Kitchener’s Dramatic Style Essence— How To Style Yourself
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30 Aug

Kitchener’s Dramatic Style Essence— How to style yourself without losing your persona!

Are you wondering what Kitchener’s Dramatic Style Essence is?

This article has all the answers!

Unconventional, fearlessly savage, sincerely unbothered, and daringly dominant; that’s dramatic style essence for you. 

Their eyes reflect power; their aura reverberates superiority.

They walk, and people turn in awe; each step is confident and well-calculated.

They speak, and people stop to listen. They have power over others; they stupify the crowd with their presence. 

Women with dramatic essence represent glory; they sit on the highest hierarchy, and the world follows.

That’s a woman with dramatic essence; she is successful, she is unabashedly unabashed, and she is the true definition of power and poise. 

Cher often comes to mind when we talk about Dramatic style essence; she is the embodiment of this (yang) style essence.

A true prodigy— confident and ahead of her time.

She is articulate, well-spoken, bold, intense, and a fiercely gorgeous woman. 

Does it sound familiar to your own essence and vibe?

Have you always been unabashedly confident with your rare and unconventional choices?

There’s a mighty chance that you have what is called John Kitchener’s most yang and fierce essence type; the dramatic essence. 

What does it mean in terms of style? Below’s a complete guide to that question! 

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence

What is the Dramatic style essence in the Seven Kitchener essences? 

“The world is a stage for individuals with a dramatic style essence.”

 —John Kitchener. 

Physically, dramatic essence defies what is generally considered “the definition of societal beauty standards” and there’s a good reason behind it.

There’s nothing generic or regular or common about individuals with dramatic style essence; they are defined by terms such as unique, rare, and extraordinary! 

In the Kitchener system, dramatic essence is the ‘Most Yang;’ a strikingly opposite image of the ‘Yin essences.’

Yang here doesn’t mean masculine or unwomanly as is mostly perceived. Yang is fierce, confident, powerful, and bold. 

They are characterized by outgoing, extroverted, and outspoken personalities.

Unapproachable and dangerous are two terms often regarded with dramatic style essence because the commonwealth is mostly intimidated by their presence. In reality, they are harmless but very challenging and strong-minded. 

‘Yang,’ here means ‘masculine energy.’ For those who don’t know, masculine energy is not a gender attribute.

It’s present in every individual, just like feminine energy, regardless of your gender. Masculine energy/Yang energy defines stability, calm, and power. 

Refer to this article, kibbe body types, for a detailed understanding of the terminologies. 

Physical characteristics of Dramatic style essence

Physically, the dramatic style essence has a lean, narrow, straight, and tall body type.

They are characterized by sharp edges, verticality, and angularity, it is well present throughout their appearance whether face or body.

They have a bony structure with a visible absence of flesh. 

Unlike romantic or ingenue essence, dramatic style essence doesn’t have a voluptuous figure; they have a flat bust and an equally straight behind.

However, it’s important to note, that the absence of flesh or a voluptuous figure doesn’t translate to ‘not being sensual.’ Sensuality is subjective! 

With that in mind, let’s highlight the key physical attributes of your style essence. You don’t have to agree with everything Kitchener highlights because, unlike Kibbe, he’s fluid with his image/essence system!  

Body silhouette— Sharp Z-shape

Dramatic style essence’s body is endowed with a rectangle shape and straight lines. Instead of creating an hourglass or s-curved silhouette; their body morphs into a z-shape! 

They are tall with sharp and angular shoulders, lengthy and elongated limbs, and a boxy torso. The frame is lithe, lean, and narrow. You could call it taut and fit.

The same goes for their face and neck; this elongated appearance is visible throughout their body. Because their frame lacks flesh; they have slight to no waist definition, endowing them with a rectangular shape figure.

This body shape sharpens your style essence because it gives a visual edginess to your overall personality and the vibe you wish to execute. 

Bone structure

As stated, individuals with dramatic style essence have a bony frame, i.e., narrow and lean.

This narrow frame, torso, and limbs further elongate your height and make you come across as someone taller. 

This bone structure accentuates your aura, especially that chiselled face of yours. You have a sculpted face with well-defined and edgy jawlines along with a straight and pointed nose. 

Your shoulders are edgy and angular giving your body the perfect structure for dangerous and unconventional style choices.

Please note; Unlike the natural essence, your shoulders don’t stick out of your body proportion, they are very well-aligned with the rest of your body assets. 

