French Ombre Nails: Ballerina Shape Nails At Home
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4 Apr

French Ombre Nails: Ballerina Shape Nails At Home

French Ombre Nails? Easy at home with my favourite Ballerina Shape Nails!

What I love about the “at home” manicure is that it is much safer and it does not ruin your nail surface

As you may know, I am a victim of acrylic nails in the past which has destroyed my nails completely. It did take me good 4 months to grow it back to healthy-looking.

So this is why I chose to do a manicure on my own at home and now I love it!

It took me a couple of months to grow them back to these lengths. I took my favourite vitamins for Hair, Skin, and Nails.

It did work out well because of Biotin ingredients.

Because of Biotin, it grew like crazy and it still grows well even after stopping with the vitamin 30 days course.

Now I can experiment home with French Ombre Nails at home easily. It literally took me 5 min to make it. There were these 3 main things:

Base Coat, White Colour Nail Polish, and a sponge that I took from the compact powder that I never actually use (this is why you see it a bit dirty, but no worry I did clean it before filming).

And this is how I file my Ballerina Shape Nails and that is what I usually do to maintain those in good shape and form.

French Ombre Nails


My Ballerina Nails Routine for a real ballerina

Grow your nails easy and quick on a budget

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