Drooping Eyelid: Fix Droopy Eyelid With Makeup Easy At Home
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6 Apr

Drooping eyelid: Fix droopy eyelid with makeup


How to fix droopy eyelid with makeup? Stop worrying and watch me do it!

So you got a drooping eyelid and need to fix it or learn how to even out your hooded look

This would work regardless of your age. The drooping eyelid can be a natural feature and also could be caused due to aging.

Not all people want or can perform plastic surgery and I completely support those decisions. Natural features are always better than those artificial ones. If you do not like your hooded eyes, you can fix them with makeup even if it is not very bright and can also be suitable for every day.

In this video, I used a 50 years old model whose eyelids are drooping due to age and natural sagging of skin. I tried to perform suitable makeup in regards to main skin and eye colors. The overall palette is natural nude and brown colors with an emphasis on the length of eyelashes.


Create an angle of 45 degrees from the pupil of the eye. If you look closer at the video you will notice I create a spot with the eye shadow in the corner of the eye. This will uplift your look and your eye will stop looking droopy or sad.

Fix droopy eyelid with makeup

Things I have used for this makeup:

  1. Base coat from NYX or SEPHORA
  1. MAC concealer or Maybelline one
  1. YSL eyeshadow palette or ELF one
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