Soft Autumn Palette Misconceptions: And What's Up With Angelina Jolie
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18 Dec

Soft Autumn Palette Misconceptions: And What’s Up With Angelina Jolie

The Warmth Of Soft Autumn Palette And What Celebrities Are Not Soft Autumn

I am an artist, and I know the color mysteries

Warm and inviting, soft autumnal colors are a popular choice in the autumnal season.

Warm, earthy tones that arouse feelings of coziness and relaxation define these hues.

Pumpkin spice, the changing of the leaves, and the general fall vibe are all frequently linked to soft autumnal hues.

These colors are characterized by their muted and earthy tones, which evoke a sense of comfort.

Warmth of Soft Autumn Colors

Soft Autumn colors have distinct characteristics that set them apart from other autumn colors.

They are typically warm and muted, with a mix of both cool and warm undertones. These colors have a softness, adding to their cozy and inviting feel.

Unlike other autumn colors, such as vibrant oranges and fiery reds, Soft Autumn colors have a more subdued and understated look.

They are often described as “dusty” or “faded,” which gives them a vintage and nostalgic vibe.

soft autumn color palette
soft autumn color palette
soft autumn color palette
soft autumn color palette

Choosing the Right Soft Autumn Colors for Your Skin Tone

When it comes to choosing Soft Autumn colors for your wardrobe, it’s important to consider your skin tone and undertones.

Undertones play a crucial role in determining which colors will complement your complexion.

Soft Autumn colors work well for individuals with warm undertones.

These undertones can range from golden or peachy to olive or yellowish. If you’re unsure about your undertones, there are a few tips you can use to determine your skin tone.

One method is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they appear greenish, you likely have warm undertones.

Another method is to observe how your skin reacts to different metals.

If gold jewelry looks more flattering on you than silver, it’s a good indication that you have warm undertones.

However, these tips are not everything – as it all depends on your personal coloring. Take a look at the full interpretation of the seasonal color analysis here.

Soft Autumn Color Palette Misconceptions

For this analysis to be done, I will take Angelina Jolie as a bright example of a common misconception.

Previously she has been typed as a Soft Autumn color palette.

This analysis will also include examples of Arizona Muse.

Angelina Jolie Color Analysis


When it comes to Angelina, people tend to fire the whole debate about whether her main colors are muted or deep and dark.

soft autumn palette misconceptions

Nobody seems to find the right answer; all the “analyses” are just trying to shoot whatever answer they think is the most suitable.

For example, if they find that beige color suits her – then she definitely must be a Soft Autumn because seemingly the beige pastel color that she wore has a warm undertone, and so she definitely must be the Soft Autumn color palette.

But on the other hand, they also find the archives where she was wearing black leather or latex, or dark attires – then they fall to the conclusion that she must be Dark or Bright Winter.

Then somebody is trying to remind everybody that she was a blond, and according to them, it was a complete disaster – so she must never be Spring or anything related to light coloring.

Then we try to “Google” her type, and we see someone with low expertise saying that most pastel colors suit her – so she must be either Soft Summer or Soft Autumn.

And then people just start believing that just because it was somebody’s website (I am not going to name any – you can figure it out yourself).

soft autumn palette misconceptions

How can someone have so many color types at the same time?

What is the real answer here?

Let’s examine the pastels with her first.


The grey color test comes first. We can see the Soft summer grey, the anthracite grey, and the taupe grey on her.

The skin color is different in every picture, so obviously, as I have discussed before – the cold light grey will look good in contrast to the warmth of the skin surface.

We cannot conclude that this will make her any of the Soft types.

Taupe grey most often will be used by Soft Autumn types – however I don’t see the benefit of this shade for Angelina just yet.

And now, let’s take a closer look at this anthracite grey outfit.


That’s to Angelina – she rarely overuses makeup; most often, we can spot her without it.

So far, I do not see the big advantage of the light grey not the darker grey. But still, it doesn’t automatically make her undertone warm.

Let’s see further on.


What do we see here? Here, we can clearly see the benefit of the grey color. On the left side – the skin got a warmer tonality – the bronze.

Hence, the grey color looks very refreshing yet very calm. On the right side, we cannot sport any bronze on the skin, the skin looks certainly pale.

What changed her perspective? Right, that is the hair color, the contrasting makeup and that’s not it yet. There is a visible difference in age.

That’s right – the age on the left picture is much different then on the right one.

That plays a big role as well. Why? You will ask.

Because our color type perspective in most cases will change due to the “youthful” undertone, collagen production plays a big role here.

So obviously, the more lustrous and young your skin looks – the more you will be able to pull through.

That is one thing, and not only that. There is such a thing as the essence of the person and the butterfly effect.

Because she is an actress with a certain behavioral type – she is most often portrayed as as an aggressively sensual type, or per the Kitchener system, she would be DramaticRomantic type.


Why did I mention the butterfly effect for that actress?

Someone said that she is not a natural blond, so it cannot suit her or her personality. She only looks good in dark hair tones.


However, I’d say that it’s only because, most often, we saw her in movies as a brunette. It was a handful of times that we saw her in different tones of blond.

Imagine that it would be vice versa.

We would mostly see her as a certain type of blond, so a dark hair color would look so contrasting and almost eye-poking for us.

