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24 Jan

How To Wear Pearls Every Day And Look Classy: Etsy & Amazon Picks

I always wondered how to wear pearls every day to look classy and still be young!

Are you mesmerized by the beauty of peals like me? Welcome to the club.


However, many women are afraid to wear those in their everyday life because pearls were worn by “serious and mature” women in the past.

Luckily for us, today, wearing pearls is the most significant trend ever since the last year. The only thing you need to think of is what you choose to look like that day. Of course, if you wear the collar with jeans and something more casual like a T-shirt, you will highlight your young side and attitude.

If you choose to look more formal, like a black dress to look like at the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” you might want to think about the palette of colors that will be close to your face, because dark palette might “wash out” your beauty.

how to wear pearls

As far as we know, Akoya pearls are the most valuable on the market. An this is exactly what I love Etsy for; they have everything that I need. Look at these beautiful necklaces made of Akoya beads.

My favorite is a white shade of pearls because it fits my complexion and makes it fresher. I love to combine it with purple and pink colors for an extra glossy effect. As you see, I used purple eyeshadow to enhance the color of my eyes, and this pearl and purple effect makes the whole face look more exquisite.

I used white pearls on ears, but that is only for the more extravagant occasion. I’d use a smaller diameter for everyday usage. It’s up to you to wear it with silver or gold, but I prefer gold for my yellow skin undertone.

My favorite Etsy picks are, of course, very chic and one of a kind. I’d choose these very rare pearl earrings from an Etsy seller because they are nowhere to find.

For Makeup I used these products:

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