30+ Cute Nails For Summer: Stickers For Nails Or DIY At Home
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23 May

30+ Cute Nails For Summer: Stickers For Nails Or DIY At Home

Are you trying to brighten up your life with cute nails for summer?

If you haven’t tried cute summer nails for summer 2021 yet, you’re in for a treat!

Before covid, I was actively using gel nails or acrylic coverage and I always looked forward to my monthly visit to the local nail salon. However, during the pandemic, I found out that there actually might be a cool substitution to “do it at home treatments and nail art”. The restrictions are no longer on the rise but my nail is doing just fantastic with these stickers and press on nails!

Why Stickers For Nails?

There are so many reasons to love stickers on nails, no matter if you’re used to acrylic nails or you use nail polish to color your nails. 

  •  There’s so much variety. You can choose from simple monochromatic nails to work on, crystal-covered nails with butterflies and more! All nail techs whose main task is designing beautiful acrylic nails for their clients at salons also sell their designs on platforms like Amazon and Etsy. This means that you can get salon-quality nails delivered to you right now!

Why Press On Nails?

  • Can Be Reusable. That’s right! If you take care of your press on nails, you can wear them multiple times a year. This way, they’re more sustainable than acrylics, not to mention a lot more affordable!
  • Let’s not break the bank here…You can buy press on nails for as little as $5 (sometimes even less!) and wear them an infinite number of times. If you’re more into press on nails designed by nail techs, the cost will still be lower than getting acrylics. For example, many nail techs sell their designs for $15-$45, which is a lot less than you’d typically pay for a salon visit, not to mention the maintenance prices!

Why Usual Nail Polish?

  • Super easy to use: If you’ve had any “reservations” about using press on nails in the past, it’s probably because there’s a misconception that they’ll fall off…so if that is you, I’d rather suggest using a regular old-style nail polish, which I, by the way, use until now! If you have the patience to do all these cute summer nail design styles, I’d let you get inspiration from the works down below.
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