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30 Aug

Kitchener’s Dramatic Style Essence— How to style yourself without losing your persona!

dramatic style essence
Are you wondering what Kitchener's Dramatic Style Essence is? This article has all the answers! Unconventional, fearlessly savage, sincerely unbothered, and daringly dominant; that’s dramatic style essence for you.  Their eyes reflect power; their aura reverberates superiority. They walk, and people turn in awe; each step is confident and well-calculated. They speak, and people stop to listen. They have power over others; they stupify the crowd with their presence.  Women with dramatic essence represent glory; they sit on the highest hierarchy, and the world follows. That’s a woman with dramatic essence; she is successful, she is unabashedly unabashed, and she is the true definition of power and poise.  Cher often comes to mind when we talk about Dramatic style essence; she is the embodiment...
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