How To Look Good In Pictures: Model Advice!
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1 Jul

How To Look Good In Pictures: Model Advice!

how to look good in pictures

Were you wondering how to look good in pictures?

This article has all the answers!

Natural Lighting would be the best tool if you were asking how to look better in photos!

One of the most important keys to a beautiful picture is Lighting. It could be natural or artificial from a softbox.

My favorite is the natural Lighting of the day, and that can be early in the morning before the sun gets too sharp or after 5 pm when the sun will set down.

The last one works the best of all especially, during the spring/summer season. This is called the “golden hour” among all photographers.

During that day, the sun’s rays are very soft and continually enhance your appearance!

Use that light to your advantage to take photos where you will look the best!

How to look good in pictures if you’re not photogenic

how to look good in pictures

To your big surprise, you do not need to be of a supermodel appearance to look good in photos.

What if I told you that anyone could look good in pictures with just any face or body.

The key to getting the perfect shot is your work with the eye and appropriate body posture!

The camera loves people when they try to”flirt” with the lenses.

“Flirting” with your camera will always show your confidence. Just try to make it as natural as possible. If smiling does not make you feel confident, don’t do it.

Otherwise, all your tension will show up in the picture, not what you what to achieve. Play with your eye and try to relax your jawline.

I know you want to pout like Instagram models, but pouting will not look great in any situation.

For the picture to look natural, release the tension from the mouth area and open it slightly, almost carelessly.

Just in case you were trying to become a model, here is how.

By the way, I use EOS Canon 600D (for self-portraits like these). The manufacturer has discontinued it, so these are those that I would use instead:

Why do I never look good in pictures?

You never look good in pictures because of the tension. You are trying to copy what someone else is doing because you have noticed that they look good in photos.

That might not work for you, and you will look worse in pictures than in real life.

To look good in pictures, you have to practice relaxing your body parts that feel stiff while taking a photograph.

For example, tensed eyes, mouth lips, biting cheeks, hands, and squeezed posture.

Try to practice more with your cellphone camera before a photoshoot. Put a self-timer and try to take at least ten pictures.

See where your face looks better with tensed or relaxed face/body parts.

How to look good in pictures without smiling

Guess what? I rarely smile in pictures. I do not think this is my thing and smiling is not always appropriate.

Going through my Instagram feed, you can hardly see 1 picture where I smile. I just realized that it’s not a part of my overall vibe and theme.

So you do not necessarily have to smile in every photo that you take. Just make non-smiling serious pictures as a part of who you are and make it your style.

For example, smiling with your eyes is more important than an actual smile!

Practice a sultry look with your cellphone camera! If that works for me – it will work for you too!

How to look good in pictures without makeup

how to look good in pictures

how to look good in pictures

Alright, this is a tricky question because we all know that makeup is our weapon.

We do feel more confident with makeup every day. But is it possible to look good without makeup – yes, it is!

  1. If you can tan a little to get this summer bronzed silky skin. That does not require having any makeup at all. At any time and any day, you will look just perfect even without a foundation or a concealer!
  2. Take pictures with the lightning coming from your behind. Face the sun with your back! By doing this, the light will conceal your imperfections in the most natural way possible.
  3. Put an accessory on your face like glasses! Glasses are always a tremendous direct distraction from the area of your eyes if you are not wearing makeup! Always have a pair of those just for your entourage!
  4. A transparent lip gloss will make you look even more natural than you are!

How to look good in pictures with glasses

how to look good in pictures

how to look good in pictures

Glasses are a handy accessory, especially for the photoshoot!

If you are using glasses in your everyday life – it’s even better! Because glasses always bring that sexy, bright look.

To look good in pictures with glasses, you need to understand if the glasses suit your face.

There are lovely expensive lenses, but it does not mean that you will look great with those.

If you cannot try them out, you have to consider some very universal frames that would suit anyone.

Please consider those secretary-style square-framed glasses from Amazon

There are cat-eye tiny glasses as well

What kind of pictures look good in black and white


How to become a model, take your own pictures


how to look good in pictures

You need to know, that all the pictures, even the bad ones, can be saved if you made those in black and white. Yes, that is right, all images will look good in black and white.

  • If you are not sure about your skin looking good – make it black and white
  • You want to make your eyes look with more “depth” – make it black and white
  • You like the picture, but the colors are too saturated – make it black and white

It’s one thing to take a picture of yourself with your phone and not post it anywhere without serious processing.

Another is to make a full-fledged photo session when you don’t need to hide the background and apply hundreds of effects.

Questions immediately arise: how to stand, where to put your hands, what to do to look your best?

Here are some tips on how to feel better during photo shoots and look natural and beautiful in the photo.

Photography is the first thing your clients and partners rate for if you do business over the Internet, so looking good on them is very important, which is not easy to do.

Here are some general tips to help you look your best in your photos and create the look you want.

1. Professional makeup and hairstyle
Let’s say you yourself are good with makeup, and your hairstyle is never sloppy.

But before the photo session, you should still go to the stylist, because the image in the photos will represent you for more than one day.

how to look good in pictures

Professional stylists know how to highlight the advantages and hide the flaws in your appearance so that you will see yourself from a different perspective.

Attractiveness gives confidence, which is essential for good photos. Do not skimp on the services of a stylist, and the difference will be noticeable immediately.

2. Dress nicely but comfortably
If you have been choosing clothes for a long time, tried on different options and finally found the best one, that is, made an effort to look beautiful, you will feel more confident.

Clothing can hide figure flaws, and create a beautiful body shape (which, together with the perspective, can radically change a person).

I would highly advise you to read further articles on how to build your wardrobe in regards to your body type:


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However, you should not choose things in which you feel “uncomfortable”.

The main purpose of your outfit is to express yourself and help you feel more confident, so choose what you feel comfortable in.

It is better to choose things with a rich, deep color, which makes the photographs more “voluminous” and noticeable, but, at the same time, clothes should be monochromatic, since stripes and cells distract attention from the face.

If you are taking photos for work, it is best to avoid tight-fitting clothes and clothes made of thin fabrics, they will look undignified.

3. Stand at an angle to the camera
No girl wants to look bigger than she really is (except for the thinnest).

If you are standing straight with your shoulders and hips parallel to the camera, you look bigger than you really are.

Turn your shoulders at an angle to the camera, and turn your face towards it, then you will look slimmer and more graceful.

4. If you can flex – flex
The person with straight arms and legs looks ridiculous and unnatural. A smooth bend of the arm and a little free space between the arms and the body looks much better. This position accentuates the waist for an hourglass effect.

Shift your weight onto your hind leg with your knee slightly forward, closer to the camera. Those closest to the lens appear larger in the photo, so putting your weight on your back foot and moving your hips further away from the lens makes them smaller.

5. Straighten your back
Even if you’re slouching, it’s worth making a little effort in the photo to straighten your back. People with a straight back appear confident and successful.

6. … Be yourself
This is a great rule, and probably the most important. A frozen slice of reality in your photo will definitely show how constricted you feel. Therefore, the best thing is to just relax and enjoy the shooting.

If you are a cheerful person by nature, do not hide it, if you are serious, do not try to pretend to be perky. The best photographs are those in which a person fully expresses himself.





how to look good in pictures


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