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11 Sep

Makeup for burgundy dress

Makeup for burgundy dress
So you are ready for your special event but not sure about this special color? Here is my advice! Makeup for Burgundy Dress Makeup for a burgundy dress can be easy if you understand something very important about the color scheme. Basically, there is a cold and a warm undertone or everything in the world. It all depends on your natural skin color, eyes, and hair as well as the very dress color. Makeup for burgundy dress Burgundy shade is a very deep color that requires specific makeup. When you are wearing that kind of a dress you have to wear makeup that will be noticeable. That would be best to wear it either in the evening or during the cold weather. You...
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18 Aug

How to dress modest but stylish: One dress choice

How to dress modest but stylish
Wondering how to always have this one bomb thing in your closet that will be fabulous and comfy? I got a solution for you! The one modest and fabulous thing you need in your wardrobe! How to dress modest but stylish? The answer is a dress! It might seem too cheesy and trivial, but it's literally one thing that will always save your life in any situation. You may think that jeans are the best choice, but it's not the right solution, because not everyone is going to consider jeans as a basic and everyday wardrobe. And let's be honest here, jeans are very occasional and not as feminine as dresses are. What could be the perfect stylish but still. modest outfit?...
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5 Jun

Modest dress for women: How to stand out of the crowd

modest dress for women, how to stand out, golden green, silk blouse
Are looking for the perfect modest dress for women? Here I tell you what you can do with your existing closet The clothes that I am wearing are 3 separate pieces that do not go together. It's a dress that I got for a Gatsby story and a silk Massimo Dutti blouse. There is a hand-made belt from Ukrainian folk tradition. I believe it all will work well for a modest outfit even if you are Muslim. It might not be a modest dress initially, but you can make it and reconstruct it. Any dress that you have can become a modest dress for women! So what would you need to construct your modest outfit for ladies a dress even if it just...
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19 May

My Modest Outfit Ideas: How to look modest and creative

Modest outfits ideas
Modest outfit ideas - Popular myth and beliefs Modest clothing has always been in association with religious clothes. When a non-muslim woman thinks of modest clothes they are often mistaken by the myth that still needs to be debunked. At the same time when a Muslim girl thinks of how it actually needs "to be", they often think of hijab only. I would like to introduce some creative modest outfit ideas over here. As a modest fashion enthusiast, I would love to share my modest outfit ideas with you. I would say that this is not the only option that women of religion can potentially wear. Modest clothes are meant to preserve the dignity of a woman, but nobody said that it has...
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