Theatrical Romantic Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits, Style
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24 Dec

Theatrical Romantic Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits, And Style

Are you wondering how Theatrical Romantic Body Type looks and how to style it?

This article has all the answers!

Several features of the Romantic body type characterize the Theatrical Romantic type.

However, the admixture of dramatic features plays a significant role. A pinch of the Yang (divine male) element added to the most feminine type of beauty that the romantic type stands for.

Adding tremendous changes in appearance and temperament (the whole essence of the personality).

The two Oscars winner, charming Vivien Leigh, is considered the leading representative of the Theatrical Romantic character.

Looking closely at her face, we see the worrier hidden behind a gentle, feminine beauty.

The masculine element Yang (divine male) makes the faces of theatrical romantic women no longer just gentle romantic; they become intriguing and significant.

A seductive, sensual appearance replaces delicate beauty.

Kibbe himself called the representatives of this type “femme fatale“. They have a striking appearance with expressive facial features.

theatrical romantic
theatrical romantic body type

Moreover, Vivien Leigh often played the role of a seductive femme fatale in her personal and professional life.

Before Vivien Leigh played Scarlett O’Hara, Jean Harlow (Theatrical Romantic) flourished in Hollywood.

Her stage image inspired the young Norma Jean, who became known throughout the world as Marilyn Monroe and faithfully followed the style of her idol.

theatrical romantic

Unfortunately, Norma did not have the strong charisma typical of Theatrical Romance.

Marilyn Monroe’s expressive look results from several fixes and complete hair recoloring.

The romantic Norma Jeane spent three hours every day in front of the mirror to introduce herself to the world as a theatrical romantic.

Yin manifests itself in the appearance of the theatrical romantic in diminutive stature, graceful physique and rounded shapes combined with a thin waist.

Large eyes, plump lips, and wide hips are all Yin features in appearance.

But unlike Pure Romance, there is the influence of Yang: these are sharp shoulders, high cheekbones, a pointed nose and chin, but not large, but delicate.

theatrical romantic


  • Height – short or medium (up to 170cm).
  • Moderately long vertical lines (depending on how rounded the silhouette is).
  • Shoulders – slightly sloping or straight, may be angular.
  • Arms and legs – not too long.
  • Hands and feet – narrow and small in relation to height.
  • Bust – medium or large.
  • Waist – clearly emphasized.
  • Thighs – rounded.
  • Forearms – not too long, slightly rounded.

The theatrical romantic type remains rounded (hourglass body shape) in shape; the waist remains well contoured.

The weight distributes proportionally, so it does not get squared. Excess weight is most visible on the thighs, arms, and face.

theatrical romantic
Theatrical Romantic


  • Lower face – slightly tapering, slightly pointed.
  • Nose – thin, narrow.
  • Cheekbones – slightly defined.
  • Eyes – medium.
  • Lips – beautifully defined, slightly full.
  • Cheeks – slightly rounded or firm.

David Kibbe describes the Theatrical Romantic woman’s figure as rounded as the Romantic type.

The only difference is in the figure and is that the theatrical romantic has a thinner bone structure and sharper edges.

Although romantic type women tend to gain weight, the significant difference between the theatrical and romantic types is not limited to bone structure.

The female yin (divine female) element has much less influence on the entire body in the theatrical romantic type than in the romantic type.

theatrical romantic
theatrical romantic

The height of Theatrical Romantic is miniature averaging between 165-167 cm.

The structure of the skeleton is delicate and medium-sized.

Bones with slightly sharp angles: shoulders, knees; in the face, it can be a nose, cheekbones, chin, small palms and feet.

The body shape is feminine, soft and lush but not wide. The waist is visible, and the chest may be small.

There is softness in the facial features: plump lips and soft cheeks. The eyes are large and can be almond-shaped or feline.

The Theatrical Romantic type does not lose feminine forms and curves; additional volumes are distributed evenly throughout the body.

Theatrical Romantic Body Type Style Recommendations

Kibbe recommends a silhouette that emphasizes the figure, a rounded shape with intricate and rich decoration with medium-sized details for theatrical romantic types.

It would be best to always emphasize the silhouette of the hourglass body shape.

The shoulders should be emphasized but not wide and slightly pointed, and the lines should be soft and easy to drape.

The fabric should be lightweight and soft to provide drapery and flow. Soft and fluffy textures like velvet and angora and boucle will also work well.

The details in the image should be complex, rich, delicate and abundant.

Bows, frills, ruffles, medium-sized appliqués. Exquisite fasteners, buttons, and buttons may be present.

theatrical romantic
theatrical romantic

The colors are bright and juicy. You can play with color and texture but never create a sharp contrast between the top and bottom of the set.

Jackets. It should be short and fitted or fitted at the waist.

I would like to take a chance to recommend a magnificent dressmaker who has sawn this amazing old Dior-like blazer as per measurements.

I already order mine, and as for a Theatrical Roamtic body type, I cannot recommend it more.

It emphasizes the waist perfectly, not tightly fitting the bottom, and has a beautiful neck cut.

romantic body type kibbe
romantic body type kibbe

Basque or peplum may be present. The lapels should be pointed. Rich decoration and small details are welcome.

theatrical romantic
theatrical romantic

Skirts. It should showcase a feminine silhouette. Tulip skirt, ruched at the waist, tapering to the hem, knee-length.

Or flowing, not stiff skirts, with an asymmetrical hemline, up to mid-calf. Another skirt version is a year with intricate details (draperies, folds, sewn-on elements).

theatrical romantic
theatrical romantic

Trousers. It should be soft, emphasizing the curves of the body.

Ruched and draped at the waist. And towards the bottom should taper in the ankle area.

theatrical romantic
theatrical romantic

Blouses. The theatrical romantic needs soft, light ones, with draperies and accentuated shoulders, richly decorated, with complex decor.

theatrical romantic
theatrical romantic

Knitwear. Soft and fluffy sweaters, a soft and rounded neckline, rich trim, and catchy patterns.

Length to the waist, sleeves should also not be long – the best options are to the wrist or 3/4.

Dresses. Looking for graceful options with an accentuated waist and emphasis on the shoulders. Richly decorated with an abundance of details.

Soft cutouts; the sleeves taper towards the wrists. With a tapered hem if the dress is short and a flared hem if long.

theatrical romantic
theatrical romantic

Bags. Small, rounded shape made of soft, pliable leather or fabric. With intricate, luxurious ornamentation and intricate finishes.

Bags with graceful shoulder straps made of light soft leather, suede, and textiles. Clutches, crossbody made of unusual materials.

Decorations. The theatrical romantic character cannot do without them. Minimalism and simplicity will never decorate this type.

The form of jewelry should be round, complex, intricate, and ornate—the shine of stones and metal even for day trips.

The main thing is the complexity and elegance of their form.

theatrical romantic

Hairstyle. Hair should always be well-groomed and voluminous, and the shape should be rounded and soft.

Soft waves, and curls, will serve well. For coloring, choose rich and extreme shades, luxurious and catchy.

theatrical romantic
theatrical romantic

Makeup. A shimmery foundation works here, and it is necessary to combine the watercolor softness of paints with sharp details: thoroughly shaded eyeshadow and a crisp upper lid.

theatrical romantic
theatrical romantic

Bright colors are applicable with good shading.



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