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21 Jun

Curly Eyelashes: Sky High vs Korean Drugstore Mascara

curly eyelashes
Curly eyelashes that is what every girl wants to have once she leave her home! That is what I tested for the best instant lash lift to get these perfect curly lashes curly eyelashes I tested two mascaras that are Tik Tok's favorite thing and organic Korean drugstore mascara. Those are two completely different formulas that have different effects on eyelashes. Both of those are good enough to deal with the problem of straight eyelashes. My lashes are more like Asian lashes, they are growing downwards and usually, it makes a huge difference when they are curled. Maybelline Sky High Lash Sensational is considered the best drugstore mascara as of today. Every teen tried it even though it is not made for kids....
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24 Jan

How To Wear Pearls Every Day And Look Classy: Etsy & Amazon Picks

I always wondered how to wear pearls every day to look classy and still be young! Are you mesmerized by the beauty of peals like me? Welcome to the club. HOW TO WEAR PEARLS However, many women are afraid to wear those in their everyday life because pearls were worn by "serious and mature" women in the past. Luckily for us, today, wearing pearls is the most significant trend ever since the last year. The only thing you need to think of is what you choose to look like that day. Of course, if you wear the collar with jeans and something...
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6 Dec

Eyelashes On Amazon: Are Korean Faux Lashes The Best?

eyelashes on amazon
Here I am going to test only the best Amazon eyelashes that actually work and wear well eyelashes on amazon I have tested numerous brands for the last two years Different brands sent me out their product for testing and marketing ( p.s. I was modeling for their items). I have at least ten bestsellers of faux lashes at home, and I couldn't ignore it. eyelashes on amazon All those magnetic lashes that are on the 1st page on Amazon are not that good. I believe you have already check those out (especially those in pinkish boxes). Those five boxes that I already own are only good for making a Halloween project for your child's homework! eyelashes on amazon Let me tell you that my eyelashes are...
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13 Nov

Golden Eye Makeup: Body Chain Jewelry Look and Makeup

Golden Jewellery
Trying to find something new and interesting for like golden eye makeup? I have a great solution for you! *Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info. Golden eye makeup As I am always looking for something new and unique to try on, I came across a doubtful thing which bace the best choice for my dress. A body chain golden jewellery that fits well with literally any dress! What to wear with body jewellery? My first choice was a beige dress that would have a nude effect. So this golden jewelry became the main accent in the...
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11 Sep

Makeup for burgundy dress: How to use the minimum

Makeup for burgundy dress
So you are ready for your special event but not sure about this special color? Here is my advice! Makeup for a burgundy dress can be easy if you understand something very important about the color scheme Basically, there is a cold and a warm undertone or everything in the world. It all depends on your natural skin color, eyes, and hair as well as the very dress color. Makeup for burgundy dress Burgundy shade is a very deep color that requires specific makeup. When you are wearing that kind of a dress you have to wear makeup that will be noticeable. That would be best to wear it either in the evening or during the cold weather. You have to make...
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29 Aug

H&M beauty products that work: My makeup secrets

H&M beauty products review
Did you know that H&M cosmetics is a MAC Dupe? And here is what you need to pay attention to! H&M beauty products that work Why I love H&M beauty products Here I used all the H&M beauty products that work like magic. I used them all on these pictures and would actually buy them again when they are finished up. According to recent rumours, they are so good because they are made of the same fabric where MAC is being made. It's just I bought all these products for 2$ each! Here in Portugal, we had a summer sale season from the end of July to the end of August. And if you were wondering what to buy - H&M should be on...
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