Kibbe Soft Gamine Vs Soft Classic: What's The Difference?
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21 Jul

Kibbe Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic: What’s The Difference?

Are you wondering what’s the difference between Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic?

This article will answer all your doubts!

Knowing the difference between Soft Classic vs Soft Gamine body types can change your wardrobe game for the better! 

Have you ever wondered why Soft Classic outfits just don’t do it for you, despite having similar physical attributes to the said body archetype? 

It’s possible that you are confusing your Soft Classic body type with Kibbe’s Soft Gamine body, and vice versa. 

In all aspects, your confusion is entirely valid and not at all ridiculous.

Kibbe’s body typing system differentiates body types on a very thin thread— these dissimilarities are negligible yet powerful! 

Soft Gamine Vs. Soft Classic body type is one such confusing combination. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Jessica Alba will be discussed as Soft Classic and Jenna Coleman as Soft Gamine.

They are very similar in appearance, and both have a strong yin undercurrent— including a subtle fleshy body, a modest curvy figure, flesh endowed bust and hips, significant waist definition, heart-shaped faces, and uplifted but full cheeks. 

Luckily, they do have prominent (although not easily visible) dissimilarities.

In this article, we’ll focus on the differences between Soft Gamine vs. Soft Classic and then help you find some great body-flattering outfit inspirations! 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Soft Classic vs Soft Gamine Body Type

In the Kibbe system, Soft Classic is a part of the Pure Classic family, along with Dramatic Classic body type.

Pure Classic sat in the middle of the five Kibbe body types and is defined as the balance between Yin (gentle and soft) and Yang (fierce and edgy). 

Soft Gamine is part of the pure Gamine family and sits beside Kibbe’s romantic body type on the yin side. 

So, while both have a yin undercurrent, Soft Classics’ primary attribute is their balanced yin-yang characteristics. 

On the other hand, Soft Gamines’ yin and yang characteristics don’t blend; they exist together but independently. 

What does that mean? Here’s an example: 

  • Yin and yang balance: A person has a Soft Classic body type when they are neither too tall nor too short— with neither too angular shoulders nor too sloppy. They share balanced characteristics between the two extremes.
  • Yin and Yang mixture: A person has a Soft Gamine body type when they have Yin and yang present in their body independently. For instance, small stature (yin character) with angular shoulders (Yang character).

Please note: Pure Classic, pure Gamine, and pure naturals are not a part of Kibbe’s system anymore; only their sub-families remain.

Kibbe now believes nobody can be a pure version of the said families; they would all have Yin, and Yang influences in their system, regardless of the family! 

*Soft Classic body type main attributes: 

  • Bone structure: Balanced
  • Body flesh: Yin
  • Face flesh: Yin
  • Facial features: Yin-Yang blend

Please note: Yin is different from ‘Lush Yin.’ It’s not as fleshy or curvy as the ‘Lush Yin.’ The flesh is subtle and gentle, not sensual. 

*Soft Gamine body type main attributes: 

  • Bone structure: Yin and Yang Mixture, not blend
  • Body flesh: Yin
  • Face flesh: Yin
  • Features: Yin and Yang mixture. 

Here’s a great example: Phoebe Dynevor, who played Daphne Bridgerton in the Bridgerton series, perfectly embodies Soft Classic body type, be it the show or real life.

On the other hand, Claudia Jessie, who played Eloise Bridgerton, is the epitome of a Soft Gamine. 

Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type

Soft Classic body type very much resembles its pure Classic family; they are balanced, proper, symmetrical, and aligned.

Their otherwise balanced body gravitates toward the yin spectrum, adding gentleness, kindness, grace, and poise to their existence. 

While Soft Gamines are associated with a youthful and innocent era, Soft Classic body type is determined by elegance, class, and gentleness. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Physically, they have a moderate height with a symmetrical, balanced frame. 

Unlike the dramatic Classic body type, soft Classic body types have delicate flesh deposition throughout their body, be it their bust, hips, face, or limbs.

Mind you; this flesh doesn’t personify sensuality but delicacy and softness. 

