Which Colors Go With Burgundy Clothes: How To Mix & Match
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5 Apr

Which Colors Go With Burgundy Clothes: How To Mix & Match?

Are you wondering which colors go with burgundy clothes?

This article has all the answers!

Which Colors Go With Burgundy? A plethora of burgundy shades are filled with energy and femininity, and each shade of this tone is mixed in different ways.

Burgundy is attractive for its mystery and power, and its presence in the wardrobe speaks of the maturity of a woman and her active life position. Shades of burgundy are universal: they are suitable for everyday wear and celebrations.

The burgundy color in clothes always emphasizes the beauty of a woman: it slims down, increases the contrast of appearance, highlights the face favorably, and, in combination with this tone, you can create various images: stylish, playful, catchy, and elegant, feminine, seductive.

Which Colors Go With Burgundy

Classic burgundy is a dark tone that is refined and graceful. Many shades can be combined with it; the main requirement is to match the purity of the leading tone. And since it has an average impurity level, its “companions” should be moderately clean, bright, and pronounced.

It often enters into light contras as a dark color but adds up on temperature resonance.

The combination of burgundy and pink is bright, not intrusive. It is better to choose warm shades in a pair with burgundy, as the colors will have a unifying factor in the form of actual red color.

The leading tone and the pair to it have a different direction of construction: if the first is red mixed with black, then the second is white and red.

Thus, together they create a deep chiaroscuro, which is pleasing to the eye. The palette consists of royal pink, shrimp, coral pink, red-pink, and raspberry.

Burgundy And Orange

The combination of colors: burgundy and orange is a rich, warm and attractive palette. Like warm pink, orange is built based on red, but it has a yellow color, unlike the previous tones.

This adds spice to the combination. Light thermal contrast makes the described manner colder; the difference between a bright spot and light gives a spectacular bow. For example, consider combinations with peach, orange-coral, carrot, red-orange, and brick.

Burgundy And Burgundy/Red

Burgundy and burgundy red – how to combine? This range consists of shades of the same color and clarifies the overflows from one shade to another. The brightest flash will be scarlet, but it is rarely possible to pick up a tone darker than burgundy, and is it worth it?

Playing with saturation and brightness of tones, you can get juicy palettes of one shade. Consider a combination with scarlet, watermelon, red rose, pink-burgundy, cherry.

Burgundy And Yellow

A combination of burgundy with yellow or gold. Yellow is light and bright, it looks next to the main one – catchy, intrusive due to the deep light and thermal contrast, but if you take muted shades, it will turn out less catchy and more prestigious.

But the combination of gold and burgundy creates a beautiful, luxurious, expensive pair. This combination is valued on a par with black and gold and sometimes surpasses it in aesthetics. The composition includes champagne, sunny, honey, yellow gold, and bright gold.

Burgundy And Green

The combination of burgundy with warm green is elegant and expressive because the mixture is built on additional contrast, which brings the mix to a new level of harmony. Unlike red-green color, burgundy-green, especially if the shades of green are warm and muted, is a more profitable option.

It is not so catchy and annoying but balanced and majestic. The palette consists of green peas, olive green, marsh, khaki, and brown green.

Burgundy combined with cold green

The combination of burgundy and cold green is juicy and inspiring. The additional contrast has not yet ceased to operate in it, but a thermal one has been added, making the pair even more attractive. Burgundy looks warmer, more saturated, and green can be used in brighter tones than warm. For example, a combination of menthol, mint, patina, gray-green, and malachite.

Burgundy And Blue

The combination of burgundy and blue is strict and sophisticated. The best option would be gray-blue and complex pale blue shades, and they will emphasize the warm nature of burgundy without violating its regal grace. Consider compositions with pale blue, denim, sea wave, Prussian blue, thunderstorm.

How to pick burgundy and purple?

Purple is combined with a burgundy red tone found in both shades. Due to this, the combination is smooth and organic. Violet, purple tones, as it were, continue the beginning of burgundy with intermediate colors, revealing the beauty of the primary color but not hiding in its shadow.

