Most Common Face Shapes— The Right Hairstyles And Glasses
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12 Aug

Most common face shapes— the right hairstyles and glasses for your face cut!

Are you wondering what your face shape is and how to style it right?

This article has all the answers!

Have you ever bought an expensive set of sunglasses only to regret it later because it somehow doesn’t suit your face shape despite the heavy price tag? 

Or worse, you got a trendy haircut that turned out to be the worst choice of your life?

That’s the thing about ‘style,’ a price tag or fashion trends cannot define its worthiness; only your uniqueness can! 

Just like your body; your face is unique and would better accentuate in beauty if you choose hairstyles and accessories that compliment your face shape.

Understanding your face shape is the first step towards styling it better with more-tuned hairstyles, accessories, glasses, and makeup.

We cannot stress enough how confident and beautiful it would make you feel! 

However, it’s never that easy, is it?

It doesn’t take much to be lost in the labyrinth of all the face shapes out there and the little distinction they provide. 

Well, I’m here to simplify that for you! Each face shape has its own unique characteristics. For instance, an oval face shape is long but rounded. In comparison, a rectangle face is long but angular. 

“What face shape do I have?”

Below’s a clear guide on how to find your face shape with precision and the best style guide for each one of them. 

most common face shapes
Most common face shapes

How to find your face shape and better style it? 

Our first goal is to determine three important aspects of face shapes: 

  • The widest part of your face and whether it’s your forehead, cheeks, or jaws. A wide forehead portrays a triangle or heart face shape. Your face is diamond if your cheekbones are the widest accents of your face. 
  • Jawline types: Whether they are round, blunt, or angular (sharp).
  • Face length: Is your face tall or short? 

How to do that? You will be needing a small measuring tape or a ruler. Choose a tape that doesn’t have a heavy body; it will hinder your measurements. 

How to measure your face shape? 

Start by determining your face length, followed by measuring your jaws, forehead, and cheeks. 

1. Measure your face length(1)

Place the ruler at the center tip of your hairline and trace it down to the bottom of your chin. 

2. Measure your face width

The widest part of your face could be your forehead, cheekbones, or jaws. So, trace all three of the widths. 

  • (2)Forehead width: Place your ruler in the middle of your forehead length and measure the distance from hairline to hairline. Don’t bend or curve if using a tape. 
  • (3)Cheekbone width: Your highest cheekbone point is right below the corner of your eyes! Measure the distance from the right cheekbone to the left cheekbone (highest point). Don’t bend or curve if using tape. 
  • (4)Jaw width: You will need tape for this one. Place your tape at the bottom of your ear and take it to the center of your chin. Double the measurement and that’s your jaw width. For this measurement, you can bend or curve the tape according to the shape of your jawline. 

What is my face shape?

Your face shape is precisely an amalgamation of all these four measurements. Depending on how they are present, your face shape is determined. 

For instance, a round face will have an equal face length (1) and cheekbone width. Comparatively, it will have a smaller forehead and narrower jawlines. 

  1. Heart face shape: Forehead width is the widest. Face length and cheekbone width are pretty much similar. The jawline is narrower with a prominent chin.
  1. Inverted triangle face shape: The triangle shape is pretty similar to the heart face shape but with slightly more prominent and edgy cheekbones and chin. The heart face shape has a widow’s peak whereas it’s absent in an inverted triangle face shape. 
  1. Oblong face shape or rectangle face shape: Face length is longer than face width. The forehead, cheekbones, and jaws are of the same length. 
  1. Square face shape: Unlike a rectangle face shape, a square face shape has the same face length and width (including forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines)
  1. Diamond face shape. Diamond face shape has a visible vertical length that is longer than all other measurements. Next to the face length, their cheekbones are the widest part of their face. 
  1. Oval face shape: Oval face is similar to a rectangle face shape in length but it’s not angular; it’s rounded in all aspects. The length is 50% longer than their face width. The forehead is smaller and the jaws are rounded. 

Of course, your face doesn’t have to agree with all the parameters strictly; but most faces do fall in between these categories. 

most common face shapes
most common face shapes

Nine Different face shapes and their style guide!

We know all too well the role hair plays when it comes to style and general confidence. Your hairstyle, including your makeup and accessories can revolutionalize your style and that’s where knowing your face shape comes in handy. 

