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29 Nov

Kibbe Soft Natural Body Type For Wardrobe, Style, And Outfits

Are you wondering what Kibbe Soft Natural Body Type is and how to integrate it into your wardrobe?

This article has all the answers!

The concept of Kibbe Soft Natural Body Type is one of the basic types of appearance according to the system of the American stylist David Kibbe.

He based the system on dividing the face and body lines into Yang (sharp, angular) and Yin (rounded, smooth).

At the junction of combinations of these characteristics, the stylist identified five main types: Natural, Dramatic, Classic, Gamine, and Romantic body type.

Each can vary from Bright to Soft depending on the predominance of masculine or feminine.

There are 13 such combinations in total.

Characteristics of Kibbe Soft Natural Body Type

The combination of Yin and Yang balance in the basic type is quite harmonious, with a slight predominance of Yang influence in somewhat bossy shapes.

If Yang is soft in the appearance of a Natural type, and there are slightly more Yin influences than usual, then the type is classified as Soft Natural or Soft Natural Body Type.

soft natural body type

Kibbe Soft Natural Body Type has large but delicate features: expressive rounded eyes, plump full lips, and rounded cheeks.

The main impression from the face of Soft Natural is a square with rounded corners – full facial features.

Of the whole family of the Naturals Type, Soft Natural is the smallest, as follows:

  • Flamboyant Natural: height is from the top medium bar (168 cm) to very tall.
  • Pure Natural: height ranging from 167-174 cm.
  • Soft Natural: height is from 165 cm to 172 cm. It should be remembered that Natural, including Soft, will never be short.

The limbs of the Soft Natural range from medium to slightly short limbs (most often, the latter touches the hands).

The palms and feet are small and slightly rounded; the nail beds are closer to the square.

Pronounced long-leggedness is not characteristic of this subtype, in contrast, for example, to the Bright type.

The body of this subtype is also more delicate, prone to curvaceous forms and smoother relaxed fit and lines, although it retains some massiveness of all Naturals.

For example, a wide chest and a clear shoulder line.

soft natural body type

The associations that arise when looking at the Soft Natural are health, good quality, softness, and femininity.

Sometimes confused with pure Romantic, Soft Natural is more earthy, less cloying, and angelic.

soft natural body type

For the Soft Natural Body Type, excessive weight gain is deposited in the forearm area, affecting the waist definition and abdomen.

When gaining excess weight, the body begins to strive for a rectangle and becomes dense and soft; cellulite may be present.

Typically, the figure of Soft Natural has smooth curves that are quite proportional, albeit slightly massive, and the difference between the hips and chest can create a hint of the classic hourglass figure.

Soft Natural Body Types Celebrities include Jeniffer Lawrence, Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock, Fergie, and Scarlett Johansson.

And I decided to go further and seek social media personalities, so that would be Matilda Djerf.

What to consider for Kibbe Soft Natural Body Type owners

Soft Natural Types need to observe a semi-adjacent elongated silhouette in clothes, gently emphasizing the waist.

At the same time, tight and ultra-short things are unacceptable.

An asymmetric cut will be good, but always with smooth, soft edges – geometry is not for Soft Naturals; it will bring dissonance and coarseness into their appearance.

Like the rest of the Natural Types, Kibbe Soft Natural looks gorgeous in natural fabrics with solid textures of natural colors.

Compared to the basic type, there is a small amount of exoticism in the appearance of a Soft Natural Type.

Personal style can be slightly shifted from entirely natural to the side of elegant complexity.

However, expensive feminine simplicity would be the best way to go.

soft natural body type
soft natural body type

Straight people go oversized, but the Soft type is better off avoiding it; its smoother lines may not withstand way too loose items.

Since this type is quite large-scale and feminine, Soft Natural should move away from small patterns and severity and a large number of pretentious curlicues in the ornaments.

Large flowers and smooth lines will look better than small peas or cells.

A total look in a natural color scheme will also be good, but you need a more complex cut and accessories here.

The rounded and rather sensual face of a Soft Natural reveals itself in a frame of medium-length hair that falls in soft waves.

soft natural body type
soft natural body type

Naturalness is very important when choosing a hairstyle and hair color: bluish-black or fiery red hair, short-cropped and torn edges – this is not a story about Soft Naturals.

The same principles should be followed in makeup.

Kibbe Soft Natural Body Type Clothes

Kibbe body type system describes the Soft Natural Types as a natural type with exoticism.

Giving recommendations for this type, the image-maker pointed to the possibility of some moderate theatricality, the sublime romance of the image.

But, the correct wardrobe of the Soft Natural in this regard will differ from the wardrobe of, for example, a Romantic, which has somewhat similar principles.

The main difference will be in more noble and status things.

Childish ruffles, sophisticated decor, and way too revealing necklines are not for Soft Natural. However, the neck and upper chest can be shown to keep ajar.

In general, fashion is now quite strongly focused on Natural types, so it will not be difficult for a Soft Natural to put together the right wardrobe.

Pants/ jeans/ skirts

The main characteristics of the lower part of the wardrobe are soft vertical lines, flowing texture, and air between the body and the fabric.

Asymmetrical flounces and moderate soft drapery will work well for Soft Natural Types and dense but delicate, slightly rough textures.

soft natural body type
soft natural body type

The ideal solution for this type would be

  • A-line skirts with soft pleats;
  • Jeans with a smooth flare;
  • Loose-fit jeans;
  • Straight-cut trousers.

