Monica Bellucci Dresses & Outfits: Romantic Dramatic Type
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4 Mar

Monica Bellucci Dresses & Outfits: Romantic Dramatic Body Type

Are you wondering how Monica Bellucci dresses and what her body type is?

This article has all the answers!

Is it all just about Monica Bellucci dresses and gorgeous outfits that make everyone astonished by her? Why does everyone like her style so much?

Short intro on Larson system: Typology of Dwyn Larson is an improved version of David Kibbe’s theory. David proposed the system of body types back in the 80s whose theory was based on the relationship of the lines of appearance of the male (yang-sharp) and the feminine (yin – round and soft).

However, the system appeared a bit limited as we cannot have only 13 types of beauty in the whole world. This is where Larson’s system comes in handy.

romantic dramatic

This type of representatives understand their natural lines intuitively and follow them in the design of their appearance!

Let’s take a look at the style of a Romantic Dramatic type using the example of Monica Bellucci.

Representatives of the Romantic Dramatic type are always attractive hourglass figures.

The presence of a waist and always predominating female lines in the body can be in a higher quantity.

The nature of the lines of the body and facial features is mixed, combining softer and more delicate with sharp, complex, and large-scale elements.

Showing the flow from charcoal features to some roundness in the image is the best way to emphasize the uniqueness of this type.

Monica Bellucci has a mixed dominance in her face and body.

Monica Bellucci Body Type

For a mixed dominant in the body and the face for a Romantic Dramatic type, the entire range of styles is available from Purely Dramatic, through Romantic Dramatic, to Purely Romantic trajectory.

However, the most valuable thing with a mixed dominant will be to use the unity of a Romantic and a Dramatic type.

Mixing the characteristics of these two types in the performance of each of the image elements: clothing, haircut, makeup, accessories, etc., will be the best choice.

To combine the characteristics of Romantic and Dramatic, for example, in a piece of clothing, we can start moving either the Dramatic feminine silhouette, leaving the sculpted shape and line, and adding soft roundness, curves, drapes, etc. from a Romantic side.

Otherwise, you can go from a Romantic type with its light soft line and add fabrics that hold the shape more clearly, which will allow you to redraw the sketches of ideally romantic clothes in more a Romantic Dramatic shape.

We can also combine the style elements in their pure form, belonging only to Romantic or only Dramatic.

For example, hairstyle (Romantic), makeup (Dramatic), jewellery (Romantic), but the jacket (Dramatic), etc.

As you can observe in the first variant, she wears a D&G flower printed dress which emphasizes her silhouette while the length elongates her body structure. In the second picture with the pink dress, we can see an unmistakable Romantic vibe, but it still holds the shape at the waist creating an hourglass body type.

Though in the third variant, we can see the shape of the “princess-like” loose dress that will suit only petite types of girls.

This length shortens her height and makes her hips way oversized, which we are trying to avoid when constructing the perfect wardrobe.

What will not suit well to the Romantic Dramatic type is wearing clothes of Natural or Gamine body type

Natural shapelessness in terms of cut and minimalism in terms of details are not for Romantic Dramatic body type. R.D. cannot be too close to simplicity, conciseness and symmetry (they are not down to earth kind of people, like Jennifer Aniston).

Without additional decor, accents or details, this type loses its royalty.

As it is visible in the first two variants where Monica is dressed in denim – the gloss of her femininity is lost.

It doesn’t make her look good or even ok. She is a woman of pure luxury, she shines in sophisticated well-decorated and well-tailored clothes.

Gamine’s short lengths will look out of place in the Romantic Dramatic, like an attempt by an attractive adult woman to seem like a little teenage girl (which is not acceptable for someone with an outstanding sophisticated appearance like Monica’s).

Fabrics And Materials For Romantic Dramatic Body Type

With a mixed dominant line in the face and body, Romantic Dramatic can use both Dramatic types of fabrics – dense, shape-holding, shine, having an evening texture with a glossy sheen and weight, flowing or transparent Romantic fabrics, such as expensive-looking silk.

As evident in the first two pictures, the plain cotton or school-like print doesn’t just look odd but also appears as pieces to a different puzzle.

As it has already been stated before, Monica Bellucci is a woman of posh-looking fabrics.

Textured fabrics, an abundance of oversized and loose knitwear, and a rough surface of materials make the appearance of a Romantic Dramatic type heavier, emphasize the age and show puffiness of the face, etc.