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Physical characteristics of Soft Classic Kibbe

Kibbe’s system can come across as being very strict and primitive.

That’s why I always say you only have to agree to his main accommodations (defining lines), and then, you can use this guide to choose a wardrobe that fits your body perfectly without appearing out-of-date. 

There’s a difference between ‘being timeless’ and ‘being out-of-date.’ So, it’s alright if some of your body characteristics and fashion choices don’t align with Kibbe’s system! You don’t have to be a Xerox copy of his description. 

Understanding your main accommodation is enough to understand your body type and what would look best on you! 

Below are all the physical characteristics of Soft Classic Kibbe! When you understand your body closely, you can accommodate it correctly!

Trust me, pencil skirts and shirts aren’t the only options for Soft Classics; the options are limitless, vintage, and timeless. In this guide, we’ll be unfolding it all! 

Bone structure/Body frame: Balanced. 

Body flesh: Yin (Endowed with roundness and softness)

Face Flesh: Balanced. 

Bone structure—Balanced between Yin and Yang. 

Because bone structure separates Soft Classics from Soft Gamines, let’s discuss it first! It may seem unimportant, but a distinct bone structure completely changes your body silhouette and every aspect of your physical being. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

In this case, the Soft Classic body type has a balanced bone structure, i.e., it’s neither too broad/wide nor too narrow/slim regarding the overall frame.

Similarly, it’s neither too tall nor too short (height); the same goes for their upper body/lower body ratio. 

Their body is neither elongated nor too petite; it’s balanced. Their face, shoulders, torso, and limbs don’t appear disproportionate; they are all very well in harmony with each other— symmetrical both vertically and horizontally. 

  • Face structure: Their face is neither small nor too long; it resides somewhere in the middle, looking more balanced and elegant. Their nose, cheekbones, and jaws are also balanced, neither too sharp nor too round. 
Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Their nose is delicately small with cleaner lines; it’s not too sharp but rather pointed. Their cheekbones are high and uplifted, not overly sharp or edgy. 

The same can be said for the jawlines; it’s neither absent nor strongly edgy/sharp; it exists and blends with the features without sticking out too much or being overshadowed.

  • Shoulders: Here’s another difference between Soft Gamines and Soft Classics— while Soft Gamines have sharper and straighter shoulders, Soft Classics have a balanced shoulder line; that isn’t too sloppy/burdened or too straight and upright. 

Their shoulders are endowed with delicate flesh that is well-defined and proper. 

Soft Classics don’t accommodate upper width either; their shoulders align with the rest of the body (Hips) without sticking out. 

Height— Balanced

While the difference between Soft Classics and Soft Gamines’ height may not be visible at first glance, there is a slight difference. Soft Classics have a moderate height, but because they accommodate yin undercurrent, they can be shorter than pure Classics. 

However, they don’t appear petite at the very least. Their balanced body neither makes them appear too tall nor too short. This is further enhanced because their torso and limbs aren’t petite either but moderate. 

On the contrary, Soft Gamine is physically and visually shorter than Soft Classics. This is further accentuated by the fact that they have shorter, rounder, and broader limbs. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

In numbers, Soft Classics are usually closer to 5″ 6. On the other hand, Soft Gamines are either 5″ 5 or shorter! Exceptions may follow in both these body archetypes! 

Waist— Balanced

Soft Classic’s balanced frame and subtle flesh deposition allow them to have a prominent and nuanced waist definition.

It’s neither too crescent nor square; their body creates a gentle and delicate curve, neither too prominent nor too absent. 

Body flesh— Yin

Just like Soft Gamines, the Soft Classic body is delicately wrapped in soft and subtle flesh; this flesh is present throughout the body.

It’s not as rounded or fleshy as romantics but not as lean or flat. You can trace a gentle outline of their bust, hips, and limbs. 

I wouldn’t say their body accommodates double curves. However, they do create an illusion of having an hourglass figure. 

Soft Classic Face Flesh— Yin

Their balanced and symmetrical faces have a decent amount of flesh deposition on their high cheeks.

Instead of appearing round, the Soft Classic face appears well-defined and uplifted; the fluffy cheeks only enhance their heart-shaped beauty! 