Knowing your face shape will help you find haircuts/hairstyles that best suit your face. That’s not all, understanding your face shape helps you select jewellery and accessories (especially glasses) that compliment your face naturally instead of working against you. 

Heart shaped face

Heart face shape’s main characteristics are their wide foreheads, sweetheart cheekbones, and prominent chins. The face narrows down as it edges towards the chin. 

  • High cheekbones but not too sharp. 
  • Prominent chin but not too pointy. It has polished edges. 
  • Mostly endowed with a widow’s peak at the hairline but it isn’t always necessary. 

Hairstyle for heart face shape

  • Lob length provides balance to your narrow chin
  • If you have a widow peak, a side partition hairstyle would balance your forehead. 
  • Loose waves. 
  • Short and choppy Pixie will accentuate the shape of your face if you want to try something daring. 
  • Side-partition sleek bob hairstyle tucked elegantly behind your ears. 
  • While straight hair doesn’t look bad, curls or waves will accentuate your face shape and add volume. 
  • Blunt bangs.
  • Center-parted gelled low bun. 

Heary-shaped face celebrities

  • Scarlett Johannson 
  • Lilly Collins
  • Gweneth Paltrow 
  • Kerry Washington 
  • Reese Witherspoon. 

Heart-shaped face glasses 

  • Cat eye glasses
  • Oval glasses
  • Semi-rim glasses
  • Rectangular glasses 

Diamond shaped face and its style guide 

Diamond-shaped face’s main characteristics are its long face length and an equally lengthy cheekbone width.

  • The cheekbones are well-defined and angular, quite literally the most visible and pointed feature of your face. 
  • After cheekbones, your chin is also prominent, angular, and a visible feature of your face. 
  • Their face appears pronounced, sculpted, and chiselled. 

Diamond face shape haircuts/hairstyles

  • Side-swept bangs are a darling choice whether going for a bun, ponytail, or bob haircut. The bangs should be long and choppy, but they should blend and curve with your face’s shape instead of standing out. 
  • Center-parted straight bob adds to the chiselled beauty of your face. It highlights and enhances your face contouring. 
  • Volume is a must whether the length is short or long. 
  • A little messier hairdo enhances your look. 
  • Long, sleek, and gelled hair compliment your face length and angular structure. It helps you come across as someone daringly classy and savage at the same time. 

Diamond face shape glasses

  • Oval and round glasses add contrast to your otherwise angular face shape. 
  • Irregular geometric shapes are a sweetheart choice but avoid square, rectangle, or cat-eye glasses. 

Diamond face shape celebrities

  • Tyra Banks
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Rihanna 
  • Tracee Alis Ross

Oval face shape 

The main characteristics of an oval-shaped face include long face length and narrow face width. Usually, the face length is 50% longer than the face width (including forehead, jawline, and cheekbone width) 

Although long, the oval face shape is endowed with softness and a round finish. The jaws aren’t visible but rather blend with the oval shape, the same goes for cheekbones, they don’t stick out or have an angular appearance. 

Hairstyle for oval face shape

  • A choppy haircut will balance the roundness of the oval shape. 
  • Similarly, a bob haircut above the shoulder provides sleeker lines to your face. 
  • Sleek hairstyles including sleek low bun, side-partition, or low ponytail are sweetheart choices for individuals with an oval face shape. 
  • Short and wavy hair layers (close to your ears) does justice to your otherwise long face by providing ratio. 
  • The center partition adds symmetry to your face, but the side partition looks flawless on you, too. 
  • For a carefree hairdo, long waves with curtain bangs are a beautiful choice! 
  • A casual clutcher bun with face-length layers curving beautifully around your chin.
  • Sleek side parted ponytail.
  • Sleek center-parted hairdo with a high curly ponytail.
  • Choppy haircut and choppy careless clutcher hairdo.
  • Sleek high braids bun.

Oval face shape glasses

Follow Bella Hadid for your everyday glass choices. She’s always wearing one and they are all great choices. 

  • Narrow frames look beautiful on oval face shapes.
  • Long and narrow rectangle frames. 
  • Tanned glasses with unique color choices such as orange, blue, and purple all add a vintage appeal to your look. 
  • Small oval and round glasses. 

