Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Vs Romantic Body Type
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22 Apr

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Vs Romantic Body Type: What You Need To Know

Are you wondering what is the difference between the Theatrical Romantic and Romantic types?

This article has all the answers!

After going through all those Kibbe image IDs, you think you have finally found your body type— it’s Kibbe romantic!

You were happy until you realized Kibbe’s system has two types of Romantics. 

Theatrical romantics and pure romantics. Back to square one?

Still confused and lost as to how to dress yourself up?

Differentiating between theatrical and pure romantic can be slightly more complex than the other eight Kibbe IDs. 

They are very similar in appearance, and the difference between them can quickly go unnoticed unless you are a professional!

Honestly, you have every right to be confused between these IDs. 

We use three main characteristics to define our unique body type— bone structure, body flesh, and face flesh. 

Now, here’s where the confusion begins. Theatrical romantic and pure romantic have the same body flesh and face flesh— both these attributes are ‘very Yin’ in appearance!

In fact, their bone structure is almost identical, too! They both have a ‘Lush Yin’ bone structure.

So, where is the DIFFERENCE!? 

In this article, we’ll help you identify the negligible difference between TRs and Rs and how it can completely alter your wardrobe!

The difference between Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Vs Kibbe Romantic

If you look closely, there are two main differences between theatrical and pure romantics.

Petite accommodation and a slight Yang undercurrent in theatrical 

romantics, something not found in pure romantics. 

Petite accommodation

Now you may wonder— pure romantics are Yin in nature, so they should accommodate ‘Petite.’ In fact, they do!

Pure romantics do have small bodies, legs, and hands. However, they are not narrow! 

Their body is visibly wider than Kibbe Theatrical romantics!

This is also the reason why they appear more voluptuous and curvaceous. 

Their voluptuous body, however small, appears fuller and wider. So, they accommodate double curves first instead of petiteness. 

What does Kibbe mean by accommodation?

Generally speaking, your central accommodation defines your body type— it’s your most visible and dominantly prevalent characteristic.

For instance, if your body has verticality and a double curve, you will still be a Soft Dramatic and not a Romantic because your dominant (most visible) attribute will be your height. 

So, romantics’ main accommodation is their double curves, i.e., an hourglass figure. We’ll discuss what Kibbe means by double curve ahead in the article. 

On the other hand, theatrical romantics are narrower, so they will appear more petite and less curvaceous than the romantic body type. 

Regardless, theatrical romantics still have ‘double curves’ just like the romantics!

Their accommodation is both a petite appearance and double curves. Comparatively, romantics’ only highlight is the double curve! 

A slight yang undercurrent in the theatrical romantics

Pure romantics and theatrical romantics are both Yin in nature.

However, pure romantics are lush Yin, i.e., extremely Yin throughout their bodies— there’s visible fleshiness everywhere. 

  • Bone structure: Lush Yin
  • Body flesh: Lush Yin
  • Face flesh: Lush Yin

On the other hand, theatrical romantics are subtly Yin in their body and face flesh. However, their bone structure, although Yin, has some visible Yang undercurrent. 

  • Bone structure: Yin with a slight Yang influence. 
  • Body flesh: Yin
  • Face flesh: Yin 

This Yang influence is visible through the narrowness of their body and the sharpness in their shoulders, eyes, jaws, collarbones, and cheekbones.

This sharpness allows them to appear more sensually edgy than pure romantics. 


Please note theatrical romantics are, first and foremost, romantics; the slight yang influence is simply the cherry on the top!

So, while deciding on your wardrobe as a theatrical romantic, you should aim to highlight your romantic body type first and then emphasize your yang influence. 

How to do that? Let’s have a broader understanding of both the body type to 

better enhance your wardrobe that compliments your body beautifully!

Kibbe Romantic— Extreme/Lush Yin

Kibbe Romantic takes us back to Marilyn Monroe— the epitome of beauty in the 1950s. Her body defined what today is called sensual, womanly, and curvaceous.

Pure romantics’ physical characteristics are outlined by sheer femininity, i.e., the most Yin in Kibbe’s system.


You will not find a single sharp edge in this body type; it’s endowed with soft, rounded, fleshy, and sloped silhouettes.

Their bodies are adorned with fuller breasts, tiny waists, and rounded buttocks.

That’s not all; pure Romantics also have rounded faces with full cheeks, lips, small noses, big eyes, and delicate/soft jawlines. 

Kibbe defines Pure romantics as ‘dream spinners.’