Dramatic face type

Eyes: Along with a sculpted face, your eyes are the most exotic and dangerously captivating feature of your essence. You usually have sharp, stretched, and upturned eyes. 

They can be lengthy but are often droopy or drunk. Instead of being wide open; they remain calm and squinted. 

Your eyes are the most telling and powerful feature of your essence— they hold power and poise. 

Lips: Lips are generally thin, but can also be full. You have a knowing smile or an obnoxious smirk on your face; this small detail further enhances your overall essence. 

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence

Cheeks: High, sculpted and without flesh. They are perfect to give life to dangerously alluring makeup. 

Body flesh

Your body isn’t fleshy or soft; it’s not just your hips or bust, but your shoulders, face, arms, legs, and neck are all edgy and sculpted— your features or body silhouettes don’t have soft accents.

They are raw and sharp.

Waist definition: The absence of flesh, especially your flat chest and hip line, provides little to no waist definition. It’s a good thing because your personality gravitates towards power and danger and not sensuality or innocence. 

This doesn’t mean you are not sensual or innocent; it simply defines what you gravitate towards strongly. In reality, every woman is a combination of various personality traits. 

This is also why Kitchener’s system allows you to have more than one style essence. We are multifaceted individuals, all a blend of unique influences.

A single essence can never define us truly. Kitchener understands this phenomenon and thus proposes the idea of having 2-3 style essences— primary, secondary, and tertiary. 

  • The primary essence should highlight your body silhouettes. 
  • The secondary essence should highlight itself in small but crucial details.
  • Tertiary essence can be subtly present if you’d like.

Main accommodation of dramatic style essence: 

Overall, you may not agree with all these characteristics and that’s quite natural. Our bodies aren’t designed by a set of rules!

So, variations will always be there. 

However, here are the main accommodations that physically define your style essence:

  • Elongated and narrow limbs and torso.
  • Absence of flesh and soft edges.
  • No prominent hip or bust emphasis.
  • Sculpted face with chiselled features. 
  • Well-defined jaws, nose, and cheekbones.
  • Straight shoulders. 

Having soft features or lines will dilute your intense aura. It’s crucial to, therefore, highlight your straight and vertical body through your style choices— that’s what separates you from the crowd; that’s what makes you the centre of all the attention. 

Dramatic style essence: Origin

Initially, McJimsey was the one who conceptualized “dramatic style” under the yang category.

Since then, dramatic style/image ID has been a strong category of all the style theories and image systems. 

Kitchener’s dramatic style essence and Kibbe’s dramatic body type have a very similar and singular definition— they both believe dramatic essence belongs to the Yang spectrum because of their fierce traits and powerful physical stance. 

While Kibbe is strict with his system; Kitchener allows you to adapt to your preferred style without burdening you down with suffocating rules and regulations.

For he believes, your essence and vibe are just as equally crucial as your body silhouette when deciding on your wardrobe. 

Dramatic outfit choices and clothes that best suit your vibe

Unconventional, daring, and unique are three keywords you must keep in mind while deciding on your wardrobe. Theatrical and bold looks are what you’d look best in.

Others may look comical or laughable in unusual style choices, but you SLAY them like you were born to stun the crowd with your rare palette. 

What do unconventional or theatrical choices mean?

Rare, bold, unusual colors such as hot pink, parrot green, blinding orange, etc., or asymmetrical necklines, irregular stitches, and bold patterns… just to name a few. 

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence

Unconventional or out-of-the-box dramatic clothing

You weren’t born to be modest or humble; you were born with a daring and rule-breaking taste.

Others may find such choices beyond their limits, but you darling, unconventional choices suit you like your second skin. 

Unconventional means “going all out” without holding back or caring for what society has to say about it!

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence

Choosing unusual and unique outfits that others might consider too daring, too revealing, too bold, or simply too much.

For you, those choices come naturally. You defy fashion trends whilst creating fashion trends. You are the “TREND,” honey!

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence
  • Revealing clothes: You are not scared to try something revealing. In fact, nobody slays translucent or transparent fabrics better than you.
  • You are comfortable in your body and don’t mind showing off to the world. 
  • You make the weirdest pattern look fashionable. 
  • You make the scariest color work for you!
  • Asymmetrical tops with asymmetrical necklines. 

Outfits with straight lines

Because your body accommodates straight lines, you’d absolutely slay outfits that are well-defined with straight and long creasing. So, anything from straight pants to tailored suits is welcome. 

