Petite Modeling: My Story And How I Entered Fashion World
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19 Dec

Petite Modeling: My Story And How I Entered the Fashion World

petite modeling

This is a story of a small girl living somewhere in Ukraine and dreaming of petite modeling

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Yes, that was 16 years old me not knowing where to go and who to ask for this seemingly “secret” information

Being just 5,3 and living somewhere, not even in Europe, the world seemed to so far from me. Fashion TV that was occasionally on the screen looked like a fantastic destination. Petite modeling was a great option but so unbelievable.

The world of so skinny 40 kg tall women with beautiful makeup and high heels was considered a fairytale. If you were one foot in that industry, you were treated like a princess. That was something new, and every girl wanted to get there to live that super easy modeling reality where you just put makeup on and receive money for being pretty.

petite modeling

It was a little dream of a girl who did not have a fashion model’s standard stats—secretly hoping to grow a little more and get noticed somewhere in the mall or a supermarket near the subway by a famous model agency scout-like all superstars from the USA.

Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio from Victoria’s Secret runway show were like alive angels from heaven, the silhouette, and gloss of whose every woman was jealous. At that time, nobody knew what petite modeling was.

What were my chances for becoming a model

petite modeling

I started watching myself thoroughly in the mirror and understood that I was very far from my dream. I was not that skinny and fit because I liked to eat cookies and tea during these cold frosty winter nights, I did not have that editorial look on my face, and my skin was suffering a lot in my teenage time.

The only thing I allowed myself to change was the hair color, which did not suit me well, but I wanted changes so much that I started experimenting independently. Girls, my advice, never try to dye your hair alone at home for the first time! I wanted to be ginger, and oh boy, I wish to ask for professional help at a hair salon.

The most crucial part in that story of petite modeling is to figure out what your vital parts are

petite modeling

Do not underestimate yourself if you still see a non-perfect reflection of your body in the mirror. A mirror from now is supposed to become your best friend! Petite modeling is waiting for you!

How important is your height for modeling

I am not trying to be delusional here, telling you that whatever you look like and your genetics can become a supermodel. However, it is a proven fact that there always exceptions to the rules. We all know that the standard height for a fashion model is a minimum of 5,8 feet which is 176 cm; however, little of you know that Sara Sampaio, a current Victoria’s Secret Angel is just 5,5 is 165 cm.

Don’t worry about your height since it was God-given to you. You did not choose the size and won’t be able to change it. Just accept who you are, get your disadvantages too, and work with it. That does not mean that you are allowed to eat your hamburgers and still dream about modeling. Things that you are physically able to change – do it! Do not just sit there! Take a diet, go to the gym, work out at home, let these Victoria’s Secret models be a good motivation for you. 

What you could do if you are too short for modeling

Start taking pictures of your face. Recognize what you love the most, whether it’s your eyes, lips, nose, hair, etc., and make it the most substantial part of you. Try to understand how your face looks better, not be afraid to pose in front of the mirror, and take selfies on your phone. Check your favorite magazine, find the most beautiful model for you and try to mimic her.

This is easy – but a self-timer on your iPhone, switch on a camera, and start making poses. DO DO DO! The more you practice – the more you will understand what looks best and what works for you. 

Petite modeling is proper for you!

The era of only fashion models passed; there are all types of models out there. If you are a shorty – check this out; even ASOS has models like you. The model is 5,4 feet, which is 163 cm. So, you see, everything is possible! 

How to sign with a petite model agency

Once you are ready and feel like you would like to be represented by the modeling agency, you need to take snaps. Snaps are simple pictures. Usually, it must be with no makeup and preferable in skinny fitted black clothes like jeans and a fitted top. If you have freaked, big eyes, ears, a unique nose, and you think that there is something you do not like or hate about yourself – this is your thing!

Do not hide it; shout off on snaps and send to every single model agency in your area. Check if they have a commercial models board and send around 4 -5 pictures: front body, back, side, and face closeup. 

Many imperfect petite short models go to castings and get their jobs! I did Well, YSL, multiple TV commercials for big brands, and I believe so can you. Get your dreams! 

What to do next, I will tell you in the following posts; stay tuned!

For any questions, feels free to ask me here.

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