Kibbe Classic Body Type For Wardrobe, Style And Makeup
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4 Dec

Kibbe Classic Body Type For Wardrobe, Style, And Makeup

Are you wondering how Kibbe Classic Body Type looks and how to style it?

This article has all the answers!

The main feature of the Kibbe Classic Body Type is symmetry and ideal proportions, observed both in facial features and in body structure.

As you know, these are very rare features. Consequently, classic women are probably the smallest group of all thirteen types. Balanced symmetry and ideal proportions are desirable characteristics for most women.

Unfortunately, these ideal qualities seem almost unrealistic; it appears that classical women do not exist at all, and we are dealing here with a purely theoretical type.

David Kibbe indeed pointed out in his book that there may be slight deviations from the model’s description in this type.

However, in the end, classical beauty is a very unusual phenomenon, and the yin and yang elements are supposed to be in perfect balance.

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At the same time, they do not manifest themselves in their extreme forms, as is the case with the gamine types.

The eyes are never very large, the lips are not too full, and there is no boyish silhouette or too round shapes.

In the classical type, the elements of Yin and Yang are in perfect balance. As a result, they create a woman of model beauty, full of harmony.

It is worth emphasizing that perfect, classic beauty is not a typical feminine attribute.

If this were the case, the female yin element would have to dominate. None of the elements dominate the classic type, resulting in a pure and noble, self-sufficient beauty.

David Kibbe even mentions a penchant for light, a masculine focus on building bones.

The structure of the body can also show slight tendencies towards musculature. As you can see, this is the perfect balance between Yin and Yang.

The leading representatives of the classics are Princess of Monaco – Grace Kelly and the biggest star of French cinema – Catherine Deneuve.

Although these days, they are sometimes classified as Soft Classic due to the minimal dominance of the female Yin element.

In principle, “ideal faces” and silhouettes do not exist, and classical beauty dominates certain features and not their absolute whole.

Therefore, Grace Kelly and Catherine Deneuve can easily be considered representatives of the classic type.

Among the stars of the younger generation, the red-haired Full Spring or Amy Adams stands out with classic beauty.

  • How does the classic woman get on this list?
  • Is classical beauty the consummate ideal?
  • Or maybe we will meet beautiful women in each of the thirteen types?

Not necessarily perfectly symmetrical and proportional, but still very attractive.


Height – from 164 cm to 174 cm.

  • Medium vertical lines
  • Shoulders – slightly sloping, in proportion to the hips
  • Arms and legs – in proportion to or slightly longer in relation to the body
  • Palms and feet – proportionate, of moderate size
  • Bust – medium, proportional
  • Waist – exquisitely emphasized
  • Hips – in proportion to the arms and waist
  • Forearms – Proportional, medium length


The lower part of the face is proportional

Nose – proportional, medium size

Cheekbones – medium, symmetrical

Eyes – symmetrical, medium-sized and shaped, medium spacing between the eyes

Lips – medium size, proportional

Cheeks – medium, slightly defined

In his typology, Kibbe places the Classics clearly in the center on the Yin-Yang scale and defines them as “Refined Lady.”

The classic types embody perfect balance, harmony, stability, and symmetry.

They have a regular, symmetrical, well-defined face line; the front and profile are balanced and verified as if nature itself has found a middle ground.

Representatives of this type look elegant, organized, and balanced. Evident cheekbones, naturally arched and slightly raised eyebrows, calm eyes and clear gaze.

The lips are almost always even and of medium fullness; they cannot be called thin or full.

Facial features separately and overall image bring calmness and confidence, without special heightened emotions.

In the face of this type, one can always feel a kind of nobility and aristocracy.

The physique of the Kibbe Classic Body Type is also harmonious and balanced, and the structure of the skeleton is proportionate.

The figure is straight and slightly angular (but not too much, for example, as in the Dramatics).

The proportions of the chest-waist-hips are proportionate and harmonious, without pronounced changes in volume (as we saw in the Romantic type).

The limbs are of medium length, maybe slightly longer than usual. The musculature is sinewy, not very voluminous.

In short, the Classic Body Types are balanced with a balanced type of beauty.

That is why the beauty of the classic type does not immediately strike the eye but is revealed when studied thoroughly.

When you begin to analyse the facial features of such a girl, admiration for this harmony comes in immediately.

Not by the brightness of the striking features: huge eyes, full lips, or a large nose, but by quiet balance and geometrical correctness.

And, of course, restraint, aristocracy, and minimalism will be the best accessory for a classic-type girl.

Kibbe Classic Body Type Style

Symmetry is the main key to understanding the basis of the image for the classics. The lines of your clothing should follow the lines of your body.

The silhouette should be clean and continuous. It would be best to always think over the whole wardrobe from head to toe.

The negligence and eclecticism, which are now quite popular, can destroy the harmony of the image of the classics.

In my experience, the classics intuitively feel what fits them well and are drawn to simple, clear, and correct shapes and lines.

The classic type is truly luxuriously revealed, surrounded by expensive quality fabrics.

When I go shopping with a classic body type woman, we focus not on quantity but on the quality of things and materials.

For a Kibbe Classic Body Type, “less is more ” is true. In a nutshell, this is the pickiest type when it comes to investing in a wardrobe.

Fabrics should be of moderate density, matte, or slight sheen.

In the details, you must adhere to minimalism. They only complete the image but never draw attention to themselves.

Colors: neutral, monochrome color schemes, low contrast color combinations like beige.

Prints: symmetrical, non-contrasting: thin stripe, checkered ornament.

Blazer: standard length, slightly longer than the beginning of the thigh, concise and straightforward in shape, following the body’s contours.

Skirts: it should be smooth and straightforward, of medium length (around the knee), with a minimum of detail. There may be slight folds or draperies.

Pants: in the spirit of minimalism. A perfect fit is of a minimum of details. Not too wide.

Blouses: regular fit in elegant silk or soft cotton.

Knitwear: warm sweaters and cardigans shouldn’t be heavy. Choose smooth knits and fine knits such as cashmere and silk.

Dresses: it should be elegant, not wide, and accentuate the waist. Shirtdress, sheath dress, wrap dress – these are the best options for the classics.

Bags: made of soft leather with a clear strict shape and medium size.

Accessories: choose sleek, elegant, and symmetrical. Accessories should not be large and catchy, and there should not be many of them.

The hairstyle should be smooth and well-groomed. If your hair is curly, it shouldn’t look chaotic either.

The preferred length is medium, and hair color should be as natural and rich as possible.

Makeup: try to keep it moderate, with fuzzy edges and well-shaded.

If your appearance has high contrast, then the makeup should be brighter; low – less. In short, strive for balance.



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