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6 Jul

Exploring Different Diamond Necklace Styles: Chokers, Pendants And More

Diamond Necklace Styles
Are you wondering what kind of diamond necklace styles there are? This article has all the answers! Are you a fashion enthusiast fascinated by jewelry, especially diamond necklaces? Perhaps you’re looking to treat yourself and seeking guidance on which style best complements your personal taste.    Well, that’s understandable. With countless design options available, choosing the perfect piece can be overwhelming. From classic pendants to edgy chokers, there’s a design that speaks to every individual style.  So, suppose you’re considering a luxurious diamond necklace for your collection. In that case, this guide will help you navigate what you need to know to find the perfect pick more easily. Lariats The lariat, a long, beaded, or chain necklace that can be tied or clasped in many different ways,...
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9 Jun

Casual Outfit Must Have & How to Style a Leather Jacket For Women

How To Style A Leather Jacket For Women
Are you wondering how to style a leather jacket for women this time around? This article will help you resolve your doubt! We know that leather jackets for women have been in the market since forever now and whatever you pair it with it just takes your look to the next level. Whether you're going for a casual or edgy look, a leather jacket adds a touch of sophistication and edge to your ensemble. In this blog post, we will explore ten different ways to style leather jackets for women, providing you with inspiration and ideas to create your own unique looks. Classic and Chic When aiming for a classic and chic look with your leather jacket, it's all about elevating your basics. Start...
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16 May

6 Ways to Style Tights to Create Crowd-Pleasing Looks

how to style tights
Are you wondering how to style tights for an everyday outfit? This article has all the answers! Tights are a versatile, stylish, and unbeatably comfortable addition to any wardrobe. Once a relative niche item for people of specific occupations or for particular applications, tights are now firmly in the mainstream. Today, you can easily shop tights in a variety of colors, patterns, fabric weights, and materials for virtually any occasion you can think of.  In this rundown, we will look at several different ways to style your tights, hopefully allowing you to create low-cost, high-impact looks that let you get the most out of your wardrobe. By the time you’re through reading, you’ll have several ideas on how to use your tights to create stylish,...
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17 Apr

How to Look Effortlessly Chic and Stylish with Neutrals

How to Look Effortlessly Chic
Are you wondering what are your neutrals and how to use them in your wardrobe? This article has all the answers! Going neutral in your everyday looks is a great way to take your style to new heights. Whether you’re dressing up for formal occasions or dressing down for more casual days, you can rely on neutrals to create outfits that have an impact without being overpowering. With the way they exude versatility, sophistication, and timeless appeal, it’s no surprise that neutrals continue to permeate runways as well as thousands of closets worldwide. Despite being generally muted, neutral aesthetics are far from being a snoozefest. With some styling tricks, it’s possible to put together fashion-forward outfits in a wide range of shades—from stark...
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18 Mar

Plus Size Dresses To Wear With Boots & Sandals

Plus Size Dresses To Wear With Boots
Are you wondering how to wear boot sand sandals with your plus size dresses? This article has all the answers! Plus-size dresses have always been a great way to look fashionable. What makes plus-size dresses so popular is that they come in various styles, colors, and of course, sizes. While plus-size dresses are great for casual summer days, they can also be dressed to create an elegant evening look. And what better way to finish your look than with a pair of stylish boots? Whether it’s ankle boots, knee-high boots, or riding boots, there’s a style for everyone! In this article, we will look at how you can rock boots with your favorite plus-size dress. We’ll also provide some tips and tricks on choosing the...
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25 Jan

Why Every Man’s Wardrobe Needs The Pinstripe Suit Magic

pinstripe suit men
Are you wondering how to make your wardrobe more classy? This article has all the answers! No man’s wardrobe is complete without a suit. However, most men are already aware of this fact and take pride in their collection of suits. That said, as fashion experts, it still pains us to see most men erring in a big way. They miss out on one of the most powerful, impactful, and extraordinary suit options their wardrobe could boast of. And that’s the mighty pinstripe suit. Let us explain what makes us say that and why you may want some pinstripe magic for your wardrobe. Grey pinstripe suit with grey tie Yellow accessories with grey pinstrie suit Your Best Shot at Looking Your Best! While we have nothing against any...
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13 Dec

Healing Crystals & Stones In Jewelry: What You Need To Know

Healing Crystals And Stones
Are you wondering what a healing crystal can do for you? Here's What You Need to Know! Many individuals want to discuss and display their precious jewels when the topic of healing crystals comes up. Many people, however, are unaware of the benefits that crystals can provide. Crystal healing practices have a long and storied history, having their origins in ancient Hindu and Buddhist lore. However, it is important to note that any hard scientific evidence does not support the foregoing theory. Despite this, their vibrant hues and attractive appearance continue to win over customers. Many people nevertheless believe in their abilities despite a lack of proof. If you, too, are fascinated by the healing abilities of crystals, then this crystal healing handbook is...
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2 Jan


saturn and jupiter conjunction
Winter Solstice gave birth to the new Bethlehem Star with Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction 2020 saturn and jupiter conjunction Ingredients I used: 1 L Greek Yogurt (bought at Lidl)4 eggs150 g sugar2 oranges peel400 g flour3 white chocolates + 1 dark chocolate2 balloons100 g blueberries You’ve all been checking out the close alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in the southwestern sky just after dark. Jupiter is the bright one. Saturn is dimmer and up and to the left. Their nearest approach culminated during the evening of the Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, when the planets were only six arc minutes apart. How close were they? The last time they were closer was during the Great Conjunction of 1623 Since Jupiter is much brighter than Saturn, Jupiter’s glare might...
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5 May

Matcha Cake Easy Recipe: Stay Healthy and Thin!

Matcha Cake Easy Recipe
Matcha Cake Easy Recipe It is literally 20 min or less! Ok, a little confession here: I have never thought I would start baking. So, believe it or not, this is a beginner starter. It's a perfect recipe for those who have no time and are too impatient to cook for a long time. This is a 20-minute activity that even a child can do! Look what I did here: Matcha Cake Easy Recipe Ingredients that you will need: 2 eggs 80/100 gr of flour 1 TB spoon of matcha for a cake 1 TB spoon of matcha for a cream 50 ml of milk (oat milk in my case) 20 ml of sunflower oil 1 TB spoon of mascarpone or sour cream 50 gr of sugar for a cake 20 gr of...
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14 Nov

Alternative For Botox: What doctors don’t tell you!

alternative for botox
Are you thinking of your next procedure that should be an alternative to botox? No secret that Botox among many other fillers on the beauty market has become a true saver of many beautiful people, especially women including celebrities and social media influencers The market of cosmetology has grown so much that making an injection with the aim of fixing appearance has become as easy as brushing teeth in the morning. A lot of young women have been influenced by Instagram gurus who promote artificial beauty enhancement. We have become too tolerant of something that is not supposed to be promoted among the wide masses.  Here are some side effects that you need to consider before visiting a doctor for a Botox...
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