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19 Mar


soft girl
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Do you get fascinated by the teen aesthetics like me? This is what you can implement to be today’s Soft Girl.

It is believed that Soft Girl term came to life due to the Tik Tok platform which also means something in-between the VSCO Girl and 2020’s Grunge Style. The very look of pure innocence and pink dreams gave life to the whole realm of a new era and those who love trends need to try this look at least once.

What is a soft girl?

As CNN has called it: “…she’s on TikTok 24/7, typically filming indoors in her bedroom”. Hey, at least we were all busy during the pandemic time, and shooting at home reels wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Wasn’t it worth it if even CNN paid attention to this phenomenon? Of course, it was! But wait a minute…what if you are over 20 or even 25? Can you still wear it and use all these exaggerated blushes and lipgloss? Would that all be too theatrical for daily life?

soft girl
soft girl

Soft girl aesthetic is obviously the usage of the pink color. That can include hair, blush, eyeshadows, lipglosses and hearts all over the place. Does that mean you need to use all of them at the same time? No, but you can easily integrate these ideas into your everyday look or makeup. If you scroll down the Instagram with #softgirl you will see lots of pinkish cottagecore styles with flowers and Disney related thematics. However, what is great about is that they can totally differ from each other and look really authentic while still preserving thir own unique personality.

I personally love to integrate a soft pink aesthetic into my looks. Obviously, I am not going to use pink hair on my daily basis, but blush is an absolute must. Just with blush, you can create a whole different look on your face giving it a refreshed and relaxed vibe. This is sort of a “Baby Face” idea done in a few seconds.

How to be a soft girl in 3 easy steps if you are over 25

  1. Pink Blush that suits your complexion. You, obviously, don’t want to look like cotton candy, so a soft pink shade needs to be applied on the cheekbone, under the eye, and up to the nose bridge. This will create a “Doll” kind of a look. The same blush I will use for eyeshadow for the upper eyelid and even on the 2 upper corners of the forehead to create a slight sunburn effect.
  2. Dust Pink Lip Liner with Lip Gloss. I use the lip liner every day for making the lips plumper smudging the sharp line with my fingers. I only apply the gloss on top if I’m taking pictures or videos because it makes the whole look softer, more voluptuous, and more pleasant to watch (nobody likes a sharp end).
  3. Pink Hair Wig or Pink Hair Spray. Just to make things different from time to time (usually used for content creation).

soft girl
soft girl

I would avoid using heart stamps or exaggeratedly big eyelashes, however it is all your decision and creativity. After all, this is your own unique identity and only you can decide who you are.

This is relatively a new trend that was born only in 2020 so I really think it’s going to stay a longer time now. If I were you, I’d definitely give it a try and try to mix and match with other pink style accessories.

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soft girl
soft girl
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