I wouldn’t say that she doesn’t look good in blond; I’d say that we just got used to a certain type of her portrayed behavior, which corresponds to darker hair tones and darker colors in the wardrobe.

So she has aggressively sensual behavior – normally, we would connect with brunette hair and deep and dark leather-like outfits (P.S.: If that makes sense).

Let’s take a look.


The bigger issue here is not the color itself but the essence that does not fit here.


I definitely cannot say that this blond shade is bad; it’s just how we are used to perceiving her as a personality.


Also, at the same time, we cannot conclude that blond is the way to go for her, and Winter black can be too harsh as well.

And then again, we are coming back to the Soft Autumn colors.


Where stylists have seen Soft Autumn here, I cannot pinpoint. She doesn’t have an exclusively warm undertone.

It’s that case where we have an In-Transition type. It’s not a color palette exclusive type. She will transition through palettes, especially with time.

I concluded that her transit is between Deep or Dark Autumn and Dark Winter. Her very best colors never change and are deep in nature.

dark winter color palette
dark winter color palette
dark autumn color palette
dark autumn color palette

They are not soft or pale – they a color-saturated and deeply profound.

1 1

The owners of which will jump from one color palette to another one just by virtue of being “in transition.”

The skin undertone in both seasons will be very similar or even the same, and it will be warm and cold at the same time.

And the contrast will jump from low to medium at most.

This is what we call a “neutral” skin tone that will lean towards warm if Autumn and cold if Winter, and sometimes being right in the middle if you tend to jump quite often.

This is especially helpful for people who cannot find their seasonal type, and both gold and silver shades fit them well.


You cannot dissociate Angelina Jolie and the black color.

That’s literally impossible – her nature has sort of a dark side.

There is a sense of Drama that gets accentuated with dark colors.


That is always obvious when you look into her eyes – soft colors do not accentuate her true self and personality.


And now, let’s take a look again at softer colors.


Do you see the difference? The grey color doesn’t really do anything for her.


I don’t see any direct benefit of pastels for her. Her nature is not emphasized.


And then again, looks good only on bronzed skin.


Both these muted colors look dimmer.


And once again, just because we see Angelina wearing pastel colors a lot, especially grey and beige – it does not mean that it suits her the best, and it does not mean she is any of the Soft color palettes.


It’s a bright, creamy color that has nothing to do with Soft muted pastels.

Because of the nature of the shimmery fabrics, it provides brightness to the contrast of her appearance.


What Soft Autumn Should Look Like?


When the skin color feels refreshed without getting bronzed.

It’s not so much about the specific eye color or the hair color – it’s your personal coloring, and you should belong somewhere on the color wheel.

And again, thinking of who could look absolutely wonderful in a simple grey color without any makeup – take a look at Bella Hadid.

This is an example of when the person whose essence and color type are so in sync with each other.


Here, we can see a total match into the Autumn color palette – the deep burgundy is the canon color of the Autumn conglomerate, and the beige shade is complementary.


Whether she is bronzed or not – she does not require pastels to look good on her.

In contrast, Angelina Jolie does require a warmer shade of her skin. This milky beige is not going to be as good on her as it does on Arizona.

And taking into consideration that deeper colors also look good on her, they do not need to be warm necessarily.


Needless to say, the undertone plays a significantly better role with warm-shaded clothing than with silver/grey one.

We can see that in these examples with gold and silver outfits.

So Arizona’s transit will not be on the axis of different seasons, meaning warm and cold – it will be a warm and warm conglomerate.

So, many Autumn color types can also wear Bright Spring color palettes when they change the warmth and temperature of their skin color.

2 1

Let’s take a look.


Unbelievable, right?

How can someone be so versatile?

It needs to be transit. Otherwise, the stylist will be doomed to typing her Soft Autumn, Bright Spring, or something else.

So, by the time you get your 5th consultation with the color analyst – you will get 5 different types, and none of them will work specifically for you 100%.

So, please be aware of this.

I’d advise you first to learn some information available and only then ask for a personal consultation from a specialist. Also, if the consultation takes 1-3 days, I’d probably stay away from such experts.

In my own experience, I personally require a lot of time.

Stay cautious.

Mixing and Matching Soft Autumn Colors with Other Colors

While Soft Autumn colors can be the focal point of your outfit, they can also be paired with other colors to create a balanced look.

Colors that pair well with Soft Autumn colors include neutrals like beige, cream, and taupe.

You can also experiment with complementary colors like deep burgundy or navy blue to add depth and contrast to your outfit.

When mixing multiple colors, it’s important to consider the proportions and balance of each color.

For example, if you’re wearing a soft autumn-colored top, you can balance it out with neutral bottoms and accessories.

Soft Autumn colors are a popular choice during the autumn season due to their warm and cozy feel.

These colors are characterized by their muted and earthy tones, which evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation.

When incorporating Soft Autumn colors into your wardrobe, it’s important to consider your skin tone and undertones.

Undertones play a crucial role in determining which colors will complement your complexion.

To create a cohesive look with Soft Autumn colors, consider layering different pieces of clothing and mixing textures.

Additionally, Soft Autumn colors can be paired with other colors to create a balanced and stylish outfit.

Soft Autumn colors can add a touch of warmth and elegance to your autumn wardrobe.

So why not give them a try and see how they can elevate your style this season?




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