True Spring Color Palette For Wardrobe And Makeup
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12 Jul

True Spring Color Palette For Wardrobe And Makeup

Are You Wondering If You Are A True Spring Color Palette?

I got you covered with these answers from a stylist and artist

The True Spring color palette is the apogee of the whole spring chart conglomeration.

Spring is predominantly warm and bright in colors, while its owner’s main features are subtle and clear.

This central part of spring is the peak of true color development.

It’s like a raw and fresh apple from the tree covered in the morning moist.

How True Spring Was Actually Created

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It’s high in contrast, the colors deviate from green to bright red creating the vividness and radiant glare of spring.

True Spring is right in between Bright Spring and Light Spring, making its colors deep and rich.

All the undertones are warm, and the harsh line of contrast becomes precise but still narrow.

Characteristics Of True Spring Color Palette

Imagine the beginning of April; it’s the middle of spring already, and the sun is already hot with its golden sunbeams.

People are bathed in the honey sunlight, and everything is becoming yellowish in our surroundings.

The trees are bright green, and the grass is not just green; it’s intensely bright in color, the sky is becoming golden and there is a warm hue in the air.

It’s the prime season for ripe fruits like mango and papaya, the cherries are blossoming and the strawberries are vividly red varying from slight coral to a deep burgundy red color palette.

True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette

It’s a warm palette even though it has a slight medium contrast between the skin color and the very complimentary features.

This is why we need to balance it out with compatible warm shades and undertones.

The central color palette is always a peak of true shades and in this case, it’s warm and golden.

True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette

So here you have already checked the colors on the palette and figured that not all colors will suit you (so now you are doubting whether you are True Spring at all?).

Don’t worry, not exactly all colors from the palette are meant to fit your appearance.

The main thing that will concern you and the true Spring palette is that you need to figure out if your skin is a cold or warm type because Spring is predominantly warm.

To read more on the seasonal color analysis in detail read this article.

How to find out if your skin type is warm or cold?

That is really easy to do!

The fastest way to understand what your main type is is to face yourself in the mirror and play around with gold and silver jewelry.

For example: If you see that you have a slightly pinkish skin undertone and silver earrings suit you better – you are a cold type. If you have olive-shaded skin and gold jewels suit you better – you are a warm type.

 You do have a soft appearance colorwise, but it’s not completely true when technical resources say that your “features appear somewhat “greyed” out or toned down”. 

There are people with greyish appearances, but their blue eyes definitely stand out.

They are somewhat muted, but in general, you can clearly see that the color of the eyes does stand out from the whole picture of your colors.

Your true colors are “muted”, but if you add a perfect soft autumn color your features (or at least one f them) will definitely stand out.

With the right palette, your features will be enhanced!

It might be true that the contrast between your skin, eyes, and hair is low to medium. 

But the important thing is that a usual person that reads these statements will not be able to identify that contrast.

It’s difficult to figure out which chroma, hue, and contrast your own appearance has.

My advice to you is not to put so much attention to these “technicalities” and just go along with a simpler explication of what your palette is.

The Features Of True Spring Color Palette


Spring eyes are always bright and clear looking light blue, blue-green (turquoise), olive, and warm brown that are golden in an undertone.


True Spring is always lighter than hair, however, it’s still warm in an undertone. The most common shade is fair (in winter that can even be ivory-light).

During the warm season, it can catch a slight tan and freckles and have pink blush on the cheeks.

It’s not too dark and it’s definitely not a “Latin-American” kind of skin.


Hair tones are warm and lingering to lighter shades like natural blond, dark blond, golden/honey blond, strawberry blond, red honey or copper, honey-brown shades. Often with highlights or uneven tones (darker on the roots and lighter on the ends).

Am I True Spring or True Autumn?

I know what you would ask “Why True Autumn is here”?

Because those are the seasons that lay opposite to each other on the color palette chart. They have the same kind of undertone, which is warm.

The only thing that distinguishes them is that Autumn is not highly or medium contrasted and True Spring is.

In Autumn colors are rich and deep, while Spring consists of bright and vivid hues that don’t bend in.

The latter ones contrast with each other.

How to mix and match a true spring color palette in your wardrobe?

In technical fashion materials, it is stated that you should only combine colors from one color palette that belongs to your skin tone.

So colors that work for a bright winter palette should only be chosen from the palette given to you.

Harsh and way too bright/cold colors can create an undesirable effect on the skin, especially if you have a delicate/muted appearance.

But that may be right on the contrary for you, bright and vivid colors are right for you!

I have already mentioned that dark/warmer colors can still be used for the lower body.

The main center is always your facial zone which attracts the most attention.

So you mainly need to concentrate on the face and decolletage zone with your true winter palette.

You have to understand that even if you use all blue combinations or all dusty pink or creamy combinations in your upper and lower body.

It will be color correct for your skin but still unflattering if your body shape is not perfect hourglass shape.

This especially concerns those that have an ampler bottom-like pear body shape.

So that would mean that light pink pants will not be the best choice for your bottom line because they can make you look bigger than you actually are.

And this is what we are trying to avoid when constructing the perfect wardrobe.

‍Styling For True Spring Color Palette

True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette
True Spring Color Palette

Neutrals For True Spring Color Palette

True Spring is mixed with winter colors, but when it comes to neutrals like white, black, or beige it needs to be softened.

Otherwise, pitch-black harshness will wash your beauty out. I would suggest introducing softer tonalities like dark grey instead of crispy black and off-white instead of clear white.

True Spring Neutrals

Colors to Avoid For True Spring Color Palette

True Spring is not about coolness like during summer times. It’s warm and bright, so it’s better to avoid muted shades like grey and pitch-black.

The blue color palette might look unhealthy on you, so leave it alone for other color palettes.

Untitled design

Patterns & Prints For True Spring Color Palette

Patterns are usually used for upper body garments like blouses and sweaters, etc., or summer dresses. People rarely wear trousers with patterns; most likely blatant colors are used.

As a True Spring type, you can wear prints, but those would need to be in the right color palette for you.

If you see a patterned fabric, you need to concentrate on the primary color of the whole garment.

There might be blue flowers on white, but you need to figure out which color is primary here. It’s primarily white which is basic here, so you need to see if that primary color is from your True Spring palette.

It’s believed that True Spring needs to use low to medium contrasts because of the delicacy of natural beauty.

You might still go for low-level contrast, which would be right for you. However, there is always a solution for you if you didn’t find anything from this guide.

Jewelry For True Spring Color Palette

How you could fix your non-perfect colored look with just one thing. It’s necklace, and for me it’s pearls.

Be mindful that pearls need to fit your skin color perfectly.

When you put something like a pearl necklace on your neck, you create a rough separation between the “wrong” color of your skin and the necklace.

So, the chain is going to be the primary color reflector for your skin color.

For example, I have a purple dress that does not really fit my skin color, and my face tends to look a bit tired with it.

You know it, especially if you have blue-eye bags in the morning. It doesn’t make me look the best.

So I create a cut between the color and my face with a pearl necklace that perfectly fits my skin.

So the jewelry is the first color reflector near my face.

Check out my article: “How to wear pearl necklace and where to buy it. “

As stated between gold and silver, I’d recommend gold as it’s warm enough for your skin tone.

Silver is appropriate if it was mixed with gold and looks primarily warm-toned.

Pearls need to be cream-white color as it matches your complexion perfectly.

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