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9 Apr

Papaya eating: Your health will never be the same!

papaya diet for weight loss 2019
Thinking of eating papaya today? You're on the right track! Pretty simple reasons why you need to be eating papaya right now! For me, the most important ingredient in papaya is the digestive enzyme, papain. I cannot stop talking about papain and why everyone should be taking these nutrients on a daily basis. Only papain is the most organic enzyme that helps to stabilize your digestive system instead of taking chemicals and also prepares your body for the further vitamins intake (or probiotics in. my case). What we know about Papaya Papaya is a rich source of antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes (lycopene), vitamin C (103% Daily Values), vitamin A (22% DV), vitamin E (4% DV) and vitamin K (3% DV) (1). Can you imagine that eating only fruit will make you feel...
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11 Jan

Are you sure you want to be a Vegan?

Have you ever thought that becoming a vegan will make you feel healthier and loose weight? If so, you are in the right place. If you just think about veganism as the whole concept you will probably think about eating raw foods, vegetables and greens. A non-dairy and meat diet can make you loose weight very rapidly especially if your metabolism is working fast. There are lots of articles about becoming a vegan and why you should, but nobody is actually talking about the disadvantages of this diet. If you believe in the ing yang energy like I do and you had at least a short experience of not eating meat before, you would most likely notice that during that time...
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1 Dec

How to stop eating sugar and bread: A model diet

How to be fitness model get skinny no gluten
I was always struggling with eating bread and sugar as they provoke cellulite! Here you can see my pictures of 6 months difference where you can see before and after effect. On the picture with baguettes, I was eating gluten and yes, I love bread. There I started a challenge called "How to stop eating sugar and bread". For me, bread was number one on the lunch and dinner menu every single day. Honestly, I never thought gluten was that bad for health, right on the contrary I considered bread and pastry very important for the daily meal, as it is raw B vitamin complex. What happens when you stop eating bread? Loosing or ditching on that vitamin intake by substituting pharmacological pills and vitamins...
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