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29 Oct

Portuguese leather boots: The best choice!

Portuguese leather boots

Little of you know that Portuguese leather boots are supposed to be on your shopping list of all times

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wear leather boots
wear leather boots

Shopping in Lisbon what to buy

So you planned your perfect trip and was wondering how the ocean breeze felt like – The Atlantic Ocean coldness will surprise you for sure! You thought of enjoying your time at the beach of Arrabida or Costa da Caparica. The only thing you had doubts about was your shopping list in Portugal. I will tell you why you should consider buying Portuguese leather boots!

Focus on national leather goods!

Lisbon is a rich city on unique crafted goods and every single day people come to this city just to find something new and original. Everybody might know Portugal for its magnificent quality olive oil or cork bags. I bet none of you knew about leather shoes. And by the matter of fact, Portuguese shoes have outstanding quality and could easily be compared to those from big worldwide famous brands like Hermès.

What to buy in Lisbon
What to buy in Lisbon

Why Portuguese leather shoes are the best choice

For those of you who are traveling to Lisbon – do not get overwhelmed if you wanted to see the whole process of making shoes. You could read already that Portugal is one of the biggest and most successful fabrics of leather shoes in the world. Yes, it is true. However, their main production is located in O’Porto, Matosinhos, which is in the North of Portugal. If you are traveling there – take a warm coat, it might rain like in London.

Only in the North of Portugal the magic of leather shoe production is taking place

Portuguese leather boots
Portuguese leather boots

If you were wondering what was be the best thing to bring from Portugal – that would, of course, be leather crafted shoes or boots. Manufacturers are coming to learn the craft from all over the world even your favorite Nike’s.

I saw many brands like Balmain, Versace, and Balenciaga are manufacturing their things in Portugal simply because of their quality.

Consider searching for Portuguese genuine leather and not artificial leather. The price will, of course, be slightly higher because of the materials, since this is not China made. After all, seek for men and women leather goods – both will be a great satisfaction.

Can you imagine that big brands are coming to Portugal to learn the craft of making good quality shoes?

At any season I search for the most comfortable shoes that wouldn’t destroy my feet when walking. The choice is pretty vast but usually the most unique models I find at Helsar. Check out this Horse riding outfit accompanied with brown boots.

When it comes to classics and basics – this is what you need to choose.

If you had no time to shop in Lisbon and were considering shopping online

From the comfort of your own home, please take into consideration these things:

  1. The sale summer season in Portugal starts in mid-August.
  2. The sale winter season starts one week before the New Year. 
  3. The most trusted online platform for getting Portuguese goods is Farfetch.
  4. You might want to check out the mid-season Sale at Helsar or Eureka when you are in Lisbon.


Do not worry! I got your back and found something really awesome made of genuine leather. Check this selection out! In fact, I got once for myself and my mom!

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