To save the situation, if you need to use a knitted or plain cotton fabric, which doesn’t go well with you, a vibrant print that overlaps the texture will help.

Knitwear for Romantic Dramatic should be thin and ideally with a glossy sheen, not matte, with the effect of silky threads.

In the first picture, Monicca is wearing a barrette with a plain fabric T-shirt that doesn’t coincide with her type.

A silk scarf saves all that situation, but as it is visible here, it’s not enough.

In the second picture, the stylist chose the right jacket with a lush sheen for her, and in the last view, the suit is matte but with the richness of shiny, silky lapels.

Instead of caps/hats/barrettes for the Romantic Dramatic type, tight hats with a sharp edge are more suitable, and silk scarves are preferred instead of just any scarves.

When choosing coats, you should prefer things that have a sleek, shiny surface as well.

Jewellery, Print And Accessories For A Romantic Dramatic Body Type

There is a difference in scale between Romantic and Dramatic features.

Therefore, watercolor prints and details, delicate and small in size, characteristic of pure Romantics, become more active, large-scale, spectacular and deliberate.

And the abstraction and geometry of the Dramatic type are smoothly softened by the Romantic when moving from the Dramatic style towards the Romantic Dramatic type.

Let’s be honest here, Monica is extravagant, but her jewellery requires her to be elegant and not as significant.

The first two variants coincide with her romantic side, but the last crocodile necklace, seemingly a Chopard necklace, is just a clear “No”.

It’s too big, and her beauty is not only not emphasized but also looks lost because the chain overshines her beauty (which is not acceptable here).

Even when expensive couture jewellery needs to be elegant, which also means very reserved in size.

Haircut and Hairstyles For A Romantic Dramatic Body Type

Romantic Dramatic – a type is personifying femininity and sexuality in the traditional sense.

Therefore, the image of unisex is opposite to the nature of the Romantic Dramatic type of a woman.

Try to guess where “YES and NO” go to. You are right. The dishevelled type of hairstyle is not for her. It can go a little loose, but that would rather be Victoria’s Secret loose waves than a Parisienne kind of a look. She’s Italian, and she needs more lux in her hair as well.

Ragged, playful and charcoal bangs or such face-framing and haircuts for a boy leave it for the Gamine types.

The ideal solution for a Romantic Dramatic type would be a length at least to the shoulders, a hairstyle that includes both components of the type – curls and static – firmly holding glossy stacked and curled strands, the effect of a more structured wave.

Looseness and naturalness (not styled, but naturally dried hair) will go well only with the Natural type, while for the Romantic Dramatic type this look loses the tenderness of its features.

Styles suitable for a mixed Romantic Dramatic face and body dominant:

The Romantic feature is a component of the type itself; tucks, draperies, ruffles, bows, lace, flowers, lightness of fabrics, and emphatically feminine styles will fit perfectly when mixed together with a flow of drama That is what makes a princess the queen. 

It was not without reason that the Romantic Dramatic Monica Bellucci played the roles of empresses and queens).

The styles that fit Romantic Dramatic types

  • Glamour – everything that glitters and shimmers, an abundance of luxury is very suitable for the type of RD
  • Retro – fits perfectly on the Romantic Dramatic.
  • Dramatic style – avant-garde. 
  • Casual chic – an image using evening smoothness and shine, unusual finishes, and more spectacular elements, becomes not just an everyday look, but an elegant and spectacular everyday outfit – this is what Romantic Dramatic needs
  • Classic-chic – A little gloss, showiness, and a touch of stardom must be present so that it fits perfectly with the Romantic Dramatic.
  • Sport chic – Sport does not sit well. However, when we make it emphatically decorated and spectacular, then it fits. For example, use a T-shirt with a sophisticated print or shiny materials such as silk.
  • Oriental luxury – just made for a Romantic Dramatic. 

Not suitable for Romantic Dramatic body types are:

  • Grunge and homeless style –  everything is rough, old, grunge and hardened not for a Romantic Dramatic, as well as everything that does not fit the figure
  • Unisex – opposed to the type itself

Sport – shapelessness and naturalness in fabrics and cuts are unacceptable for R.D.

Casual – everydayness of the image or negligence is unacceptable for a Romantic Dramatic. When we come to ordinary silhouettes, lines and fabrics, all the sublimity, expressiveness and royalty of the Romantic Dramatic are lost.

Classic – in a simple performance is boring. A Romantic Dramatic needs to be mixed with noticeable jewellery or accessories.



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