Golden Eye Makeup: Body Chain Jewelry Look And Makeup
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13 Nov

Golden Eye Makeup: Body Chain Jewelry Look and Makeup

Golden Jewellery

Trying to find something new and interesting for like golden eye makeup?

I have a great solution for you!

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Golden eye makeup

As I am always looking for something new and unique to try on, I came across a doubtful thing which bace the best choice for my dress. A body chain golden jewellery that fits well with literally any dress!

What to wear with body jewellery?

  1. My first choice was a beige dress that would have a nude effect. So this golden jewelry became the main accent in the outfit.
  2. Wear a dark tone dress even if its long sleeve with a turtle neck or a famous little black dress.
  3. Wine tone or a burgundy dress/top or anything with a deep color where golden tone would create a strong contrast.
Golden eye makeup

To match the outfit I also chose gold plated round earrings. My first choice is always Amazon, as this is a trusted reseller and you can be reassured that your delivery will reach you in any case. I’d also recommend the real gold earrings like these for those who have sensitive ears like me.

Golden Body Jewellery

Makeup for golden jewellery

  1. My favourite foundation is Lancome which does not look like a mask and it’s great for every day.
  2. I always accentuate my eyes with the first coat of Rire Mascara and the second coat of Walmart drugstore mascara. Could also be Lancome Doll Eyes one which is also my latest fave!
  3. Mac Lipstick
  4. Golden tone highlighter and silver glitter

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