This is possible because Soft Classics don’t have a broad face to appear fuller, and neither too thin face to look elongated and thin. Other than their cheeks, you wouldn’t find a trace of flesh on their face! 

As for their features, Soft Classics have balanced eyes, neither too big nor too small, along with balanced lips! 

Soft Classic’s main accommodations

SCs first main accommodation is their balanced frame, followed by their gentle curve and yin undercurrent. 

Soft Classic outfits and clothes!

Now that you know your defining lines, it’s time you accommodate them. In other words, it’s time you highlight and embrace them to bring the best out of your style without boxing yourself in clothes that don’t complement you. 

You will have to accommodate your ‘pure Classic lines’ first and then move on to the yin undercurrent, not the other way around.

So, first and foremost, your choices should reflect balance and symmetry. 

Your outfits should reflect class, poise, and elegance— royal but gentle and elegant. 

1. 3/4 outfit lengths

¾ outfit ratio is the epitome of balance and symmetry— it distributes your body evenly and creates a poised silhouette. 

So, whether choosing a dress or skirt, ¾ would be your desired length. 

When choosing a dress, don’t break it into two pieces; instead, opt for an unbroken silhouette. As for the skirts, you want to choose a flattering waist definition that runs down toward your calves. 

Knee-length skirts/dresses are also appropriate, but anything shorter than that takes away the balance from your body. 

2. Smooth but well-defined lines. 

Your silhouette should be adorned with smooth, well-defined lines, but they shouldn’t be too edgy/straight/pointed. 

There should be creases in your outfit choices, but it’s alright if they are smooth and blending.

You don’t want to go with too sharp lines because it will shadow your body’s softness and slight roundness. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

However, you don’t want overly round curves either because they will overshadow your balanced body frame. 

3. Fabric choice

The right fabric choice will give you a well-defined look without sabotaging your gentle roundness or balanced body.

Some great choices are linen, silk, chiffon, taffeta, and cotton. Instead of opting for too soft or too stiff material, go with crisp fabrics. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

4. Soft Classic body type clothes: Symmetrical outfits

Asymmetrical outfits will unbalance your body proportion and appear very informal— taking away the elegance of your outfit.

So, symmetry is your classy babe. 

5. Waist definition

Unlike dramatic Classics who don’t need waist definition, your body type does! It shouldn’t over-constrict your body, and neither should it hang loose on your torso.

A well-fitted waist is a must. You can attain this by choosing thick waistbands for your skirts and pants. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

6. Soft Classic tops

Don’t choose cropped shirts or tops; instead, opt for a length that can be tucked inside your bottoms. 

  • Shirts: Well-fitted men’s clothes will always work for you! You can match these shirts with pants and skirts! 
  • Well-fitted tops: These can include dainty ruffled or ribbon details. The desired necklines are mentioned below. 
  • Blazers: Crop blazers perfectly define your body silhouette. However, long (hip-length) blazers are classy choices, too, as long as they have a waist definition (belt). 

7. Necklines for Soft Classics

  • High Neck/turtle necklines. 
  • Soft and well-defined V-neck line. 
  • Boat neck
  • Soft and big collars
  • Necktie tops. 
  • Cowl neckline
  • Jewel neckline
  • Off shoulders and Queen Anne necklines when it’s a party! 
  • Round and square necklines. 

8. Sleeve length

Sleeveless works for your body type, but it can never compete with short sleeves. Almost every sleeve length will compliment your body type because you have balanced limbs! 

9. S.C. Bottoms

The pencil skirt isn’t your only choice. As a yin-influenced body type, you can choose airy A-line and frilly skirts as well. 

After skirts, long pants that hug your hips delicately and hang loose on your limbs are a Classic choice.

You don’t always have to wear tailored, body-fit, and ankle-length pants, as Kibbe suggests. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Loose-fitted pants with a hip-hugging shape are perfect as well! 

However, you must ensure that these pants aren’t too loose or too flowy— they should have structure and volume with softness.

They should resemble a pant, not a palazzo. 

