How To Practice Modeling Faces: Model's Tips!
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6 Jul

How to practice modeling faces: Model’s tips!

poses for face photoshoot
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Modeling faces are easy! Watch me how I do it!

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how to practice modeling faces

How to practice modeling faces? Here I show you how to start your modeling journey. It is not necessary to be a professional model to learn how to pose like a pro in front of the camera. Right the contrary, the only thing you would need is to learn the specifics of your face.

Watch My Youtube: Practice Modeling Faces At Home

Take a closer look at your eyes, facial expressions, emotions, and what are your complementary colors. Nobody is perfect neither am I or you. Nevertheless, you can become a real model and gain more confidence.

How to practice modeling faces

Modeling poses for beginners

If you are a beginner, you need to start with a mirror or a cellphone camera. Use different angles of light to see where your face looks the best. Take a couple of pictures with the help of a self-timer. Check out pictures of other people that you personally like and just try to mimic that pose with your phone. The more you practice – the better you will feel during the photo shoot.

How to practice modeling faces

A very useful tip: Try to take a picture when the sunshine is facing your back. That is right, you have to stand not with your face to the sun, but with your back in the direction to the light. By doing this, it will be like a natural “photoshop” that is going to erase all your imperfections.

Also, try to test your camera around 5-6 pm summertime when the sun is not so harsh. The natural lighting will come out very soft, almost golden. If you want to enhance your appearance that will be a very good option for you. For the rest of the best model tips come over here where I also tell how to get the best pictures ever!

How to practice modeling faces

Female model face expressions

When you have a photoshoot scheduled it is very important to relax and be yourself during the session. Otherwise, if you do not know how to release the tension from your face it will show up on the photo. Usually, people try to copy Instagram personalities, but they also forget that those tend to use photoshop to look perfect. So probably pouting your lips will not be the best option.

Relax your mouth area and lips in order to look more natural. Try to concentrate on your eyes. Your eyes are the most important when it comes to photos. This is going to be your number one this with which you will “rock” the photo session. Your eyes speak and your attitude will show through them.

How to practice modeling faces

Model poses for photo shoots

Try to find the best 10 modeling pictures either on Pinterest or on any other social media platform. Find yourself an inspiration that will serve you as an icon to copy. Maybe you have a favorite Victoria Secret model, so I’d advise coping a couple of poses that they have already done.

Always remember, that you need to be you endnote somebody else’s copy. They already exist in the industry and you not yet. Get confident about how you look like and who you are. You are unique and only that will help you stand out from the crowd. Here I also tell how I became a petite model and you could become too. Here is how you could enter the modeling industry yourself and make modeling your career!

professional model poses female
professional model poses female

This that help me make these dope pictures and videos

A Softbox for better lighting because I do not always have time to wait for better sunshine outside. So I use these ones:

And of course a camera with a remote control for self-portraits.


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