Aries Rising Appearance, Wardrobe And Style: Stylist Advice
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13 Apr

Aries Rising Appearance, Wardrobe And Style: Stylist Advice

Are you wondering what an Aries Rising appearance looks like and how to style it?

This article has all the answers!

What is Aries Rising Appearance? Ascendant types, both in appearance and character, usually reflect the planet’s nature- the Ascending sign’s ruler.

Although people do not always have the body type specified by the ruler of their ascendant (especially when some other planets are more assertive in their horoscope), the nature of the ascendant will permanently affect their psychology.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, a sign of the element of fire, ruled by the energetic, competitive planet Mars. This means that this is a pitta constitution, a fiery temperament, the desire always to be the first in everything.

And everything that we know about the energies of the planet Mars, one way or another, will be manifested in a person with this Rising Sign.

Aries Rising Nature

Energetic, impulsive, enterprising. Brave, direct, courageous. Bright extrovert. Ambitious and striving for power and glory.

Usually speaks well, can infect other people with faith and confidence, inspire. Aries quickly makes decisions – often under the influx of emotions, on the run. Therefore, it can often make the wrong choice.

They need to comprehend the proverb’s wisdom – measure seven times, cut once.

This person is usually ambitious, self-confident, and independent. These are very active, mobile people, so they often have a passion for travel—warriors by nature. Aries are prone to accidents and mistakes due to their impulsiveness and tendency to dominate.

The KEY concept focuses on promoting yourself and taking action.

FAVORABLE features are assertiveness, initiative, activity, courage, enthusiasm, and enterprise. Aries are pioneers. People of action.

They are heroic. They love adventure. They have the know-how and can inspire – they can be good preachers and orators.

UNFAVORABLE features – a tendency to rivalry, disputes, hostility, aggressiveness. Hot temper, impatience, jealousy, recklessness.

Stubbornness. Low ability to work in a team. They cannot always bring the work they have started to the end because they are too impatient.

Aries Rising Appearance

The classical texts say that Mars significantly influences people’s appearance, physique, and health with this Lagna.

“Natives of this Lagna have an average construction. They have muscular bodies, and they are neither strong nor thick. They have a fairly long neck and face. They have thick eyebrows and a sharp look. They have a charm that attracts the other people.”

Modern authors agree that Aries Rising is characterized by: short (medium) height, well-developed muscles, and a figure that is either lean or solid but not obese. (Even if they don’t go to the gym and eat a lot because they have a robust digestive fire).

The hair is coarse, with a copper or red tint (dark or light brown hair) and a forehead with vertical folds. The eyes are small, with strongly pronounced brow ridges: a sculpted (usually large) nose, tightly compressed lips, a fixed fold of the mouth.

But Aries Rising is felt most strongly by the feel.

The look – perhaps the main distinguishing feature – is direct, open, often impudent (point-blank), possibly militant, and sometimes naive. What is always noticeable is the energy saturation of his gaze. The look always reflects the independence of Aries and his self-confidence.

There is a certain sharpness of features, sharp or rough facial features (a face that fits into the shape of a triangle), redness of the skin, and a blush.

The skin may also be very white, showing redness or prominent veins. A sense of speed and strength emanates from a person.

A characteristic “Martian” chin with a simple, less often just prominent, cheekbones, if highlighted, directed forward, a high and semicircular hairline above the forehead.

Often the face is extensive, with deep-set eyes.

Another distinguishing feature is the protruding facial features. (Nose or chin or forehead) Something that reflects the constant drive of Aries forward and upward … The same applies to the body while walking. Tilt the body or head forward. They are always in a hurry to have time to arrive on time.

In the photographs, famous personalities with Aries Rising are in the horoscope. (Mostly without planets in the 1st house, with Lagna degrees from 5 to 25 degrees).

Since Aries is the sign of the possession of Mars and the exaltation of the Sun, the prominent parts of the face are the bright shining eyes (Sun) and the aquiline nose (Mars).

The Ascendant in Aries looks at you as if point-blank, with a somewhat predatory expression on his face, slightly tilting his head forward, as if he wants to butt you.

The eyes are small, with strongly pronounced brow ridges, and the bridge of the nose immediately stands out on the face of such a person. Facial features are rough, clear, fighting aim and chin, reddish skin, athletic, muscular physique.

A sculpted nose, tightly compressed lips, and a fixed fold of the mouth. The voice is loud, screaming.

Another description, as a rule, such an Ascendant does not give tall height, but both men and women will have a toned, athletic figure (even if they do not play sports), clear features of the face and body. Men may be prone to early baldness.

They prefer comfortable, sporty clothes; women rarely wear dresses. the impression they give is that they are very loud, open, impulsive and straightforward people. Sometimes they are considered overly belligerent and conflicting people. In any case, such people are very enterprising; they always want to win and be the first in everything, so sometimes they provoke disputes and competitions.

In general, a powerful energy charge emanates from such people, which encourages everyone around to move more. Even though they are very independent in appearance, internally ascending Aries have tuned all their lives to searching for a soul mate, to live in the union, and cooperating with other people.

Venus is also responsible for how a person dresses, a person has a taste.