Wearing revealing clothes and body-fit choices also emphasize your straight and clean body frame. 

Men’s wear

Let’s be honest; men’s wear on a woman’s body smells like success and power.

Women in suits and pants hold a power we cannot truly comprehend, but can definitely sense! They are the kind of women you don’t mess with! 

These outfit choices highlight your successful, power-driven, and confident personality. 

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence
  • Three-piece suit: You would look stunning in loose-fitted blazers styled with equally loose-fit pants and a bralette inside. Oversized blazers are a sweetheart choice on any given day. Your oversized suit would look great with a shirt and formal vest as well!
  • Formal vest: A formal vest and loose-fit pants (without the blazer) is a deadly combination! 
  • Straight, loose-fit pants: Instead of opting for tight-fitted pants; go with loose-fit pants; they would always work for you! 
  • Shirts: All sorts of shirts work whether tight, loose, oversized, cropped, etc. 

Color blocking

Without a doubt, color blocking is a strong statement for your wardrobe. While it can break other style essences; it adds power, wild theatrics, and stardom to your overall existence.

Color blocking highlights your dramatic persona and leaves individuals gaping. “How does she make this work?” 

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence

Take a look at Tilda Swinton, Nude colors aren’t her strong pursuit, but she is a carefree diva in wild colors! She makes green and yellow look like a tempting combination. 

Please note that Tilda Swinton’s primary style essence is ethereal essence and not dramatic.

Dramatic is her secondary essence because her vibe coordinates more with the angelic/ethereal essence than it does with dramatic essence. 

Highlight your shoulders, collarbone, and arms

Choose tops or dresses that showcase your shoulders and collarbones, they provide a sharp and natural edge to your silhouette. 

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence
  • Crisscross necklines. 
  • Open cleavage to showcase your collarbones. Your essence and vibe don’t hide! 
  • Thin straps. 
  • Halter
  • Collar neckline with bareback
  • Halter neckline
  • Plunging necklines
  • Asymmetrical necklines
  • Strapless
  • Butterfly tops

Dramatic bottoms

Low-waist bottoms are a top-tier choice for your essence. Flaunt that belly button! 

  • Bell-bottom pants 
  • Flare pants 
  • Bootout pants 
  • Straight pants. 
  • High-waisted formal and straight pants
  • ¾ straight skirts
  • ¾ asymmetrical skirts 
  • Thigh slits. 

Dramatic sleeves

Sleeveless is a go-to choice for individuals with dramatic style essence, but you slay unique sleeves just as beautifully, especially when it comes to dresses. 

  • Angel sleeves
  • Puffed sleeves
  • Trumpet sleeves
  • Butterfly sleeves

Dramatic fabric choices

Just like your personality, your fabric choices should be unique, too!

When it comes to formals, go for stiff and crisp fabrics, including linen, organza, crepe, twill, gabardine, hemp, etc. 

For dresses and unconventional choices, the range is quite wild and diverse. Here’s what you must look for when choosing different fabrics: 

  • Crystal-embedded sheer fabrics. 
  • glittery fabric
  • Chromatic fabric
  • Fabric is made of unique materials, such as tinted glass, metal, jewellery, tape, etc. 
  • Sequin material. 
  • Fringe dresses

Accessories for dramatic style essence

  • Fashband because why not!?
  • Hoop earrings. 
  • Big and long neck pisces. 
  • Body Jewelry 
  • Net stockings. 
  • Fancy headwear 
  • Fancy hats
  • Theatrical sunglasses 
  • Waist chain. 
  • Crystal bralette. 
  • Crystal body suit. 
  • Big earrings. 

Dramatic makeup

Bare face and bold makeup are both great choices for individuals with this style essence.

Whatever look you are going for should portray theatrics and bare face in a way that is theatrical, or better dramatic. It expresses and tells a story. 

When going for makeup, do it boldly. You are not someone to shy away from the colors and drama on your face.

You live that vibe! So, unique colors are more than welcome. 

Don’t forget to focus on your eyes; they are the most giving feature of your dramatic face. 

  • Colorful eye shadows. 
  • Crystal-embedded eye makeup. 
  • Smokey makeup with nude lipsticks, etc. 

Dramatic hairstyles

Anything different from your basic or regular hairstyles/haircuts is welcome. This includes extremely short hair or extremely long hair.

The hair color is important, too. Choose a hair color that normal people would be scared to carry! 

