Makeup For Green Eyes: How To Make It POP Naturally!
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22 Dec

Makeup for green eyes: How to make it POP naturally!

Makeup for green eyes
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Can a natural makeup really enhance your green eyes and your beauty? Absolutely! Follow this Makeup For Green Eyes Instruction!

Makeup For Green Eyes

What colors make green eyes pop?

It’s all about the right colors! And for me, there are 2 main rules when it comes to making green eyes pop. 1. choose a contrasting color; 2. choose a complexion complimenting colors like (a warm and cold type of beauty). I am a warm type if you were wondering.

What makeup looks good with green eyes?

These five colours are your best bet for those gorgeous green eyes.

  1. Brown. Like the one, I am using on all of these pictures. Especially if you are blond!
  2. Gold. A gold eyeshadow, be it yellow gold, a champagne gold, or a rose gold will complement your green eyes.
  3. Black eyeliner that starts from the middle of the eyelid.
  4. Purple. Only when it comes to funky makeup in summer
  5. Pink. Always enhances the freshness of your face and the color of your eyes becomes more visible.
Makeup For Green Eyes

My favourite if of course the brown palette and a gold (yellow) shimmer. Check out what I am using every day:

Makeup For Green Eyes

What color eyeshadow should you wear if you have green eyes?

If you want to wear everyday makeup for your gorgeous green eyes, choose pink and brown palettes. In this video, I am using the brown shadow from Amazon. And this is how I always attract so much attention to my eyes. I always hear many comments in regards to the color of my eyes. And the secret to it is just the right brown eyeshadow!

Makeup For Green Eyes

What color lipstick goes with green eyes?

As you see, I am also using a light brown moisturizing creamy lipstick. I may also change it for pinkish, wine color lipstick or even bright red if I go out at night later on.

Look what I use here andthewse are my top favourites for everyday:

Makeup For Green Eyes

What color mascara is best for green eyes?

I am an expert when it comes to mascara! I used all the brands out there, and since I have unruly long, fair lashes, I know what I talk about! If you see these pictures, you should know that I do not use any falsies. These are my natural lashes. And the big secret is that you need to use 2 to 3 different brands at the same time. And the color is either dark brown or peach black.

I am using 3 right now and these are that work for me like a miracle:

  1. Rire black mascara for holding a curl and serves the best as a first “base” coat. Watch the full review with a video here. Or you can also use any white coat base mascara like L’oreal.
  2. Essence black mascara for Extreme Volume. Take a closer look at this brand + they sell 4 mascaras in 1 pack at Amazon! For me it’s a win-win situation!
  3. Lancome Definiciles black mascara defines every single lash without gluing them like a miracle.
  4. Maybelline Sensational black mascara for Volume is a MUST!.

Makeup For Green Eyes

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