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23 Jun

7 Korean skincare products that work like miracl​​​e

The top-notch list of 7 Korean skincare products that work! 

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It’s beauty time! I can’t keep calm when it comes to Korean skincare products, because I just know that it will work for sure. I am a true fan or novelty. Obviously, I couldn’t pass without trying it all out on myself.

Oh, how I love to experiment with new things.

The only question is why don’t we all use Korean skincare?

So here are the things that I use myself and would recommend to everyone at least to try:

A Korean face wash that works

  1. Zymogen enzyme powder wash.  There is nothing more convenient than this face wash, as you can use it every day and take it with you on a trip (it does not contain any liquid). The best travel wash I’ve ever seen.  
  2. The YEON Mud pore clean face washTotally chemical-free product with a nice smell. White clay will erase your posers and make your skin look mattified.

A Korean Pore fixer 

  1. Tony Molly Egg Pore. The best tighter of pores! For those who have oily T-zone and those who are getting ready for a photoshoot =) Come on bae, you need that extra something in a form a vaporized white clay. 

A Korean moisturizer that is better than anything 

  1. Secret Key 24K Gold Premium serum. The best most rapidly absorbing serum ever! 3 seconds and voila! Could be used as a moisturizer itself and instead of eye cream (usually eye creams are too heavy for me).  
  2. Mizon Snail repair creamThis is the best seller! And it’s not just my imagination or a rumor! I use it after the serum in the morning and it has never felt better. You will start seeing your pores shrink =) Good for those who have trouble with skin (uneven skin tone, micro-scars, acne, pigmentation, oily skin). And if you are using it during summer, your skin will look flawlessly tanned if you like to stay in the sun.  
  3. Etude House Bubble Tea sleeping maskFor me it’s a know-how product =) How can you get moist from black tea? Koreans know how to =) Just apply instead of a night cream, don’t wash and your skin will be filled with moisture in the morning. Glow, baby! 

Eye care for those who drink coffee

  1. The Farm Stay black pearl patches. Hydrogel eye patch that will most definitely help your skin around the eyes recover from dehydration. If you drink coffee…yup, it’s for you. 

For those babes that live in Portugal – you can find Korean cosmetics at Sephora shelves. https://www.sephora.pt/ 

Or use this online service that I personally use: https://www.lookfantastic.pt/

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