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17 Aug

How to look like Victoria’s Secret angel: Rosie Huntington Whitely

How to look like Victoria's Secret angel
Here I want to show you how to pose like Victoria's Secret angel and become more confident in front of a camera How to look like Victoria's Secret angel How to look like Victoria's Secret angel? I chose the most simple outfit for the photoshoot that was possible. It's simply a black tight top and a black skirt (could be any black bottom). For the background, I will use just a white wall since it's all going to take place at home. What I use to make my own pictures The technology that I use is this camera and a remote control. I will be taking my own picture with nobody's help. A remote control is going to be your life saver if...
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26 Jul

Posing for portrait: model’s tips and tricks

Posing for portrait
You think portrait posing is difficult and you don't know what to do with your face? Let me help with that! Posing for portrait photography Posing for portrait can be easy if you learn these simple tricks that I as a model will show you. If you watched the video above you could notice how I move and especially how I look into the camera. If you liked the attitude and you want to do be and act the same, follow the article down below. Posing for portrait photography Portrait photography poses female Regardless of your gender photography posing actually takes time to learn and practice. Even if you are a photographer, you still need to position your models somehow. What usually works...
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6 Jul

How to practice modeling faces: Model’s tips!

Practice model faces
Modeling faces are easy! Watch me how I do it! how to practice modeling faces How to practice modeling faces? Here I show you how to start your modeling journey. It is not necessary to be a professional model to learn how to pose like a pro in front of the camera. Right the contrary, the only thing you would need is to learn the specifics of your face. Take a closer look to your eyes, facial expressions, emotions and what are your complementary colors. Nobody is perfect neither am I or you. Nevertheless, you can become a real model and gain more confidence. Modeling poses for beginners If you are a beginner, you need to start with a mirror or a...
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1 Jul

How to look good in photos: Model tips!

How to look good in photos
Were you wondering how to always look good in photos? Here I will tell you how! Natural Lighting is the best tool if you were asking how to look better in photos! One of the most important keys to a beautiful picture is the lighting. It could be natural or artificial from a softbox. My favorite is the natural lighting of the day. That can be early in the morning before the sun gets too sharp or after 5 pm when the sun is going to set down. The last one works the best of all especially, during a spring/summer season. This is called the "golden hour" among all photographers. During that time of the day, the sun rays are very...
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25 May

How to become a Model: My Experience

How to become a model, take your own pictures
Were you wondering how to become a model? I will tell you about it Whether you are 12 or over 20 and you still want to get into a modeling industry you need to learn how to pose and take your own pictures. This is the key if you want to learn how to become a model. Why is is necessary to learn how to take your own pictures? Multiple times you will be asked to send snaps or other pictures with no makeup Even those that show your ability to work and for that, you would need a portfolio. As a starter, you might think that you need to spend a lot of money on a photographer, a retoucher and a...
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24 Mar

How to pose like a professional model: Gigi Hadid

pose like Gigi Hadid
Wondering how to pose like a professional model? Here I show and tell how It would be helpful to understand how exactly you could recreate Gigi Hadid photoshoot if you watched a video: How to take your pictures without anybody’s help Please note that it does not matter what kind of camera you will use at first. Whether it is an android cellphone or a professional Canon camera, this is all only about your ability to enjoy what you do. The most important thing is to start feeling comfortable using a camera as well as acting in front of it. I personally use EOS Canon 600D (for self-portraits like these). It has been discontinued, so these are those that I would use instead: At first, you...
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19 Dec

Petite Modeling: How I became a petite model

Be a petite commercial model sign with agency 2019
This is a story of a small girl living somewhere in Ukraine and dreaming of petite modeling Yes, that was 16 years old me not knowing where to go and who to ask this seemingly "secret" information. Being just 5,3 and living somewhere not even in Europe the world seemed to so far form me. Fashion TV that was occasionally on the screen looked like an unbelievable destination. Petite modeling was a great option, but so unbelievable. The world of so skinny 40 kg tall women with beautiful makeup and hight heels was considered as a fairytale. If you were one foot in that industry you were treated like a princess. That was something new and every girl wanted to get...
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