She Media Review & Income Report: Start A Profitable Blog
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19 Nov

She Media Review & Income Report: Start A Profitable Blog

Are you looking into She Media reviews and income reports?

If yes, I will tell you how I started and why you should too!

So you want to make an income doing what you truly love? Here is My She Media review And The Best tools to use!

That’s exactly what I thought a few years ago; yes, That journey before joining Mediavine (yes, I’m already a Mediavine publisher) took me quite a while (precisely three years of constant work and experience with different ad network partners like Gourmetads, Ezoic, She Media and last one Mediavine.

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I want to talk about She Media because it was an excellent program for bloggers like me, meaning those with primarily female audiences.

As you know, my blog is about fashion and beauty. So, after Ezoic, which turned out to be significant only for those who are into Tech, IT, idk., furniture….etc. It was great, but not for me.

At Ezoic, My EPMV was probably 6-8$ per 1000 sessions (sorry, I didn’t take a screenshot because, at that time, I didn’t know I’d be collecting my income reports).

I honestly gave Ezoic a try for around eight months. It was a great time, but I really wanted to explore something else as I reached 37,000 sessions. Of course, initially, I wanted to join Mediavine, but I really doubted at the time that it could be any time soon.

My traffic didn’t grow fast; it took quite a long time to get there. So, I wasn’t counting on meeting the 50,000 sessions any time soon. Let’s say I thought it would take me at least 8-12 months.

That’s why I decided to give She Media a try. I stayed with them for 90 days, running a little bit ahead. I reached 50,000 sessions within the next 40 days I left Ezoic (which was unexpected).

Well, I cannot say anything wrong about this ad network. It really was mid-tier, as others previously stated. My average RPM was around 10-13$ per 1000 sessions.

I don’t know why, but they didn’t count the traffic correctly, so instead of 55,000, they counted 45,000 sessions. So nearly 10,000 sessions were unacknowledged for unknown reasons (this never happened at Ezoic).

This is what I eared with them in the month of April 2022:

Do you need to have as much monthly traffic as me to join them? No!

Look what I earned in 3 months being with SheMedia

What Are The Requirements To Join She Media

  • The brand-safe and regularly updated site that’s at least 90 days old.
  • Ideally, 20k or more page views per month.
  • Willingness to enter into an exclusive digital ad relationship.
  • 80%+ US-based traffic.
  • 70%+ female audience.
  • 60%+ ad viewability.
  • 5% or less invalid traffic (like spam/bots)

Join She Media Here

Take into consideration that pageviews are not the same as sessions. So technically, you need to check your Google Analytics.

How To Check Your Google Analytics For Pageviews

  • Log Into Your Google Analytics Account;
  • To the left side, click Audience: Overview

There you go!

If you have at least 15,000 pageviews by now, you can apply! They claim to take a little bit longer than usual for smaller sites, but I’ve seen multiple people get in with a lesser number.

Their support is a bit slow, but then I’m also outside the US, so…I can only reply to 1 email per day (or rather night for me).

Sometimes it was a bit annoying because, in the beginning, I didn’t see any concrete strategy and couldn’t establish any meaningful conversation with any of the staff. However, that improved after the 1st month.

So, if you are thinking of going for She Media or not, I’d definitely go for it! If you are still expecting those Mediavine numbers but are pretty far from it, definitely try!

Their contract says you should stay 12 months. But once I was approved for Mediavine, literally 60 days after joining She Media, I just dropped them a message that I’d like to leave.

They asked me why and kindly tried to convince me to stay, but since we couldn’t have a normal chat, that whole conversation went down to agreeing that I would leave. They gave me a 60 days notice before I changed.

I didn’t tell them I was going to another ad network; I felt weird mentioning that. It’s like breaking up with your love partner because they were not the one, but it still feels terrible 😉

So, if you are a smaller blogger, She Media is definitely an excellent place to start.


Would you like to know how to become a blogger and what tools I use?

I literally started with 3$ back then…

Even if you do not wish to give up on your 9 to 5 job, you can still benefit from a blog like this.

How?” you will ask me. Fashion bloggers do not only make pretty pictures of famous brands, and they also make money from them.

Imagine if someone sent you their product for free and paid you for it just because you are so nice and beautiful!

Don’t you want to make money on simply being you and getting all these useful and pretty things FOR FREE and getting paid by ad networks like She Media?

Suppose you answered, YES, welcome on board!

I will tell you how I did it, and you should do it too. + Now I know more than three years ago!

