Alternative For Botox: What Doctors Don't Tell You!
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14 Nov

Alternative For Botox: What doctors don’t tell you!

alternative for botox

Are you thinking of your next procedure that should be an alternative for botox?

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No secret that Botox among many other fillers on the beauty market has become a true saver of many beautiful people especially women including celebrities and social media influencers

The market of cosmetology has grown so much that making an injection with the aim of fixing appearance has become as easy as brushing teeth in the morning.

A lot of young women have been influenced by Instagram gurus who promote artificial beauty enhancement. We have become too tolerant of something that is not supposed to be promoted among wide masses. 

Here are some side effects that you need to consider before visiting a doctor for a Botox injection. 

Alternative For Botox

Botox Gorilla 1: Migraine. A severe headache connected to the individual vascular system reaction of a person after the botulinum toxin filler. It depends a lot on a general way of living and individual perception of the toxin.

It might be very dangerous for people with a high level of neuropsychological problems. One injection of botox might have a sever outcome leading to long-term migraines on a daily basis.

Botox Gorilla 2: Strabismus. If you require a filler around the eye area you also have a high risk of affecting rectus and oblique muscles of the eye. That means an uneven disproportionate complexion. 

Botox Gorilla 3: Hernia of the upper eyelid which means an impaired outflow of fluid around the eyes. It affects the thin area of the eye which pushes the fat tissue out. This side effect can only be removed with a scalpel after ward.

Botox Gorilla 4: Blindness. Botox can easily provoke keratinization of the eye which means the blind spot on your eye or even eyeball ulcer. 

Botox Gorilla 5: Death. According to FDA (American Dermatologists Association), 30 people died before 2003 after botox injections. Nobody will tell you that at the beauty salon and you should consider that before paying a visit even to the most expensive clinic.

All the fillers that exist on the market are only temporary tools to create an illusion of beauty. Since the law of gravity hasn’t been cancelled yet, there is and will be a request for such beauty treatments. But are there any other safer substitutions? 

Here are all the Do’s that you are welcome to explore and test yourself. A lot of the trust UK beauty influencers have already visited these venues:

Led Light Treatment. One of the most innovative treatments for the last couple of years. A lot of Instagram beauties and even me tried the Infra-red light theory. It does improve wrinkles’ appearance since it’s the natural boost of collagen by our own cells. I always use a home led therapy mask from Amazon.

Facial Massage. Did you know that a regular massage can improve collagen function which is so important when it comes to the youth of your face? Bespoke Inner Sculpting Facial at Good Vibes, Covent Garden, London.

Cryotherapy. It has been reported by multiple beauticians that cold does help to preserve the youth. All London celebrate use this treatment on a regular basis. London place for cryotherapy.

Or use a portable device like personally I do.

Treat yourself cleverly and tell your friend about The Botox Gorilla!

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