Along with pants, S.C. also rocks casual short pants look! Don’t go for denim or tight-fitted shorts, though.

Your vision should be cotton shorts or loose shorts with cargo pockets! 

Remember, your body adorns tailored outfits! 

10. Patterns

Although you look best in neutral and muted colors— adding patterns to your dress choices wouldn’t go against you. In fact, they will enhance your yin undercurrent.

So, don’t hesitate to go after small floral prints and polka dots. 

11. S.C. dresses

Vintage dresses are a must in your wardrobe— the dresses that used to have big collars, button-down tops, and an adjoining ¾ skirt! 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Following Agnes Neilson in the series Dark will give you some great vintage dress ideas. 

12. S.C. footwear

Formal stilettos with block/pencil heels are your go-to choice. After heels, you can also choose chunky leather loafers and pointed bellies. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic


Your best accessory is a neck scarf, neatly tied around your neck. You can also create a bow choker out of it to compliment your yin undercurrent. 

A Beret hat is a Classic and formal choice, without a doubt! Sometimes, adding a veil to the details will intensify your Soft Classic body type. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

As for jewelry, you want to keep it subtle and delicate. Pearl is the formal choice, but small gold pendants and chains are a sweet spot for your Yin influence, too. 

Besides gold, you also have the full authority to choose ruby, emerald, and other stony ornaments (ensure they are small and not overpowering).

Choosing a rich stone will enhance your elegant aura. 

13. Frilly details won’t hurt! 

Because your body type has a yin influence, don’t shy away from adding a few frilly details at the hem of your dresses/outfits and sleeves. 

14. S.C. hair

Neatly combed hair is your top priority. After that, a sleek bun, low ponytail, 60s wavy open hair, or straight hair are all top-notch choices. 

You want to avoid rough or frizzy hair. Always keep them combed and gelled. 

15. S.C. makeup

Natural makeup enhances your gentle and elegant aura— highlight your brows, put mascara, a little blush, and lip tint! Don’t overdo your makeup, it will go against you! 

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Kibbe Soft Gamine Body Type

Kibbe soft Gamines are a mixture (not a blend) of the yin and yang spectrum with an extra dash of Yin. 

What does this mean? They will accommodate ‘Yang’ physical characteristics because they are predominantly just like their pure family type.

However, their yin undercurrent is the most vital attribute of their silhouette. 

This allows them to have a very sweet, bubbly, and doll-like appearance— you better not fall for that!

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

There’s an underlying mischief in those doe-like eyes— they are secretly very naughty and whimsical. 

Physically, their body is endowed with soft flesh, but behind that flesh is a well-defined and straight bone structure, giving their frame a sharp and sturdy look. 

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Physical characteristics of Soft Gamine

You may not resonate with all these characters, and that’s all right! Just keep a keen eye on the main accommodation of the body type, and you are good to go! 

Bone structure— Mostly Yang, but also Yin. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

While Soft Classics have a balanced bone structure, Soft Gamines mostly have a sturdy and non-sloppy body frame with angular edges. 

  • Shoulders: You can see the yang influence clearly in their shoulder and facial structure— this is also why they appear straighter than most yin body types.  
  • Face structure: Their face doesn’t appear very round but heart-like because they have a subtle jaw outline. Instead of being round or edgy, Soft Gamines have blunt contours. While Soft Classics also have a heart-shaped face, it’s not wide like the S.G.s. 
  • Body frame: Soft Gamines have a broad bone structure, unlike Soft Classics. This wide frame, along with their body flesh, makes them appear fuller and rounder than Soft Classics. 

On the other hand, their limbs and torso are all-in-all very Yin, i.e., petite. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Height— Yin

Unlike Soft Classics, Soft Gamines have short stature and an equally petite body frame.

They may appear shorter than their actual height because their overall body (including their torso and limbs) is also very compact and dainty. 

In numbers, Soft Gamines are usually 5″ 5 or shorter. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Waist Definition

Soft Gamines have a slight waist definition but may not be as prominent as the Soft Classics. Why?

