall girlish look and forcefully pushes you towards a sharp yang, which is not your dominant trait or your trait.

Being girlish also relates to being glamorous— so pamper yourself with a good amount of highlighter. 

Soft Natural Body Type By Kibbe

Soft naturals stand on the yang spectrum with an earthy uniqueness, airy visuals, and a fierce sense of freedom. 

soft natural vs soft gamine

In the Kibbe system, soft naturals are a subcategory for the main family called ‘pure naturals’, and they are positioned between flamboyant naturals and dramatic classics.

Please note pure naturals aren’t a part of the kibbe system anymore, along with pure Gamine and pure classics. 

Physically, soft naturals are dominantly yang with a sub-cut of yin undercurrent.

There are three main categories to identify when studying someone’s body type: bone structure, body flesh, and facial flesh. 

Soft naturals have a ‘soft yang body flesh,’ meaning they have visible bigger and broader bone structures, but their edges are usually blunt.

soft natural vs soft gamine

So, you will see a big silhouette for soft naturals, but their body lines aren’t defined or sharp like the dramatics. 

Soft Natural’s facial and body flesh is yin in nature.

So, you wouldn’t see a lean bone structure in soft naturals; their body is complemented with flesh, especially on their arms, hips, thigh, and face. 

Soft Natural’s accommodation is their upper torso’s broad width; their shoulders are usually broader than the rest of their curve.

soft natural vs soft gamine

This is probably why so many people don’t like the yang category. They think it’s somehow related to being masculine. 

It’s absolutely not! Kibbe’s system was a body-positive movement. He wanted women to embrace their own body type instead of suffocating themselves in corsets to achieve the popular hourglass figure.

In Kibbe’s system, yang is not masculine; it represents fierce and fit women.

soft natural vs soft gamine

If you are a soft natural, your upper torso width is one of your best features; you have just been brainwashed into accepting toxic beauty standards for women. 

We have discussed ‘soft naturals’ in more detail here; if you’d like to know!

Now that we have a brief for Soft Naturals— let’s discuss the differences these two body types share. 

Soft Natural Vs Soft Gamine

Soft naturals are wider, taller, and visibly more yang than soft gamines.

While they share an equal amount of yin in their facial and body flesh, their bone structure and height create two different silhouettes. 

Despite having a sharp yang bone structure, soft Gamine appears more yin because they are visually more petite than soft naturals. 

They both execute a strikingly different vibe, aura, and visuals. While soft Gamine plays the role of a ‘youthful, mischievous, and chic girl,’ soft Natural is more womanly and is often called a fresh and sensual lady.’ 

While soft Gamine is dominantly a mix of yin and yang with an additional dash of yin influence, Soft Natural is mostly yang with a yin undercurrent. 

Soft naturals— Bone structure: Soft yang

Facial flesh: yin

Body flesh: yin 

Soft Gamine— Bone structure: Sharp Yang

Facial flesh: Yin

Body flesh: Yin. 

The only similarities both these body types share are: 

  • Sometimes, their height is because both share the 5’7 check box: Most often, soft gamines are usually 5’5 or shorter. In fact, they are the most petite body type in Kibbe’s system. 
  • The presence of yin in both body types: The presence of yin and yang in soft gamines and soft naturals is very different because of their bone structure. 

Because soft naturals are wider and taller, their yin (body flesh) isn’t their most visible attribute.

The same goes for soft Gamine— because their bone structure is narrow and less wide than soft naturals, their flesh is very visible. 

It’s so clear that people might never notice that they accommodate sharp-edged shoulders/bone structure. 

Physical differences between Soft Gamine and Soft Naturals

Let’s start from the top to the bottom. 

  • Bone structure

First and foremost, your bone structure greatly influences your overall appearance. 

Soft Gamine has a sharp bone structure with angular edges, unlike the soft naturals, which accommodate blunt edges.

  • Shoulders

Soft gamines have a sharp bone structure, thus accommodating them with a sharp shoulder line. 

On the contrary, soft naturals have blunt shoulders. Additionally, soft naturals have a broader upper torso width/shoulders than their hip line.

soft natural vs soft gamine

Soft Gamines have a wide frame, but it’s in proportion with the rest of their curve. Their shoulders and hips align together, creating a visible hourglass shape. 

  • Broad body frame. 

Soft gamines are wide, but they aren’t wider than soft naturals. This is probably why soft naturals appear more lean and fit. 

  • Face shape

Because soft naturals are wider, their face shape appears more square. On the contrary, soft gamines’ subtle broadness allows them to have a heart-shaped face.

  • Facial features. 

Soft gamines have girlish features. This includes big doll-like eyes, plum lips, and high, fluffy cheeks.

Soft naturals have more womanly features, including moderate eye size, broad noses, and jaws.

  • Verticality

Soft naturals have a more visible verticality in their limbs than soft gamines. 

  • Waist and their curving line. 

Soft naturals have a very subtle waist definition. So, it provides them with a minimal hourglass figure. You can consider their curving line more like a wave than an hourglass. 

On the other hand, soft Gamine has a more defined waistline, giving them a more moderate hourglass curving line. 

Style differences between soft naturals and soft Gamine

Given their physical attributes, soft naturals better flaunt airy, flowy, and slightly loose-fit outfits.

Their clothes aren’t as loose-fit as the pure naturals, but they aren’t tight-fitting either.

soft natural vs soft gamine

Soft Naturals look best in clothes that elegantly hang on their body with subtle fitting around the waist and hip region. 

I have discussed soft natural’s style guide more elaborately here in this article if you want to know. 

As for soft gamines, loose-fit isn’t their playground. They slay clothes that are close to their body outline. Instead of airy or too-soft clothes, soft gamines go for crisp and subtly stiff fabric choices. 

soft natural vs soft gamine

Wrapping up

Where did this article land you— the soft natural or soft gamine? If you think, you don’t belong to either one of them.

We also have an article on “Soft Naturals Vs Soft Classics.” You might turn out to be a soft classic because it also shares many similarities with the soft naturals. 

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