They are all about gentle roundness, delicate fleshiness, and soft curviness. Their body is the perfect embodiment of the hourglass figure— their shoulders are dainty, the breast-hip curves align with each other, and they share an extremely tiny waist.

Physical characteristics of Kibbe Romantic body type

Since there’s a lot of pressure to attain a figure similar to the romantic body type, it can create a very negative outlook toward your own body.

Please remember, everybody is beautiful in their own way. 

This guide will help you understand the main physical characteristics of Kibbe’s romantic body type. If you don’t confide with the boundaries of these characteristics, there’s nothing to worry about! You may have a different body type, so do check Kibbe’s other eight image IDs. 

Suppose you think Kibbe doesn’t justify your body and makes you feel boxed in. In that case, we also have Kitchener’s essence to understand and style our wardrobe. 

Also, remember that Kibbe’s system is not a rule book you should follow strictly. It gives us a general guideline of our body’s silhouette and how to dress ourselves to complement that outline.

So, it’s alright if you don’t comply with all these physical characteristics as long as you have the body type’s main accommodations. 

Bone Structure— Lush Yin

Pure romantics’ bone structure is very soft, delicate sloppy, or, to say, without angular edges.

Their body outline is very delicate, gentle, and soft in appearance. 


Unlike Yang’s bone structure which showcases an edgy sharpness and sneaky slither, Romantics’ bone structure resembles feathers and snowflakes.

Their body doesn’t have shapes like rectangles or triangles anywhere; it’s just rounded glory from their shoulders to the ankles! 

One thing to remember, pure romantics do have a wider torso, so they appear more prominent than theatrical romantics. ‘Bigger’ here doesn’t mean tall or muscular; bigger here means fleshier. 

  • No visual verticality: Pure romantics have visibly smaller hands and legs than their bodies. 
  • Short height: Pure romantics generally have a short to moderate height, which doesn’t exceed 5’5. 
  • Soft and enclosed shoulders: Their upper torso is aligned to the rest of their curves, so it doesn’t stand out with sharp lines or wideness. They are enclosed, soft, and sloppy. 

Pure romantics face type— Lush Yin

Their face is endowed with fleshiness and is extremely Yin. 

  • Jawline: Their jaws are soft and delicate and don’t stand out. They aren’t edgy, chiselled, or sharp. 
  • Cheekbones: Their cheekbones aren’t sharp or edgy either. Pure romantics’ cheeks are full and fleshy, so their cheekbones are naturally invisible. Instead, they have rounded, tinted, and full cheeks that you’d instantly want to squeeze.
  • Face: Because their jawlines and cheekbones aren’t defined, their face is often oval or round in shape. 
  • Nose: Their nose is small and has a round tip. It can be wide or narrow. 
  • Eyes: Their eyes are often large but can also be moderate in size. 
  • Full lip. 

Body flesh— Lush Yin 

This is the most giving attribute of the romantic body type, the lushness in their flesh (not fat). It’s apparent in their arms, thighs, face, breasts, and hips, except for their waist.

Their waist is very tiny! Their body flesh present at the right places, along with their tiny waist, is what gives them the hourglass figure. 

Please note this flesh doesn’t make them appear fat. Instead, it gives them a curvaceous and sensuous look. 

On the other hand, theatrical romantics may not appear as curvy or fleshy as the pure romantics; they are still second in the line, just behind the PRs. 

Kibbe’s Pure Romantics tend to get more rounded in appearance when gaining weight. This weight gain is visible throughout their body, including their arms, thighs, legs, waist, and face. 

Kibbe Romantic Clothes

Of course, bodycon dresses aren’t your only choice while dressing as a Pure Romantic.

However, it’s no lie that bodycon and ornate dresses complement your silhouette beautifully! 

You don’t have to agree to everything Kibbe says about your dressing style but do follow the general guidelines to enhance your best features and characteristics. 


Here are a few essential pointers to remember while styling your wardrobe as a Romantic: 

  • Flattering or sensual necklines because you have a beautiful bosom. 
  • Shapes that wrap your hourglass figure elegantly. 
  • Shorter dresses will compliment your short height more beautifully. 

Kibbe describes you as a sensual woman, so being a seductress suits you like a second skin. It enhances your overall aura and doesn’t seem forced.

So, don’t be afraid to play with a little seducing fire as a Pure Romantic. 