Dresses, blouses, jackets

Flowing light materials, open shoulders or necks, delicate draperies, and fitted silhouettes are Soft Natural’s main characteristics of shirts and dresses.

The shoulder line should not be rigid; clothes should not look like a case and hinder movement.

soft natural body type

Military-style with its shoulder pads and metal fittings will not work.

It is better to replace the classic business jacket with a relaxed, loose blazer.

If you want to create a more austere image, the Soft Natural should dwell on refined elegance, rather laconic, but still diluted with unobtrusive accessories.

Since the breasts of Soft Natural are quite prominent in this area, he should avoid additional accentuation with the help of decor.

The seductiveness of the outline is best emphasized with a V-neckline.

Shoes and accessories

A soft Natural type typically will not do a rough, man-like shoe with a heavy, metallic decor.

It would be best if you made a good choice of feminine, neat models with narrowed or rounded noses. The heel should be of medium height, graceful enough but firm.

A bag for this type should not be too large and shapeless.

Medium-sized models with soft leather work well. The evening look will be decorated with handbags in a retro style, and wicker models are perfect for summer and vacation.

Jewellery should be delicate, have smooth lines, and be medium-sized.

Using natural stones, wood, and leather, handmade jewellery will look harmonious but only high-quality and expensive.

Ready-made capsule wardrobe

Capsules will help you avoid combinations of things and create a functional wardrobe with a minimum investment.

soft natural body type

Casual look for a Soft Natural Body Type

The presence in the wardrobe of a fitted jacket or cardigan with soft draperies to mid-thigh and a delicate blouse with a minimum amount of decor or a sweater made of fine knitwear will help the Soft Natural to feel confident amid the daily chores.

soft natural body type
soft natural body type

The stress is on the waist emphasis; if the garment’s cut does not create it, it can be done with a belt – it should be of medium width, without a massive plaque.

Since the top will turn out to be quite voluminous, the bottom must be balanced – slightly tapered skinny jeans are suitable, but not skinny or straight-cut trousers.

soft natural body type

The business style for a Soft Natural Body Type

To create a functional image of a businesswoman, Soft Natural will need the following:

  • A delicate shirt that slightly opens the neck;
  • A-line skirt (not stiff);
  • Straight-leg trousers made of fine wool.

A combination of contrasting textures will go very well for a soft Natural.

soft natural body type

For example, skirts are made of suede-like materials, and shirts are made of thin satin.

Evening look for a Soft Natural Body Type

Kibbie Soft Natural Body Type loves expensive simplicity and grace.

Unlike the rest of the Naturals, who should adhere to the image of a pretty girl from the next yard, even on the carpet?

Soft Naturals are forbidden and even recommended for a lady-like look that can be classic enough.

Special events outfit

  • Wrap dresses;
  • Flowing skirts below the knee;
  • off-shoulder tops;
  • Straight dresses with asymmetrical but soft hems.

The main condition should be general relaxation of the silhouette and freedom of movement.

soft natural body type

All kinds of soft draperies and decor will be very appropriate, but their presence is desirable at the bottom of the image.

Although black is considered solemn, it should also be borne in mind that it rarely adorns the Soft Natural.

Do not be afraid to combine things from multipurpose wardrobes, especially the Soft Natural, which is very interested in moderate eclecticism.

For example, this type of formal business wardrobe even needs to be diluted with casual clothes.

The main advantage of the capsule wardrobe is the interchangeability of its elements, with which you can create new images.

Soft Natural Body Type Hair And Makeup

No look is complete without styling and makeup.

If you highlight the essential makeup products that Soft Naturals must have in a cosmetic bag, the list will not turn out to be too long since this type does not need to overload their appearance.

Well-groomed naturalness here is the key to success:

Light foundation: BB or CC cream. The effect of covering the skin should not be matte but radiant and slightly damp.

soft natural body type

Blush: An essential part of all-natural makeup.

The result to strive for is a natural blush effect on rounded cheeks. Remnants of blush on the brush can also be applied to the browbones and the upper nasal bridge.

Highlighter, always fine-grained, giving the face a delicate glow.

Mascara, eyebrow pencil: if the color type allows, it is better to dwell not on black but more natural brown shades.

It is unnecessary to draw graphic arrows; it is enough to walk through the space between the eyelashes.

Lipsticks should be chosen in natural, warm shades with a satin or wet gloss effect.

Basic makeup concept: soft, natural femininity. Heavy, dense, tightly matte textures should be avoided.

Clear lines in makeup, without shading – not an option for Soft Natural.

At the same time, color should not be avoided; makeup on the face should be noticeable but should not create a mask effect.

Hair should be styled in an artistic, thoughtful mess.

Short haircuts are categorically not suitable; the length of the hair should start below the shoulders, and the strands themselves should be well structured and softly flowing.

soft natural body type

According to the David Kibbe system, the main thing to strive for the Soft Natural is disclosing its soft, natural beauty.

At the same time, one should not forget that it is still Soft Natural, which means energy without eccentricity and brightness without pretentiousness.

soft natural body type

The stylist himself characterized this type, calling him a “fresh and sensual lady.”

kibbe soft natural body type
kibbe soft natural body type
kibbe soft natural body type
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