How to start a fashion blog on a budget

Here is the PLAN that you need to consider before starting a blog:

1. Define who you are and pick a niche that genuinely interests only you

2. Choose your blog name

4. “Why” would you be doing it long term? (you have to have passion for it)

5. Your Hosting Provider


When I just started, I read many bloggers were recommending Bluehost. So I chose them as many others. And I was wrong!

Whatever you do, DO NOT CHOOSE BLUEHOST as your HOSTING provider!

You will regret it later because if you were to have a short site that loads quickly and ranks well on Google – Bluehost is not the way to go.

I was really struggling with site SPEED. And later realised that the problem was a shared overcrowded hosting provider! There is literally no way for you to stay with Bluehost if you intend to have a long-term business. All the bloggers that I know jumped off of it after a year of using it (including me).

I know a looot of bloggers promote it, etc…but the only thing why they do it is only because they want to make a sale. I was having a really bad time when I was with them.

If you want to have a real business from the start – avoid overcrowded shared hosting.

So, I did my research and chose to switch to VERPEX.

Not only that, I also have a privilege to offer you an exclusive 22% OFF DISCOUNT WITH A CUPON


And on top of a very attractive price, you will get an additional 22% Off Discount On All Verpex Products!

That was the best decision I’ve made at that time! My site speed grew, and customer support is always marvellous, helping me with all the possible technical questions.

That couldn’t be better, but wait….now they offer a price of 0,50$ (yes, it’s 50 cents!).

If I were you, I’d ditch those who speak about how Bluehost and Siteground are great and cheap, etc.

Those hosting providers will not work if you want to be in Mediavine or She Media!

Did you find your niche?

So you know your niche, but how can I stand out from the crowd?

First things first, you need to answer the question of “Who am I, how do I stand out, and why do I do it”?

Choose your niche. For example, you like fashion but would love to narrow it all down to making jewels or fashion illustrations. The criteria a multiple; just be yourself.

You could start doing one thing and, in the process, decide to expand to more topics like I did. I started with daily OOTD pictures on the street and expanded to many other subsections like Women’s Health, Luxury Experiences, Amazon Deals, etc.

Start with one topic you love and later broaden it to other things if your audience shows some love and interest.

Choose the name for your blog

So you have decided on your fierce blog, and you will rock with it! Now you need to think about the dope blog name. My small tip does not to spend too much time dwelling on the word itself; better focus on the content.

You are going to wonder why. I know, but the name here is not as important as what you post. The term does not bring people to subscribe to you; it’s really who you are and what you do.

Make it simple, not too long, so people can easily remember your blog name and associate it with you. I’d say a maximum of two words dot com. Do not overcomplicate it because people are going to be confused.

If you want to make a business out of your blog in the long run, try to make it sound good and presentable. When you tell someone, this is my business, it’s, and your blog about fashion just won’t translate as a serious thing.

Make it short and trustworthy. Imagine that you have a big store in the middle of your hometown. Would you personally go there?

Do not spend too much time on the blog name, but do not procrastinate because you might kill all the fire!

Do not worry too much about the nake itself because. You will be able to choose another one if something goes wrong. I also changed three months after launch because I figured that the name no longer represented me in the way I wanted.

Your Brand – Your Business

Now you want to think about the actual layout of your blog. You have probably researched other fashion blogs like Chiara Ferragni and Filosofashion and thought you also want a similar theme.

When I started my blog, nobody helped me at that time. And I know that finding your perfect theme can take several months and some serious money.

Here is what I offer you almost for FREE! You can claim 22% OFF with this FilosoFashion22 code and my Verpex partner link to register your blog. 

Not a fan of any of these themes? You can browse other feminine WordPress themes or head over to to browse hundreds of blog themes.

Define your “Why.” Why would you be doing it long term?

It might not make much sense right now for you as a beginning blogger.

But throughout the process, you will definitely encounter hard times that will make you question whether it was a good idea. It would be best if you always remembered why you started it in the first place.

Here a some of the reasons that will keep you going:

  • Do what you love. Imagine quitting your horrible job one day to do what you really love.
  • Make extra money. Even if you do not make money out of it right away, once you set it all up on autopilot, it will bring a passive income in the long run.
  • Free clothes, makeup, devices, and services. You can start making money if you reach out to brands and offer them your services as a fashion blogger. Keep on working!
  • A creative business space. Any job is supposed to be exciting and bring jo, and. Blogging is one of those that can make you feel much better about yourself.
  • Be the BOSS. Fashion blogging is an exclusive realm where you become literally FREE, and you become the director of your journey.