Flattering necklines

Your neckline is one of the significant elements of your wardrobe— it can either make it or break it! You want to choose flattering necklines, such as: 

  • Sweetheart cut
  • Scoop neckline
  • Halter straps
  • Deep V-neck or U-neck 
  • Low Straight across
  • Off-shoulder
  • Queen avenue 
  • Strapless
  • Halter
  • Cowl

Along with your bosom, your shoulders are a sweet spot to highlight. So, flaunt that subtle shoulder with minimal straps or no straps.

Sleeves wouldn’t harm your overall getup either as long as they are ornate and adorned with pretty details, such as laces, bows, balloon sleeves, frills, etc. 


Dainty dresses

Thigh-length dresses are the game changer for Pure Romantics— they tremendously enhance your hourglass figure and your short height.

The key is in its details— these dresses should be adorned with ornate detailing with bows, stones, and feathers, and lots of draping, wrapping, webbing, and layering. 

Soft fabric choices

You want to emphasize your figure, which cannot be done with stiff or thick fabric.

So, you want to choose something lightweight, feathery, soft, and rich. Luxury suits and compliments someone with a romantic body type.

Choose flowy and exquisite fabrics, such as satin, silk, fur, baby cashmere, chiffon, tulle, or georgette.

Tulle, chiffon, and georgette are inexpensive choices, but they mostly enhance the details of your outfits. 

Bodycon dresses and gowns

Romantics simply need to wear a bodycon dress with a plunging neckline to win the night!

Bodycon enhances their hourglass figure and looks absolutely stunning, whether thigh-length, maxi, or midi!

Waist emphasis

Your outfit choice should emphasize your tiny waist and bring out that hourglass figure.

You can attain this by adding a belt to your waist or two pieces that separate at your waist. 

Casual wear

People with romantic essence can often feel lost when choosing casual outfits since their body type is often only associated with ball gowns and dresses. However, dresses aren’t your only choice. When choosing casual, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind. 

  • Choose tops with a flattering neckline and ensure it doesn’t cross your waist when going down. If the top reaches your hip, enclose it with a belt at the waist. 
  • Bodycon skirts: ¾ length will be a darling choice for you! Don’t shy away from trying thigh-length skirts. Also, bodycon shouldn’t be your only choice. Pure romantics also look incredible in panelled, mermaid, ruffled A-line, asymmetrical, wrap, accordion, and tulip skirts.

Floral details

Having floral details is the hallmark of Pure Romantics. The print should be subtle but is widely preferred. 

Romantic body type makeup and hairstyles

Your color is blood red—sultry and seductress. Like Marilyn Monroe, red or maroon lips and the winged liner will never fail you.

Extremely nude or smokey makeup wouldn’t compliment you; it will sabotage your otherwise romantic body type.

For your hair, long waves or short curls are perfect. You can also pull straight hair, but curls should always be your first choice. You don’t want an overly messy hairdo; it should appear silky, shiny, and rich. 

For a more extensive Pure Romantic wardrobe guideline, refer to this elaborate article— KIbbe Romantic body type wardrobe, outfits, and style!

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic 

As said, theatrical romantics are first and foremost ‘Pure romantics,’ but that slight yang influence shifts their aura slightly. While pure romantics are best known for their womanly and sensuous embodiment, theatrical romantics may appear subtly sharp and cunning along with being sensual. 


“Pure romantics” can be perceived as a warm invite; it seduces and dances with you.

Contrarily, ‘theatrical romantic’ is a dangerous welcome, and you never know what’s at the end of the bargain— kiss or kill. 

Pure romantics incline towards softness, while theatrical romantics have a subtle edginess to their appearance. 

Kibbe refers to Theatrical romantics as femme fatale chic— They seduce you and then make you dance!

Physical characteristics of Kibbe Theatrical romantic body type

Their body type is small but lethal, sensual but playfully wild! This femme fatale chic has a curvaceous body and an hourglass figure, just like the romantics.

However, it’s not as extreme as the ‘Lush Yin’ romantics. Instead of being overly voluptuous and wide, they are standardly fleshy and narrow. 

Bone structure— Yin with slight Yang 

TRs are petite and delicate with a small body frame. However, they do appear taller than pure romantics because of their narrow bodies. 