One of my acquaintances, a Capricorn, for the time being, was very fond of black, until he found out that he was Aries according to ASC (Rising Aries) He impressed me very much. In principle, such a true Capricorn, he seemd to always talk about his career, he is very interested in this, and recently he has been working in decent institutions, this is very important for him. But as soon as he began to earn more or less decent money, he bought myself a red jacket, but not quite red, such a burgundy shade, a very beautiful color, it was all done with taste.

Nevertheless, this act surprised me. Before, when it was not financially possible, he preferred really neutral (earthy) tones, and now a red jacket, a red tie, a red-striped shirt. . This is also due to the fact that a person, having lived to a to certain age, ASC has been actively manifesting itself, and allowed himself to express himself in a more expressive manner.

A person with ASC in Aries dresses brightly

In addition to being bright, there are also things of a sporty type that do not interfere with movement, which help movement. Sportswear, perhaps comfortable clothing.

Aries on ASC is considered to give pointed facial features. These are not blurry facial features. And there is a moment that something must come forward. Either the nose, such a large eagle nose, which protrudes forward, or it is a chin that is slightly up.

But even if a person was born in a family where everyone is snub-nosed, chubby, nevertheless, Aries somehow manifests itself in ASC: perhaps some kind of crest sticks out forward. Something outstanding forward and a little upward.

Body type. The person is not overweight and, most likely, has a sense of strength and speed.

Motility. How does an Aries enter? He doesn’t come in, he breaks in. Maybe they did not break the door, but entered decently. Nevertheless they entered in such a way that everyone looked at him. Either they made a noise, or they slammed the door and opened it loudly. They entered so that everyone noticed.

If they enter some unfamiliar room, they seek to immediately switch all attention to himself, i.e. they start talking.

Aries does not leave a pause for an answer, but starts further. They set out the essence of the case and literally address so persistently with a question to everyone around.

Clothes Of Rising Aries

Usually, not only the red color of clothes is associated with this position of ASC, but also a reddish complexion – there may be freckles. Quite often, the hair is reddish. Light red, dark red, but such a reddish tint is possible. Again, it must be compared with relatives.

In principle, women prefer to dress up in red tones.

The walk is very dynamic. From gait, there is such a feeling that something can hurt, something can knock down on the way: a person or a thing that is located on the road.

The first conversation an Aries has is with himself. Those. he says what he is. ASC is not only appearance, but also such a mask, a role.

This is a person who begins a sentence with the word “I”: “I do”, “I try.” He always makes himself a rather dynamic person, presents himself as a rather dynamic person. Those. this is the winning role for him, which, as he believes, helps him in life. He tries to discuss his affairs. Tries to dominate the conversation.

The face is neither narrow nor wide. Such sharp facial features. Perhaps even too sharp, a little bit uncouth, not soft, but pointed.

Aries has a very dynamic look. Not tenacious, but he kind of throws glances. Short look, but very sharp. Not from under the forehead, not from the tuck, very direct, short-lived.

Aries women often perceive the street as a podium, standing out from the crowd thanks to his catchy individual style and bold images. Exactly this sign of the zodiac, striving to always be the first, picks up before others any fashionable ideas, sometimes without having time to adapt them to your style and

Aries never skimp on new clothes, striving to have high-quality, branded items.

Fashion and Style

These resolute young ladies are not afraid to change, and do not tolerate moderation and semitones. Clothes are chosen, first of all, by color, preferring all shades red: from bright pink to deep burgundy, often dressed in full black, like experiments with different styles.

Romantic style, ribbons, bows and pastel colors – no way!

Aries open sexuality is more to my liking: deep necklines, tight-fitting knitwear, ultra-mini, stocking boots, leggings and tight belts and even leopard prints.

Brave conquerors far more than other signs of the Zodiac are trousers and general men’s clothing. Military style – as if created for these restless nature.

Patch pockets, epaulettes, straps and flying coquettes – that’s it!

In addition, the trademark of Aries is headwear. Their cheeky look now and then “shoots” from under different hats, caps, baseball caps and bandanas.

Real Aries hate spending a lot of time getting ready in the morning, so everyday life they are most suited for bright Sport-casual and free, easy things that go together.

Their cardinal character is more suitable clothes of a simple cut and moderate volume: A-line dresses fashionable this season, trapeze sundresses, semi-flared skirts, semi-fitted blazers.

Perfect for a gala or corporate party a laconic bright red dress will do. It will not only emphasize the bold and passionate nature of Aries, but also distinguish them in the eyes of the authorities as decisive and irreplaceable employees.

Don’t neglect accessories! They will make your image in a matter of seconds. complete and unique. Fortunately, the fashion accessories of the new season are so diverse, that bright and expressive Aries have plenty to choose from!

The desire to look impressive and bright often pushes Aries women to redundancy in the use of cosmetics and perfumes. Many Aries – lovers of unnatural hair color (bright red or platinum blondes).

Aries Rising Celebrities

  1. Actress Mia Farrow
  2. Actress Liza Minnelli
  3. Actress Sigourney Weaver
  4. Actress Capucine
  5. Writer Louisa May Alcott
  6. Actress Dakota Fanning
  7. Barbra Streisand
  8. Shakira

But! When reading descriptions of the Rising Sign of the Zodiac, remember that these are the most general characteristics, the basis on which the horoscope itself is built.



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