Vase Body Shape: How To Dress Well And Right
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21 Oct

Vase Body Shape: How To Dress Well And Right

Are you wondering how to dress your vase body shape right?

Here are all the answers from a stylist!

Description of a vase body shape: large breasts (proportional to your overall outlook of the body), well-proportioned shoulders, long and thin waist, slimmer legs and hips than the hourglass body type.

The type of figure “vase” can be considered a kind of “hourglass”. If you take the “hourglass” type of figure and stretch them somewhat in height, you get a “vase”. If your body type is “vase”, then it is easier for you to choose clothes than “hourglass” – you are not as embossed as they are, and your lower part of the figure is not as prominent as theirs. But most representatives of this type of figure do not think they are lucky.

Your chest seems large and your belly is totally flat or fit looking. Everyone sees you like Victoria’s Secret model. Even if you are on a larger (plus-size) vase body shape, you still have the proportions of a truly sexy woman and size doesn’t matter here.

The style of clothing that suits you is quite classy and chic. Everything graceful, open, and tight: Candice Swanepoel’s style is your perfect look.

Perfectly fitting clothing: A plunging neckline will help balance your bust with the rest of your figure. A woman with curves needs the same sophisticated footwear. A single button on the jacket will accentuate the thinnest part of the body.

The type of a vase figure shape can be considered a kind of an hourglass body type. If you take the hourglass type of figure and stretch them somewhat in height, you will get a “vase”. If your body type is a vase body shape, then it is easier for you to choose clothes than for an hourglass – you are not as embossed as they are, and your lower part of the figure is not as prominent as theirs.

The vase figure is one of the types of X-figures. Trinny and Suzanne’s theory vase body shape has:

  • large or medium breasts
  • pronounced, but long or low waist
  • hips equal to the shoulders in width
  • slender legs and hips

As mentioned above the vase body shape is an hourglass resemblant is stretched upwards and it is higher and thinner than an hourglass. The roundness of the body of the vases also seems less than that of the “hourglass” or “cello” due to the elongated waist and a smoother transition from the waist to the chest or to the hips. Another difference between the vase and the rest of the X-figures is the slender legs in the hips.

Clothes for the vase body shape

The shape of the figure of the vases is about the same as that of the hourglass, so the rules for emphasizing the figure are about the same. The accentuation of the curves usually attracts attention, which is why X figures are often considered sexy. And it is not difficult to choose clothes for them.

Say yes to:

  • emphasizing your forms as you are a sensual woman with natural beauty. Realize this and make it part of your style. (especially emphasize the waist).
  • show off your legs – this is one of your most beautiful features.

Say no to:

  • shapeless clothing. You are taller and thinner than an hourglass, however, you still need to accentuate your waist to balance your silhouette out.
  • clothes with excessive decoration (in the chest and hips, advice is acceptable – so as not to increase the size, in other cases, follow the lines of the body).

What to avoid:

  • ruffles on blouses in the chest area. You have large breasts, and a lot of details on it will “upset” the balance of your figure.
  • turtlenecks and high neck sweaters. polo shirts are not for you, as well as high round necklines – they will increase the chest, and again, “upset” the balance of the figure.
  • baggy clothes. As with all X figures, you must emphasize the waist to look proportional. Fitted clothing is a must for you.
  • wide pants. Since you have slender, not wide legs, wide pants will not accentuate them, you will get lost in them.
  • shoes on the platform (Be sure to check this recommendation along the lines of your body, it does not depend on the figure one hundred percent). You have long, slender legs and slender ankles. Heavy platform shoes will draw attention to themselves, and your feet will look like kettlebells.

Choosing the perfect wardrobe for a vase body shape

  • Straight jeans. You have wonderful legs, so show them. You might want to try on skinny jeans, but be mindful of your hips. Skinny can make your thighs look visually heavy. And straight trousers will gently wrap your thighs and at the same time emphasize the length and shape of your legs.
  • Blouses fitting the waist (with lantern sleeves looks trendy). The sleeves will draw attention away from your chest. (if you don’t have Western European troubles that the chest is bad, then the lantern sleeves increase the shoulders, so it is better not to use them if the hips and shoulders are balanced – there may be an imbalance). The blouse should be slim to fit your waist. The hem should be rounded and end just above your hips.
  • straight trousers with side pockets. Show off your lovely legs in straight pants. Side pockets are a good solution, but they shouldn’t be right on the hips to keep balance.
  • Dresses fitting the shape or the silhouette of the body
    You have rounded shapes, and the dress should accentuate them. Look for structured dresses that will support your shapes, as well as draperies that will encompass your shapes.
  • Blazer with one button
    The button on the jacket will accentuate your waist. Look for open jackets that will draw attention to your face.
  • Knitted dress with a large neckline. An Empire-style dress, which gathers right under the bust and then falls freely, will accentuate your feminine forms (a strange recommendation for X-silhouette figures, it is usually recommended to emphasize the waist, but in some cases Empire dresses are not excluded.)
  • Top with a square neckline. (be sure to correlate with the recommendations for the types of figures, not everyone has such a cut). Look for tops with interesting colors and delicate patterns, but don’t overload the bust line.
  • Pencil skirt with high waist. The pencil skirt was created for you. You have a long, thin waist, so a high waist is perfect for you. The shape of the skirt will emphasize your roundness, and the hem should end at the narrowest part of the legs – just below the knee.
  • rounded shoes (again, look at your body lines. It depends on them, not on the figure). Accentuate your shapes with rounded shoe shapes. You have shapely legs, so you can wear thin heels. Be careful with thick heels as they can feel heavy.



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