Find your Why and keep on rocking this world, and who knows, maybe you will become the next Fashion Icon.

Why do I stress on the Why so much? Because there will be a difficult moment in your life when you think that nothing is working out and I am wasting your time.

Remember, it will be worth it only if you really put your hard work into it.

Hosting is where your Blogging journey begins!

Hosting is the brick and stone of your blog. You must consider all your favorite bloggers and listen to what they actually say, and that might be crucial when choosing the right hosting provider.

Hosting is basically a provider platform where your WordPress Blog will go live, and all the technical questions and issues are going to be answered there.

For example, if you lost the password to your blog or a hacker decided to infringe your website, the hosting provider will always store the backup and help to fix your problem.

Without hosting, your blog cannot go live and have your blog name unless you choose a free-of-charge site like Blogger.

However, if you want to make fashion blogging a real deal business, you can only go with WordPress and a hosting provider like mine.

Once you go with your blog name and a hosting provider, you become a self-hosted blogger with a real business. Plus, the free platforms do not bring as much income as the ones I am using. And on top of that, Google Search Engine will not promote and see your content.

Remember, you can only monetise with a self-hosted provider.

If you register with WordPress and Verpex, you will get organic traffic from Google. And this is where you need to focus.

So you decided to make it all serious like Filosofashion? If yes, then you have to choose the right hosting for your blog! It’s, of course, Verpex.

Why? Because I use it too! And this is why I recommend using it!

Where to find writers if I don’t want to write it myself?

A big surprise, right? You don’t have to write all those long articles yourself and spend long sleepless nights researching. In those cases, I always know a couple of pretty good writers who can help me write on any topic.

Plus, nobody likes to spend too much, so I choose Fiverr, and those are my three best article writers that I use for other niches.

My top 1 Fiverr Article Writer: Amberldean

My top 2: 500 Word High-Quality Blog Post from Advantagedlife

My top 3: The most professional verified Pro service writer

I got a Special Offer for you

A beginner blogger should always start with Verpex. They are super easy to use (user-friendly), plus they have one-click WordPress installation.

You register, and they take all the technical things on themselves. You can start designing your site and put up all the colors you like.

If I were you right now, I’d stop wandering around and go with Verpex because, in the end, you will still go back to them.

According to statistics, they have been recommended not only by me but also by they are the number one recommended hosting in London, according to statistics.

What else do I add here? I have used their service until now. When you are reading this article, I am using the Verpex service!

What do you get with Verpex:

  • 1 Year Premium Verpex Hosting $0.50/month
  • Free domain
  • Free email account
  • Free SSL Security
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 Click WordPress Installation
  • Plus Unlimited Web Space On Plus/Prime plan

So, if you’re ready to finally start setting up your blog,  head over to Verpex to register your domain. 

Why should I Choose Verpex

  • It’s affordable: Their prices are really accessible! You’re looking at roughly $0.50 a month for hosting or less than $30 for a year, including a FREE domain name ($20 value)!
  • Fast hosting server: One of the fastest platforms you can choose on the market, and the price will make you come back to them anyway.
  • Responsive customer service: They responded every time I needed help and had questions. Seriously, they are the best in their field!

As I already told you, I had some technical issues more than once.

They always had a solution, even when everything from my blog was gone! They had my back and recovered all the information I had previously. That was priceless!

How to start a Blog On Verpex

You can skip this step! What? Yes!

Step 1: Pick Your Verpex Plan

Pick out your plan and if you are starting your journey – take the most basic plan. You can be sure that you will be able to upgrade at any time in the future.

STEP 2: Register Your Domain Name

You are also free to purchase a domain at a third-party site and transfer it to Verpex. Just contact Verpex customer service, and they will tell you what you need to do.

And here you are, almost done! Congratulations!

Now you only have to set up your WordPress theme and pick out the best colors!

Happy Blogging, Dear!

Iryna Fedorchak

Hello, I am Iryna. A creative Ukrainian soul living in Lisbon, Portugal. I know fashion, I speak beauty and I know what lifestyle suits you the best. Here I will show you how fashion manifestation looks like as well as I want it to be an inspiring space for women of all religions and heritage. I hope I can help and advise you about your fashion preferences. Let's do fashion together! I love to create and re-create looks showcasing the life of European Bohemia in Portugal, researching Dos' and Donts' of the beauty realm, throwing my philosophy like confetti.