What To Wear Today: Simple Fashion Everyday
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30 May

What To Wear Today: Simple Fashion Everyday

what to wear today

Were you wondering what to wear today to keep it simple but beautiful?

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What To Wear Today

What to wear today” is an ever ending question that bothers every woman

I am no exception, I always think before going out. But when it is summer, you realize that you need a wardrobe rehab. Or how we call it – a decluttering of your old closet. You might not realize that yet, but it will definitely save your time in the morning!

What To Wear Today

Decluttering tips for your wardrobe

In order to find your most functional wardrobe, you need to become a bit of a minimalist. I love the minimalist style when there is a maximum of 10 pieces of wardrobe that could be built upon during the year.

The minimalist closet will allow you to understand what your basics are. Just by decluttering your pile, you will understand what your most favorite and the thing is and how it could be matched with other pieces.

Things to choose for summer wardrobe

Technically nobody said you have to buy new things. This is not necessary to purchase trendy stuff just because you think you have to. That would be best if you could just divide things for their state, quality, and material.

The first thing that you should get rid of is polyester or spandex. Unless this thing is just for a photo or it’s a swimsuit. Polyester is one of the disasters of this world and you will feel hot in the summer. This is not advisable to wear synthetic textures during that time. This is not healthy for your skin and there is a possibility to catch sun heat.

Choose natural materials like cotton, silk, linen, etc. Your skin will breathe through these textures and that will allow you to feel better. It’s best if you could choose light shaded colors, so the sun wouldn’t overheat you.

What To Wear Today

I choose natural textures and material for summer

I personally chose loose cotton shirts like these on the pictures. Actually, it’s a men’s shirt. Jeans DYI shorts (jeans are made of cotton) and only real leather sandals.

This look is pretty simple and perfect for summer. Loose things will allow you to catch some air while walking. Whether it’s a shirt or trousers or even an abaya. The key to a simple fashion is always wearing natural materials.

Basic capsule wardrobe for every day, wear today, loose white cotton shirt
What To Wear Today

What to wear today is still a problem?

So you have finally decluttered your wardrobe and left only natural material items. What is next? How do I know how to mix and match them?

This is simply because you have already left only the most comfortable items. Predominantly, you have left basic colors like white, black, blue, grey, and basic shades that suit only you.

Where to get inspiration from: Browse Pinterest

From here I either go to the Pinterest section of Basic Wardrobe or try to get inspired by Instagram. If none of these don’t work well for me, I try to be really basic with colors. Like Blue jeans and a white shirt, or black loose trousers and a light-colored jacket.

If I really do not know how to fix my wardrobe for every day – I take time to create a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobe depends on your daily life activities and your personality + appearance type. If you want me to help you with your functional wardrobe or just a capsule wardrobe – let me know, I’ll be happy to help.

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