Alternatively, it can be one color with resonance with purple.

The color scheme is glycine, amethyst, orchid, purple, and eggplant.

Burgundy And Brown

The combination of burgundy and brown is natural and soft. Brown is similar to burgundy not only in that it has red in its composition and the light range (primarily medium and dark shades).

Therefore, it cannot make a bright contrast with the described tone, but the couple is still attractive. Burgundy seems more brilliant, more prosperous, thicker next to brown, and the combination is light, neat, and juicy.

The palette includes cinnamon, milk chocolate, bark color, red-brown, and golden brown.

Burgundy is combined with white, gray, black

The combination of burgundy with white, gray, beige, and black are classic, strict, elegant pairs, where the primary color takes center stage, and the additional one sets the mood as a whole.

So white gives a feeling of regal grandeur, gray provides lightness to the composition, beige is feminine elegance, and black is a luxurious evening bow. For example, a table has been compiled of milky, light beige, dark beige, lead, and black.

What colors to make a combination of burgundy also depends on its shade and purpose: so blends with bright tones are more for evening style and neutral ones – for office and casual wear.

If you are faced with choosing an elegant combination for a shade of burgundy, then this article will help you select the right option.

Pink-burgundy color

Pink-burgundy color – soft relative to the entire range of shades. It works great with low contrast looks, but it appears more affluent and complex when paired with brighter hues (rich orange or dark emerald).

Coral burgundy color – deep and rich. It seems that it was created for bohemia and inspiration. It is more suitable for a contrasting appearance, and everyday use of this color will distinguish its owner from the gray crowd. It can also be used for a quick image change between day (office) and evening-night (club) life with a couple of accessories and make-up.

Coral burgundy can be combined with peach pink, coral, red-orange, rich orange, terracotta orange, saffron yellow, kelly, yellow-green, blue-green, ice, denim, dark blue, lavender-blue, blackberry, light red-brown, dark chocolate.

Red-burgundy color and its combination

The red-burgundy color is the closest to red of all shades of burgundy: bright and saturated. It is often attributed to the Christmas scale. This shade has the most evening style bias, so it is often combined with bright tones, although it also looks good with neutral tones.

Red-burgundy color. Combination with burgundy

Consider the following pairings with red-burgundy, which include soft fuchsia, flamingo pink, scarlet, light orange, yellow-orange, apricot, signal yellow, pale chartreuse, emerald green, cool dark green, light turquoise, violet-blue, blueberry, dark purple, dark brown, milk chocolate.

Bright burgundy: a combination of colors

Bright burgundy is the most common shade of burgundy: deep, sophisticated, and elegant. And despite its saturation, it is suitable for any contrast of appearance. This shade often indicates the wearer’s status and is used on expensive materials.

Another quality of this shade is sexuality. Combinations with a bright shade of burgundy can be contrasted with pale and light bright tones, but blends with dark colors, such as black, navy blue, or dark green, are beautiful.

Mix vibrant burgundy with colors such as smoky pink, coral pink, coral red, orange
gold , banana, khaki, lime, emerald, copper patina, aquamarine, grey-turquoise, dark blue, dark grey-violet, tan, cocoa.

Ruby-burgundy color

The ruby-burgundy color is softer but as deep as the bright burgundy shade. Graceful and elegant, it is not flashy but stands out for harmony and grace. This shade can be included in the primary colors combined according to mood.

Consider the following combinations of ruby-burgundy with shades: soft peach, light pink, rose red, tangerine, orange-yellow, golden saffron, mint-green, tea green, copper patina, aquamarine, royal blue, blue ink tint, lilac, hazelnut.

Maroon and combinations with it

Maroon – a rich, intense shade – is one of this line’s most attractive and sexy tones. It outlines the figure no worse than black, visually reducing and exposing beautiful curves. This shade is chic in evening dresses and strict business suits and more suitable for solid women.



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