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29 Aug

H&M beauty products that work: My makeup secrets

H&M beauty products review
Did you know that H&M cosmetics is a MAC Dupe? And here is what you need to pay attention to! H&M beauty products that work Why I love H&M beauty products Here I used all the H&M beauty products that work like magic. I used them all on these pictures and would actually buy again when they are finished up. According to the recent rumors, they are so good because they are made at the same fabric where MAC is being made. It's just I bought all these products for 2$ each! Here in Portugal we had a summer sale season from the end of July to the end of August. And if you were wondering what to buy - H&M should be on...
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20 Aug

Dior Lip Maximizer Dupes: I tested all

Dior lip maximizer dupes
Are you trying to make your lips look fuller and plumper? I have a solution for you if you were not planning to pay for lip fillers Dior Lip Maximizer Dupes do have much better prices than the original lipgloss. But do they work as good as the Dior one? I tested all those lipglosses myself and can really tell you all about it. As I have always been fascinated and pleasantly surprised by the high-end lip products from Dior, I just fell in love with that mint cooling effect. It was just pure love especially in hot weather in mid-August. I used to apply the gloss during the time I was walking and running around the scorching city and...
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