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11 Feb

Natural Dramatic: Rosie Huntington Whiteley Style

Are you wondering how Natural Dramatic body type looks like and how to style it?

This article has all the answers!

Rosie Huntington Whiteley is a “mixed” Natural Dramatic type with the facial dominant feature of a pure Natural, and the body with Natural and Dramatic features according to the Larson system.

I know a lot of you will think, “but..she is a Flamboyant Natural” – and yes, she is, but by the Kibbe’s system. However, I’d like to show you also another angle of this type of beauty with the Larson system.

How should Rosie’s appearance be styled for a Natural Dramatic?

Given that Rosie’s body is “mixed”, not only will natural styles suit her, but also purely Dramatic or Natural Dramatic.

For the best disclosure of the appearance, any of these styles will need to be combined with the Natural Range of the design in the portrait zone.

How To Determine Your Type By Larson?


  • square and wide face size and geometry – Natural
  • forehead is not high, but wide – Natural
  • eyebrows – Natural with a Dramatic flare to them
  • small but wide set eyes – Natural
  • wide nose – Natural
  • full lips with soft contour – Natural
  • wide jaw with strong chin and facial square line – Natural
  • overall softened geometry of the face – Natural


  • height over 5,10 – Dramatic
  • strong and angular body with soft edges – Dramatic + Natural
  • wide shoulder line without sharp bone structure – Dramatic + Natural
  • medium sized chest – Dramatic
  • slightly emphasized waist – Natural
  • weight gain in the waist and hip area – Dramatic
  • medium sized hips – Natural
  • long arms and legs – Dramatic
  • wide sized hands and feet – Natural
  • overall well balanced body type – Dramatic

Conclusion: Face with a stong dominance of Natural feature + body (T -type) Dramatic & Natural features = Natural Dramatic body type (by Larson system).

What is a Purely Natural appearance?

External and internal soft and loose large-scale cut lines are required (for example, a soft collar line, a loose cutout line – that does not hold in a perfectly polished and refined semicircle).

An unstructured silhouette that does not have clarity is natural, free, without a hard fit (semi-adjacent or soft, oversized cut, not tight) to maintain a loose shape and soft lines.

The right fabrics will allow you to create a relaxed silhouette, loose and textured (fabrics such as corduroy, jeans, suede, bulk knitted wool, velvet, boucle fabric, fur, linen, etc.).

The image of the Natural type is simple, concise and minimalistic;

There is no small fragmentation and detailing (or there may be a few large details, necessarily a softened contour).

  • There are no very sharp lines and graphics in the makeup; the lines are blended. The seasonal color type determines the contrast and makeup palette, so the contrast can be anything, but the line should be feathered without clear boundaries. The style type dictates only the line, shape and texture.
  • Hairstyle: soft large line, naturalness. Not flat ironed. If curled, then it is necessary to dishevel, and the curls should not be similar to each other; the most important thing for the Natural type is the volume, air in the hair, and looseness of the hairstyle. Then again, it represents the “freedom” of the Naturals.
  • Prints: soft large, and most importantly, fuzzy lines (such as a tie-dye print or another print, but printed on a textured fabric. Imagine a cage print, but printed on fluffy terry fabric; it will not be read like a cage but very blurry – it will suit a straight man); there should be no geometry or definition. The effects of imitation of textures are good (for example, when a jacket with full-size photo printing of a sweater looks like bark or cut of a tree or a rough surface of a stone).
  • Large embellishments, softened outline, the effect of natural textures. (For example, mother-of-pearl earrings, but not cut into a sharp geometric shape, but retaining the natural shape of shells if it is oval, it’s good if one earring does not look like another, but remains the same as in nature, diverse).

Here we see a pink airy blouse emphasising the roughness of the face: wide nose, square face structure, which is not the best for Rosie.

Her type is rather Natural + Dramatic – she will shine on much stricter shapes like a double-breasted oversized blazer in fashion now.

Bigger stricter forms will make her face look more miniature and feminine simultaneously.

As we can see here, these blazers work well for her flamboyant side but still with a dramatic line.

It coincides with nature, essence and the body structure that she has.

The lightest flowing fabrics make the silhouette unnecessarily light, and this lightness conflicts with the natural power of Natural Dramatic – the face becomes rough and heavy.

Instead of the effect of fragility, femininity, and tenderness, the contrast between the airiness of the design and the brutality of the appearance is emphasized, which could be shown from the other winning side through compliance with the force, or simplicity and conciseness.

