Look Like A Celebrity: Model's Advice
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17 Aug

Look Like A Celebrity: Model’s Advice

look like a celebrity

Here I want to show you how to look like a celebrity and pose like Victoria’s Secret angel

How to look like Victoria’s Secret angel? 

I chose the most simple outfit for the photoshoot that was possible. It’s simply a tight black top and a black skirt (could be any black bottom).

For the background, I will use just a white wall since it’s all going to take place at home.

How to look like Victoria's Secret angel
Look Like A Celebrity

What I use to make my pictures

The technology that I use is this camera and remote control. I will be taking my picture with nobody’s help. The remote control is going to be your lifesaver if you want to be a real professional.

This is very helpful because not all photographers have time for you, so it’s a great skill to learn photography by yourself.

The things that you need don’t have to be expensive or anything extra.

A room full of light (preferably with a window will work just fine). I prefer to stay as close to the window as it is possible.

I always use one softbox to balance out the natural lighting from the window. Sometimes it might be just too yellow, and a bit of artificial light will make even it out.

Look like Rosie Huntington Whiteley
Look Like A Celebrity

All your Victoria’s Secret Angel Dos’:

  1. Light Curls. Pay attention to the hairstyle all these Angels wear on the runway and all ad tint campaigns. Curls are sexy, according to Victoria’s Secret. Here I also tell you how to transform your straight to curly hair quickly.
  2. Eyelash mascara for significant volume. This bombshell makeup is a must before you throw yourself an Angel photoshoot. To achieve this, I use my secret technique for eyelash volume with the best mascaras ever.
  3. Plump lips. To get this sexy lip volume, you no longer have to stick with hyaluronic fillers. There is a solution with just the proper contouring and a lip gloss maximizer with a mint effect. You can, of course, use a famous Dior lip maximizer, but I prefer this for 5$ tops! This one is even better than Dior’s one.
  4. A fitted outfit. Leave all your hoodies and oversized comfy clothes in your wardrobe and save them for Maison Margiela’s look. This is Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Look! You need to spice it up!

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