Because Soft Gamines have a wide body frame compared to Soft Classics, which have a balanced (less wide) body frame. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Body flesh— Yin

Soft Classics and Soft Gamines have a yin body flesh, i.e., their body is endowed with soft and subtle flesh.

However, because Soft Gamines have a wide bone structure, they may appear more luscious than Soft Classics! 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

This body flesh allows Soft Gamines to have a gentle and innocent curve. Again, their body flesh isn’t sensual but relatively young and delicate. 

Soft Gamine face flesh— Yin

Although Soft Gamines have a strong facial structure, they have a good amount of flesh on their cheeks, giving them their bubbly personality title!

Combine these full cheeks with wide, doe-like eyes, and you have a doll-like appearance. 

Their nose and lips also blend with the rest of their facial features. Their nose is small with rounded tips, and their lips are fuller and more luscious! 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Overweight Soft Gamine

When overweight, Soft Gamines appear more round and full instead of square and board-like! 

Soft Gamine Style

Your first approach would be to choose something compact because it accommodates your all-in-all petite frame. Next, you want to focus on the delicate curves of your body.

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Third, accommodate the yang influence your body carries so well! 

Compact and mini Soft Gamine outfits

Our current fashion trend benefits Soft Gamine body type— the market is full of mini and compact Barbie outfits and the trendy hot pink color!

If that wasn’t enough, the 2023 Barbie movie is full of inspiration for the S.G.s! Each and every attire in the movie is dainty, compact, and desirable mini.

So, accommodating your petite body is first. You can do this by choosing crop tops, mini skirts, mini dresses, crop jackets, skorts, etc. 

Body-hugging Soft Gamine clothing

You have a beautiful curve and delicate body flesh; embrace that by choosing body-hugging outfits. They shouldn’t be suffocating, loose, or too constricting!

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Unlike Soft Classics, you can choose crop tops and short-length dresses! 

Featuring your shoulder lines

After accommodating your petite and curvy option, it’s essential not to forget the yang influence in your body! It gives your body a well-defined posture!

To embrace your angular edges, choose fabric and materials that are crisp and well-defined on your shoulders! 

Avoid soft or flowy material; your clothes need slight crispness and structure! 

Necklines to flatter your shoulder and body frame

By all means, keep your shoulders on display all the time! It makes your body posture look heavenly! Necklines choices can include the following: 

  • Boat-neck, 
  • Halter neck, 
  • Off-shoulder neck,
  • Spaghetti strap 
  • Square neck
  • Queen Anne
  • Strapless 
  • One shoulder
  • Round neck

All these necklines will emphasize your shoulder beautifully! 

Broken silhouette: Break your height!

Soft Gamines slay broken silhouettes. Vertical length does not compliment your otherwise petite body.

So, it’s best to have two-3 compact choices in your outfit rather than one single verticality. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Accommodate your yin undercurrent.

You have a gentle aura, so accentuate it with beautiful accessories like bows, tiaras, ruffles, balloon designs, a little layering, etc!

Bows and ruffles shouldn’t only be a part of your accessory, but their addition to your outfits’ stitch will also look mesmerizing! 


Patterns are always welcome, especially checkered wool! Add polka dots and other miniature designs, and you are good to go! 

Soft Gamine makeup

You want to highlight your eyes with vibrant colors as much as possible. Unlike Soft Classics, you can get as creative and vibrant with your makeup!

So, don’t shy away from experimenting with a new eye color palette. Of course, avoid smokey makeup because it takes you towards a fiercer look. 

Soft Gamine hairstyles

A short bob and fringe cut is the deadly combination for S.G.s; it compliments your small face! Pixie gives an innocent edge to your look, and it’s also a good choice! 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Long curls and wavy ponytails are just as equally adorable! 

Soft Classic body type Vs Soft Gamine body type: Where do you belong? 

Soft Classics and Soft Gamines can have many similarities, but they both execute two different vibes.

While soft classics weigh on the elegant and royal side; Soft Gamines are more vibrant and youthful. 

Vibrant colors and a vintage summer best define someone with a Soft Gamine body type. On the contrary, Soft Classics resonate more with being timeless. 

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