Eyelashes On Amazon: Are Korean Faux Lashes The Best?
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6 Dec

Eyelashes On Amazon: Are Korean Faux Lashes The Best?

eyelashes on amazon

Here I am going to test only the best Amazon eyelashes that actually work and wear well

eyelashes on amazon

I have tested numerous brands for the last two years

Different brands sent me out their product for testing and marketing ( p.s. I was modeling for their items). I have at least ten bestsellers of faux lashes at home, and I couldn’t ignore it.

All those magnetic lashes that are on the 1st page on Amazon are not that good. I believe you have already check those out (especially those in pinkish boxes). Those five boxes that I already own are only good for making a Halloween project for your child’s homework!

eyelashes on amazon

Let me tell you that my eyelashes are the most unruly lashes in the world! They are long, straight, and to make them curl; I need to spend at least 20 min with a curling wand. After applying the usual faux eyelashes, they got unglued in 5 min, and usually, I’d need to fix them for my eye width. I cannot be bothered with that, and eventually, I gave up on working with fake eyelashes at all.

However, there was another offer coming to me from Korea. And I thought, why wouldn’t I try just the last one to see if it’s any better than the Chinese ones. And, oh yes! I was taken aback! Not only the whole presentation and the box was pretty and professional, but also it stayed on my natural lashes for 24 hours straight!

eyelashes on amazon

That Korean brand surprised me, and I will tell you that whenever I have an opportunity to show off with my lashes – Bepholan is the way to go. They have every day, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D lashes!

You just put a bit of their magnificent eyelashes glue that comes in the box, wait a few seconds, and voila! No need to fix it; it doesn’t hurt even for such sensitive eyes like mine.

A recommendation from heart 😉

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