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22 May

My natural looking makeup: How I wear it every day

Natural Looking Makeup
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I am a fan of a natural-looking makeup because I never have time for the glam in the morning

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The goal of my everyday makeup is to recreate the no makeup look. However, that look has to bring life to my face especially when in a hurry. We all are tired and it’s never too much time for the morning makeup or makeup that would look like there is no makeup. I bet you struggle with everyday natural looking makeup like me. You just want to wake up and see your face all Instagram filtered saying “I woke up like this”.

I will tell you what to do to get that look

Of course, we are not that perfect and none of us is. But that could easily be achieved in only 15 minutes. Just remember that it does not have to be all perfect. Just remember to add or leave a little bit of French stylish imperfections and add a little “life” to your look.

My most favorite natural foundation

I use two to make the perfect natural coverage without caking effect. The skin always has to be natural looking even if you have imperfections. I mix two products: Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream with SPF40 and Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation. A Korean brand always cares a lot about sun protection. I do not like using SPF products alone, so I prefer a tinted serum and an actual foundation at once.

A great bonus: when you buy the Klairs cream they also offer you a great blemish concealer. Which is great for the eye area! You just wait for 3 seconds and it masks all the disadvantages of the skin.

The most natural Korean mascara

Mascara is a key product for every girl. I have sensitive eyes and cannot stand any chemical mascara. My eyes start to be itchy and it’s just not very good for those who practice sports quite often. My solution was finding a natural mascara that would literally come off with just water. To my big surprise it was a Korean brand – RiRe. The best product I have ever seen in the whole market. Even if you want to use another one, it will be a perfect first coat and a base. A priceless product!

The best natural looking lipstick

My latest discovery was this MAC lipstick in Satin Rose color: 824 TWIG. This is the most versatile color for those who have fair skin. It will highlight the skin complexion and the color of the eyes. Especially if you have green or blue eyes! The texture and formula of the lipstick are meant to stay for a long time. Plus, I have dry lips, and to my big surprise, it does not feel on the skin. It does not dry your lips out. So it’s a big Reccomend!

For those of you who have dark or darker shade hair, I find MAC 820 Retro lipstick suits just perfectly. My mom uses it every day, and see how her bronzed skin gets emphasized every day.

Natural Looking Makeup

The best setting powder that I use

One is loose and the there one is compact. The first one is from Manhattan and the other one is from Chanel. The first one is for everyday use and the other one is for your bag if you have to fix your makeup during the day. One is quite a budget thing and the other one is on the luxury side. It’s up to you whether you need it or not.

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