Dope Korean Hair Care Guide From Amazon: My K-Pop Soft Hair
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20 Mar

Korean Hair Care Guide from Amazon: My K-Pop soft straight hair

Korean Hair

How I use Korean Hair Care to get my Soft Straight Hair with no damage!

We all know Koreans are the best for the most effective and affordable cosmetics in the world!

I agree; I am in love with their culture, country, people, and cosmetics.

I love their effort hair; to achieve that, they implement their eight-step routine.

I always wondered if I really needed to use that many products to get healthy silky hair.

So what are the Korean Hair Care Routine steps:

  1. Scalp Treatment
  2. Shampoo
  3. Scalp Massage
  4. Condition
  5. Hair Mask
  6. Vinegar Rinse
  7. Scalp Serum
  8. Hair Serum

Read what you need from that routine:

I know what you would say, “this is way too many products for my busy time”.

Not so many people have time to apply all of that. I get it; I also like it when it’s fast and effective.

This is why I tested and posted only those products that I personally find the best out of Korean Hair Care.

  1. Scalp Treatment. How important is that, and should you use it?
Korean Hair

What are scalp treatments?

Scalp treatments target the root of the problem (literally) as they remove debris, dead skin cells and excess oil from the scalp.

It is one of the best methods to stop itchy scalp and even promote hair growth.

As you will be massaging the liquid into the roots of your hair, it will significantly stimulate organic growth.

The one scalp treatment I use contains a cooling effect that removes the pain and uncomfortable feelings.

An eco-prescription containing herbal ingredients such as chamomile, rosemary, and tea tree relieves the itchy scalp by supplying moisture and nutrients to the scalp.

A formula containing natural AHA ingredients such as bilberry and oranges helps balance the scalp moisture contents and keeps it clean.

A scaler removes waste substances and keratin from the scalp with external stimuli and sebum secretion.

It contains Lygodii Spora, a raw material for plant scrubs, scaling to the delicate surface.

It is healthy scalp care with no silicone added!

Korean Hair

I love this product because it has a cooling effect, and I like to use it in the morning with a cooling face mask to have a refreshing morning.

2. Shampoo. How and why is it essential?

Of course, a bottle of shampoo is a basic need for every individual.

The only thing many people forget is to get the right shampoo for their skin. I would suggest getting at least three different bottles and using them frequently as I do.

The reason is simple: Our skin remembers everything and quickly gets used to one product.

Once your scalp gets used to one brand of shampoo, it stops being effective.

Hence you will need to look for another one. This is why I use three different brands at the same time. (One after another + I always foam and rinse two times).

Like this, your scalp will remain healthy without getting used too soon.

Regardless of the skin type that you have, you would need products as per state.

This means that if you have an oily scalp, you not only need an oily scalp shampoo because it might damage your skin and dry it out very soon to the point of getting dandruff.

I have an oily scalp and like to wash my hair every morning.

So I use one shampoo for daily or frequent use, the second would be nourished with oils preferably, and the third would be an anti-hair loss.

Korean Hair

3. Conditioner. Which one is the best?

A conditioner is a must every time you use shampoo since silicons need to close and s in the structure, which will make it sleek and soft.

You can skip it now and then only if you live in a humid climate and you brush your hair thoroughly.

If you have long or medium hair – it is a super must, and you cannot skip it.

As I mentioned above, silicons soften the ends and make those healthy and put together.

My very best hair serums and leave-in conditioners:

5. Korean Deep Moisturising Hair Mask

Do you really need it if you already have a conditioner and a leave-in treatment? No, only if you really have dry, damaged hair.

A deep conditioning hair mask will work wonders for those who have dyed hair and those who love to experiment.

Especially good for those who have Blond Hair Dye! Do not skip this step once a week!

Korean Hair Care Routine

6. Vinegar Rinse. What is it, and why do I need it?

I will surely tell you that vinegar rinse is not a Korean innovation.

I am from Ukraine and have been using vinegar since childhood, as it was customary in my country.

At that time, nobody had heard about Korean cosmetics. Do you want to know which vinegar I used? I was regular vinegar from the kitchen.

My favourite one is apple vinegar, which I use after rinsing shampoo.

You can dilute it with water or massage it into the scalp.

Wait around 2 minutes and rinse it off with water.

It will work like a silicon conditioner closing stripped ends, smoothing hair’s outer structure, and lighting dandruff. And voila!

Korean Vinegar Rinse is the same; it has a better smell (for example, raspberries).

So do you really need Korean Hair Care? Absolutely! Do you need all eight steps? Absolutely Not!

I use only the most basic, and I am pleased with the structure and condition of my hair!

And so should you with this list of my best Korean Hair products!


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