  • Some verticality: Theatrical romantics are slightly taller than Pure romantics. This allows them to have a little verticality! This verticality is further enhanced because of their narrow body. 
  • Angular shoulders: There’s visible sharpness in their shoulders and collar bones. Theatrical romantics’ bodies aren’t sloppy; it stands out boldly with finely defined edges. 
  • Height: TRs can have a height of up to 5’6. They aren’t tall when seen on a broader spectrum but they are definitely taller than Pure Romantics. This might not be the case every time though, some TRs can be shorter than Pure Romantics.

Theatrical romantics’ face type

Theatrical romantics’ face also separates them from Pure romantics.

Unlike romantics endowed with fleshy and bubbly faces, theatrical romantics have sharp cheekbones and jawlines. 

  • Eyes: They also have round and big eyes, which are often sharp and pointed like a cat’s.
  • Nose: Their nose can be pointed and sharp. 
  • Cheekbones and jawlines: They can be Yang in appearance as well. 

So, instead of appearing round and fleshy, Theatrical romantics have sharp faces with equally sharp features. 

Body flesh— Yin

Their body is voluptuous and curvaceous but not as extreme as the Pure Romantics.

Please note, Theatrical romantics can still have double curves without having an overly fleshy body.

A great example of this is Mila Kunis; she is a verified theatrical romantic but doesn’t belong to a curvaceous body type.

However, her body does accommodate petiteness and double curves, so she would be a theatrical romantic despite not having an overly voluptuous body. 

TRs typically have soft flesh throughout their body, including their arms, thighs, breasts, and hips. Just like the Pure Romantics, they also have defined tiny waists! 


Kibbe’s Theatrical romantic style

Like the Pure Romantics, you want to highlight your romantic essence first and then enhance the yang influence.

Unlike pure romantics, Theatrical Romantics also add a certain layer of edginess to their outfits. This lets them choose sensual but asymmetrical outfits as well! 

Yin comes first, and Yang comes later. 

Compliment your Yin influence with flattering necklines, intricate details, and rounded shapes. Next, add the yang jazz. For instance, you can choose an asymmetrical gown with a cowl neckline.

The Cowl neckline will enhance your Yin influence, and the asymmetrical cutout will highlight your Yang influence. 

Similarly, you can choose a high-neck bodycon dress/top with bottom-fit pants. 


Let luxury be your voice

Theatrical Romantics are sensual and scandalous, so your outfits should always have a luxurious or exotic charm.

This can be achieved using rich and out-of-the-box fabrics, diamonds, and unconventional/artistic designs. 


Along with silk, satin, and cashmere, theatrical romantics also have the liberty to experiment with unconventional fabric patterns, prints, and stitches, such as animal print, crepe fabric, glittery fabrics, Chrome fabric, fur, lace, etc. 

Theatrical romantics can pull off a dress made of lace or chrome fabric as long as it flatters their hourglass figure. 

Casual outfits with straight lines. 

You can absolutely highlight your yang essence with subtle straight lines around your shoulders, waist, and pants to enhance the sharpness of your otherwise soft look. 


Unlike Pure Romantics, who can only wear rounded shapes, you can add a few lines to your outfits here and there as long as it’s not disturbing your hourglass figure. 


Theatrical romantic makeup

Your makeup can be bold and fierce with smokey eyes and highlighted cheekbones. Maroon is your romantic color, but you can easily pull off unconventional colors and nude makeup.

Theatrical romantic hair

TRs share the same hairstyles as Pure Romantics.

For a more extensive style guide, refer to this elaborated article— Theatrical romantic body type wardrobe, outfits, and Style!

Overweight theatrical romantic

Theatrical romantics don’t lose their shape after gaining weight, their body still maintains an hourglass shape. Their weight gain is visible on their arms, thighs, buttocks, breasts, and face but not around their waist. 

Wrapping up

We all desired that perfect hourglass figure as if our life depended on that very fact.

To this date, the popular definition of a beautiful body remains an hourglass figure with a curvaceous bust, fuller hips, and a tiny waist. 

A woman devoid of voluptuous curves or a fleshy body is often referred to as ‘not attractive/hot enough’ or simply ‘not womanly enough.’ 

This negative perception of women’s bodies and what is traditionally deemed beautiful is what led Kibbe to develop his own image system that allowed women to accept their own bodies and be comfortable with them!

The need to fit in Kibbe’s romantic wardrobe when you don’t have that body type will work against you!

So, if you are forcing yourself to be something you are not, try understanding your body first— you will love yourself when you use a wardrobe specially designed for your unique silhouette. 

Kibbe’s system is a breathing reminder that your body, regardless of whether it’s romantic or not, is beautiful and perfect in its own way. 

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