Best Korean Lip Tint I Ever Tried: My Amazon Choice
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18 May

Best Korean Lip Tint I ever tried: My Amazon choice

Korean Lip Tint

Are you looking for the best Korean lip tint that stays a long time? Aha! I got it for you!

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If you have not tried Korean lip tint – you should!

I have always been trying out new lipsticks, but regardless of what I tried my lips were always too dry to handle it. There were different brands among which there were even luxury high-end lip products. Nothing was working well, and I eventually have using lipsticks at all.

Are you tired of your dry lips after a lipstick?

You should know that if your lipsticks tend to dry your lips out. The feeling of being stripped of moisture is unbearable for me.

On top of that, the color would just smear off all the time and that required reapplying the lipstick again and again.

If you are a busy woman you would probably know that there is no time for makeup during the day.

If you work in the office you barely have time to grab a cup of coffee.

When it comes to reapplying your makeup it’s just too much to ask.

During your lunch-time, you just want to enjoy your meal and have a quick conversation with colleagues.

There is literally no room for lipstick.

My very best collection that I recommend to absolutely everyone because this is the game changer and I swear by it!

Korean lip tint 2019 review by blogger
Korean Lip tint red

A lip tint is a miraculous lip product

You always wished for that miraculous lip product that would just sit all day without reapplying it during the day.

If I told you that there is such a lip product? It’s a lip tint.

A lip tint is my best friend now, so I could just apply it in the morning and not think about it during the day.

In the evening I come home and wash it off. You will not believe it, but it does stay

Since I am a fan of Korean cosmetics and skincare – of course, I chose a Korean lip tint.

The brand of my choice was a blood-red-colored lip tint from YES STYLE shop. It’s coming directly from Korea.

This vampire lip tint is a true blessing for me when it comes to a lip product.

Why you should try a Korean lip tint

  • The color is a true bomb, especially when it comes to red shares.
  • The lip tint has a pleasant smell of candy.
  • Korean lip tint does stay on your lips 24/7 if you need it.
  • The tint has a sweet taste on your lips.
  • You can add lip gloss to add volume
  • After the 1st coat is off – the color becomes vividly natural

I already purchased two Korean lip tints just because I will be reusing those for a very long time.

And I am very happy with the quality and the price of it.

This is the product that I personally love and recommend.

How to apply a lip tint

  • 1st apply 1 layer of your most favorite lip balm, but it does not have to be heavy.
  • Gently take it off with a tissue, just confirm that you have soft lips.
  • Once your lips are moist and softly apply the tint.

I usually add a bit of gloss, just to make a fuller lip effect.

I take it off in an hour and surprisingly the tint is still there. Try yours too!

For me, it’s a perfect substitution for red lipsticks which I cannot handle wearing.

And this Korean lip tint is just a bae for life.

Iryna Fedorchak

Throwing my fashion & color philosophy like confetti ;)