Celebrities for oval faces

  • Bella Hadid: Being a model, Bella Hadid precisely knows how to do her hair with respect to her oval face. So, if you are ever lost in ideas for your long oval face, following Bella Hadid and her hairstyles would be a saviour. Plus, you will never get out of ideas because she is always bringing something new and gorgeous to the table. 
  • Beyonce
  • Kim Kardarshian’s loose romantic bun has always stood out for me. It’s one of her best hairstyles to this date. 
  • Jourdan Dunn

Oblong face shape/rectangle face shape

It’s better called the long face shape because it includes both oblong and rectangle face shapes.

While the rectangle face is more angular and pointed; the oblong is not that sharp but rather endowed with blunt or rounded edges. 

Regardless, they are both longer than the oval face shape with a bigger forehead and roundish chin. 

The rectangle face shape is the angular version of the oval face shape. The face length is taller than the forehead, cheekbone, and jawline width. 

With a rectangle face shape, the forehead width is equally proportional to the cheekbone and jawline width. The cheekbones are high and pointed, and the jawline is well-defined and pronounced, providing visible angularity to your face cut. 

The oblong face shape is more blunt than angular; it’s longer than the oval shape but without pronounced cheekbones and jawlines like the rectangle face shape. 

Oblong/Rectangle face shape hairstyles

  • Volume is a must whether going for long wavy hair or straight hair. It gives depth and shape to your narrow face appearance, imagine 1970s divas with their long bouncy hair. 
  • The 70s and 80s long Wavy bounce is a go-to hairdo for long face shape. You can achieve this by using the biggest-size hair rollers. These long waves would do absolutely well with long and equally bouncy bangs that you can swipe back casually. 
  • Layers are the key to volume and bounce. 
  • Alicia Silverstone’s famous blowout side-parted hairstyle is a dear choice. 
  • Casual and carefree side partition on bouncy and wavy hair. You can attain this by casually flicking your hair every now and then. 
  • Center and side partitions are both beautiful choices for a rectangle face shape.
  • Side-swept bangs give away a vintage appeal to your look. 

Rectangle face shape glasses

Almost all glass shapes look good on you except for rectangles and geometric shapes.

Rectangle or other geometric shapes overburden your features with angularity. So, it’s best to contrast your angular face with rounded accessories. 

  • Cat eye
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Wayfarer
  • Aviators
  • Browline

Rectangle face shape celebrities

  • Liv Tyler
  • Sarah Jessica Parker

Both these actresses are 90s beauties; giving you a wide range of hairstyle suggestions!

While their go-to blowout waves are a show winner, they have also experimented with quite a few hairstyles that fit perfectly in the rectangle face shape dimension. 

most common face shapes
most common face shapes

Round face shape

A round face shape is characterized by equal face length and cheekbone width. In contrast, the forehead and jawline width is smaller.

This doesn’t mean the face length is longer making your face appear bigger or stretched. No, the face length is fairly small, smaller than most face shapes. 

Because the face length and cheekbone width are equal; a round face shape portrays symmetry and balance. 

The face type isn’t angular and edgy; it’s well-endowed with round delicacy. 

Hairstyles for round face shape

  • Long framing layers enhance the curves of your face. Long length really suits individuals with this face type.
  • Sleek hairdo: Usually women with round face shapes are advised against sleek hairdo/bun. I personally think a sleek hairdo/low bun is a gorgeous choice for individuals with a round face shape. It adds defined lines to your face cut! 
  • Korean bangs (Airy fringes) along with side Korean bangs. They look absolutely stunning on round faces! 
  • Tousled long waves for a messier and sweet look. It focuses and emphasizes your baby-like face. 
  • Textured or choppy bob adds contrast to your otherwise round face. 
  • Bob cut with a deep side partition adds cleaner lines to your round face providing divergence. 
  • Center parted bangs with voluminous, wavy, layered hair length. 
  • Short bob with braided waves. 
  • Romantic low bun with loose layers falling gracefully near your chin. 
  • High ponytail with curtain bangs in the front. 
  • A high and messy bun with bangs. 

Best glasses for round face

  • Square and rectangle glasses of any size look stunning on round face shapes.
  • Cat-eye glasses add dimension and edginess to your face. 
  • The famous wraparound sunglasses with thick and curved frames. 
  • The elongated cat-eye.
  • Thick-framed glasses 
  • Les Lunettes Pralu sunglasses from Jacquemus
  • Smaller and sleeker frames from the 90s. 