  • Lady Gaga’s long white hair is a dramatic statement. 
  • On the other hand, Tilda Swinton’s short pixie is an appropriate choice, too. 
  • Cher’s long and mid-parted black waves are scary, dangerous, and a phenomenal choice. It makes her look drop-dead gorgeous but also scary!

Why does your essence matter when styling your wardrobe?

It’s a question of importance! We have always believed styling ourselves with respect to our body type is crucial to not disturb our silhouette or look unflattering.

However, styling your wardrobe according to your personality is equally crucial. Otherwise, you’d feel and look lost and simply “not yourself.” 

Here’s a popular example I often come back to when comprehending the importance of your essence with respect to your style— Lady Gaga and her bold choices!

They are BOLD With a capital B. They are different and not a platter for everyone. She carries those style choices and makes them work!

She is a woman of unique and rare taste.

The fact that she’s completely unapologetic about is simply cherry on the top!

She looks most like herself when styled in those rare and unusual outfits and hairstyles, and nobody can deny that fact! 

Now, here comes the interesting part.

Lady Gaga isn’t a verified Kibbe model, but her height wouldn’t allow her to be anywhere near the yang spectrum unless Kibbe changes his entire system. 

And still, she manages to glorify dramatic style like a pro. It’s because her personality is inspired by drama and theatrics.

She is a strong, independent, powerful, daring, and successful lady with a lot of charisma. So, despite her petite frame; she rocks dramatic outfits. 

We cannot deny how beautiful and empowering she looks in those style choices. 

Dramatic style essence celebrities

Cher is a prodigy without a doubt. It’s not just about how she carries herself, but also how she speaks and with what confidence she does!

That woman is fierce! She is successful, norm-defying, and rule-breaking. She speaks her mind and doesn’t let anyone walk over her, ever. That’s a quality! She is a boss lady! 

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence

This confidence is well-reflected in her style! Her wardrobe is a great inspiration for individuals with dramatic style essence. It’s edgy, sexy, and breathtaking.

Cher isn’t scared to flaunt her non-curvaceous figure and that speaks for itself. She doesn’t let the world define her beauty.

She gives a new and better meaning to terms such as sexy, bold, and powerful— a deadly combination. 

After Cher, here are a few great dramatic essence celebrity examples: 

Sofia Boutella

There’s a reason why movie directors cast Sofia Boutella in those sexy and daunting roles.

She is a phenomenon actress and there’s no doubt of that fact. Her face, personality, and aura just magnify those characters. 

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence

Those sharp and upturned eyes can instil fear in anybody if you ask me.

Her eyes are extremely gorgeous and dramatic; they carry a certain danger and challenge to them. Even with all those tattoos and double irises in the movie; Sofia Boutella stole the show!

She gave life to that exotic, scary, and magnificent role. 

While she usually sports casual or bohemian looks; you should see her in those dramatic choices! She is absolutely stunning and fierce! 

Anjelica Huston

Another 70s beauty on the list and it’s probably because the 70s was the dramatic era for all our strong-minded celebrities.

If you ever run out of ideas for your dramatic essence; the 70s fashion trend would be your answer! 

The era was full of unique and vibrant color splashes whether in makeup or attire; it was an era of bold and unusual designs.

If the 50s imprinted the romantic statement; the 70s embraced the dramatics. 

Angelica Huston is a dramatic beauty; it’s well reflected in the outfits she chose as a young model and actress. She was a queen of new and unique hairstyles, color blocks, men’s wear, and lengthy silhouettes. You could consider the 70s to be a revolution in itself where women finally started to embrace different meanings of beauty, sensuality, and power. 

Take any ’70s diva and you’d be supple with dramatic suggestions!

Winnie Harlow

Being a model, Winnie Harlow can carry multiple different aesthetics and stun the crowd each time.

However, if you dive deeper into her essence and personality; you’ll find out just how powerful and fierce she truly is! 

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence

While she is absolutely phenomenal in what she does; can we also bring light to how Winnie Harlow has overcome the current beauty standards and is set to rule the fashion industry?

Those unaware, Winnie Harlow is the first Vitilgo supermodel to participate in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

She is now a breathing inspiration to all those individuals with visible skin conditions. She is a hero! 

Her soul reflects energy and a carefree nature; that’s probably why she looks the most comfortable and fashionable when styling her natural style essence and an absolute goddess when styling her dramatic style essence. 

Dramatic gamine: Gwen Stefani. 

dramatic style essence
dramatic style essence

Dramatic Ingenue: Natalie Dormer 

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