Natural Dramatic is a type that does not need fine and active detailing

In the first picture, we can observe a small geometrically uneven and rather Gamine print that does not fit her face well. It makes her “heavy” feature stand out more.

For Rosie, with a Natural dominant face, the lack of detail will make a face easier to perceive but fully reveal the appearance. It is ideal for adding a more active texture, such as knitwear.

Straight to match the facial features, it is best to use rough textures, like fur or bouclé fabric. In the photo on the right is harmony.

In the pink coat (left) for Natural Dramatic – the Natural face looks marvellous because of the rather Flamboyant clothing of a fur heavy coat.

This kind of clothing will always make you look more feminine and gentle. On the right, we see a heavy coat of a stricter structure with a Dramatic shoulder line – a big YES for Natural Dramatic types!

Romantic Dramatic jewellery is not included in the Natural range. But you’d agree that the appearance looks rougher; the nose becomes instantly wider, etc.

There is a bit of Drama feature in Rosie’s appearance, so purely Dramatic jewellery is not completely rejected, but it does not fit for 100% either; there must be a middle ground for the jewellery size that uses. The face looks more “chopped”.

Natural Dramatic jewellery – texture makes the appearance gentle; just look below for the best examples.

Animal prints fit well with her energy and character lines.

It is best if the lines of the print are blurred, the print borders are slightly rubbed, and then the print will be more in harmony with the Natural Dramatic type.

However, the correct print size is important. Natural Dramatic – a large-scale type, small-scale will not work. The size and clarity look too Gamine here.

So here you can clearly see – a large print of the pink robe is a big YES, a small leopard print a big NO.

Pure Natural, in hair and portraiture: Loose cuts, rough textures, including this natural torn edge.

A natural soft line (not a geometric circle, but an unpredictable line without a strict structure) includes the hairline: tousled, voluminous, structureless, and soft. That’s why the type is called – Natural after all.

Natural Romantic and Gamine Natural hairstyles and sometimes clothes. Everything looks great because they are in the range of affordable finishes for a pure Natural dominant, as they have a Natural feature in them.

Sleek dramatic hairstyle makes facial features heavy – nose, lips, everything is swollen and glued on top.

We add naturalness to the same elongated hair – volume and looseness. It becomes much better as we get Natural-Dramatic, which is included in our range; however, the cheekbones are still accentuated due to the more pronounced presence of Dramatic.

It’s really hard to see someone like Rosie in a bag with unappealing light, but in general voluminous dishevelled hair fits her type much better than sleek.

If you run the risk of having a little heavier facial features like wider nostrils, bigger lips, and smaller eyes – a sleek bun or a ponytail will greatly emphasize it and make it look magnified.

So be aware of that trick!

Rosie has a mixed Natural Dramatic figure. And although thanks to this, purely dramatic styles sit quite well on the body, in the portrait zone, the face still requires the use of at least a mixed Natural Dramatic type (since the dominant feature of the face is pure Natural).

A jacket/blazer that originally has a Dramatic structure is made of more flexible Natural fabrics and, due to the oversized fit, it goes with a soft line.

It adds the minimum necessary softness to the portrait area – which is great.

Let’s compare how the most natural thing sits – a Teddy Fur coat on a person with a dominant Natural feature in the face (Rosie on the left) and a person with a sharper appearance without Natural features(Hailey Bieber on the right).

I haven’t looked at the background of Hailey yet, so I haven’t figured out the dominant of the face, but I plan to soon. However, there are no Natural features in her appearance.

To whom it will be visible – I will tell you that this fur coat on the very Dramatic type looks “comical” as a contrast. Perhaps Hayley understands this, which is why she put on such funny fashionable furry slippers to her to emphasize that it is surreal.

So, now you know all the secrets of Natural Dramatic appearance design with Natural face dominant and Natural Dramatic body type.

And you also understand why Rosie opted for minimalism so suitable for Natural Dramatic types and is considered a style icon.

You can learn all the secrets about your appearance and, just like Rosie, become an icon and be irresistible in your unique way.

Dispel Myths

No, the Natural type does not need to wear everything in naturaFl or neutral tones. In the above examples, the color of the outfits does not matter; in the types, we discuss, only cut lines, shape and texture, your color palette is calculated for you individually in the Color Type section.

In order not to lose your beauty, use your key colors in your images.

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