Round face shape celebrities 

  • Selena Gomez: You have probably seen Selena only in bangs, but she has many more great hairstyles to offer to our round-shaped face beauties. Bangs themselves are a classic choice for a round face shape, but so are the low sleek center-parted buns, short braided bob, airy bangs, side-parted lob, etc. 
  • Ginnifer Goodwin: Her long pixie swept on the side is an excellent choice for something different and a little daring. A Pixie haircut doesn’t take away your cute and youthful look! It accentuates your overall look. 
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Her face sometimes resembles an oval and sometimes appears more round! Regardless, her carefree hairstyle choice her worth taking into account! 

She usually keeps her down and free; her center-parted loose strands curve her face beautifully. Let’s not forget Jennifer Lawrence’s famous side parted bob with 2A-type waves or her pulled-back sleek ponytail, long center-parted hair fixed with a hairband, and choppy chest lengths with waves. All in all, Jennifer Lawrence has some great hairstyle ideas. 

Square face shape

Just like a round face shape, a square face shape has an equal face length and cheekbone width. Unlike a round face shape, their forehead, cheekbone, and jawline width are also equal in size giving them their pronounced square face shape. 

While a round face shape is endowed with softness and no high/edgy cheekbones/jawlines; a square face shape has both: high cheekbones and pronounced square jawlines!

Their face appears very structured, angular, and edgy. The dimension also provides them balance and symmetry! 

Square face shape hairstyles

  • Wavy lob length with a lot of layers: Let some of the layer length stop below your ears, it provides curves to your otherwise square face. 
  • Straight side parted long hair! Square face shape doesn’t require too much volume, their face already gives them that wideness. So, you can easily slay long straight hair without having to worry too much about the volume. 
  • Pulled back long and loose waves: Angelina Jollie has a square face and a pulled-back hairdo is her go-to hairstyle. It’s casual but also very flattering!
  • Messy Bun with heavy curtain bangs
  • Center parted wavy lob length without curtains. The long hair provide length to your small face frame.
  • Side-partition sleek and loose waves. 
  • A carefree bun with loose strands framing your face is a softened look. 
  • The beehive bun. 
  • Side-partition straight bob looks absolutely stunning on a square face. 

Glasses for square face

  • Avoid oversized glasses because they will reduce the length of your face! 
  • Round and oval glass frames will soften your edges and provide contrast. 
  • Wrap glasses. 
  • Thin framed glasses. 

Square face shape celebrities

  • Following Margot Robbie will never make you go out of options. The diva tries many great hairstyles and each is assembled perfectly to fit her square face. 
  • Angelina Jollie: While Angelina Jollie tries fewer hairstyles, those choices are still golden for anyone with a square face shape. 
  • Zendaya is another great celebrity to follow for square-face shape hairstyles. She experiments with her face often and brings new looks constantly to the table. Some of her popular and daring hairstyles include full-head dreadlocks, a curly bob parted to the side, a sleek and high bun with loose curls on top, center-parted sleek bob, tec. 
  • Jennifer Aniston. 
  • Demi Moore 

Inverted triangle face shape

An inverted triangle is pretty similar to a heart-shaped face but with a little more chiseled details and the absence of a widow’s peak. The chin is pronounced and has a well-defined edge, the same goes for the cheekbones! 

You can follow a heart-shaped face shape hairstyle recommendation for an inverted triangle face shape! 

Pear face shape

Pear face shape or triangle face shape has a narrow forehead and a broad jawline!

It gradually widens at the cheekbone width and continues to get wider up until the jaw. 

Pear face shape hairstyles

  • Voluminous bangs add depth and width to your narrow forehead. 
  • Chin-length bob or chin-length layers with long hair. 
  • Center-parted long waves. 
  • Long curtain bangs that sit on your forehead and curve down towards your chin gently balance your face shape. 
  • Sleek and pulled-back ponytail. 

Pear face shape celebrities

  • Meghan Markle. 
  • Billie Piper perfectly defines how dangerously edgy and powerful pear face shapes can look when adorned with the right hairstyle. 
  • Jodie Foster. 
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