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4 Apr

French Ombre Nails: Ballerina Shape Nails At Home

French Ombre Nails
French Ombre Nails? Easy at home with my favourite Ballerina Shape Nails! What I love about the "at home" manicure is that it is much safer and it does not ruin your nail surface As you may know, I am a victim of acrylic nails in the past which has destroyed my nails completely. It did take me good 4 months to grow it back to healthy-looking. So this is why I chose to do a manicure on my own at home and now I love it! French Ombre Nails French Ombre Nails It took me a couple of months to grow them back to these lengths. I took my favourite vitamins for Hair, Skin, and Nails. French Ombre Nails It did work out well because...
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27 Mar

Ballerina Nails Short: How I Do It At Home

Ballerina Nails Short
Ballerina Nails Short Shape is not only beautiful but also elegant! Ever wondered how to make your ballerina nails short? Do not worry; I will tell you and even show you how I do it at home in 5 minutes. Things that I would be using are a nail file, a crayon ( I use the one for eyebrows), and 2 different nail polishes for a strong and natural look (you can use any color that you like). Ballerina Nails Short Ballerina Nails Short Ballerina Nails Short First things first, I would clean my nails, apply a moisturizer to the cuticle, and spread it to the whole surface of the nail. I usually remove the dry cuticle off to get this ballerina a clean and sophisticated...
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