Taurus Rising Appearance Clothes, Wardrobe & Style
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31 May

Taurus Rising Appearance Clothes, Wardrobe & Style

Are you wondering what a Taurus Rising Appearance looks like?

This article has all the answers!

Taurus Rising Appearance And Character Traits

Taurus Rising Appearance, physique and character of the people of this sign is significantly influenced by Venus – the mistress of the sign.

Venus endows them with a beautiful appearance, attractiveness to the opposite gender, they have charm and good manners.

People born under this sign are characterized by a sense of harmony and love for the arts.

Ruled by Venus, they are believed to represent the most attractive side of the Kapha Dosha.

Nature of the Taurus Rising

  • Strong, determined, tenacious.
  • Stable, realistic, and persistent.
  • Has a practical mind.
  • Conservative – does not like to retreat from positions once taken.
  • Although this person is proud and stubborn, they are gentle and easily influenced by others.

Due to Venus, Taurus is sensitive and melodic, loves comfort beautiful bohemian things, and is prone to sensual pleasures and luxury.

But with the same ease, they develop refined taste and elegance. Taurus are free to communicate and quickly establish contact with strangers and foreigners.

Often they have the patronage of high-ranking people. They are gourmets when it comes to food.

They are patient and calm, but if they get angry, they lose their temper.

Unlike the fiery Aries that preceded them, Taurus are not quick to rise, but on the other hand, they excellently complete the work they have begun.

They have a highly developed possessive instinct, and therefore many of them become people in business or bankers and accumulate significant capital.

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KEY CONCEPT: maintains stability; focused on possession and preservation.

FAVORABLE traits: Productive, hardy; thorough and thorough; stubborn; patient; reliable; conservative; has a strong will; devoted and honest. Artistic, charismatic and strong. Enduring friendship.

ADVERSE features: often lacks flexibility; sometimes boring; bothersome; greedy; selfish; indulgent; reluctant to take on new things; reactionary; intolerant; stubborn; jealous; a hoarder.

It is inclined to maintain external beauty, glamour and illusoriness to an extreme degree. In moments of anger, she tends to show physical strength.

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Taurus tends to become overly attached to the material side of life.

Depending on the degree to which the ascendant Taurus is, Nakshatras will have an influence on a person.

So, the Nakshatra Krittika, falling into the degrees of Taurus (00 ° -10 ° 00′ Taurus), will reward talent in the fine arts and a unique charm.

If the ascendant in Taurus falls within the degrees of the Mrigashira Nakshatra (23° 20′ – 00°), soft and gentle notes will appear in a person’s character.

A sympathetic, feminine and pleasant character is associated with the rising Taurus. And in general, this is a beautiful, charismatic, soft and lovely nature.

Taurus Rising Appearance

“If at birth the ascendant or Lagna is in Taurus, then the person is likely to be of average height, with broad shoulders. Hair is usually dark and maybe curly; usually have green or blue eyes, full lips, a wide forehead and a thick neck.” (From Jataka-Bharanam)

Modern astrologers also note that Taurus is usually of average stature. They have a “broad bone”, so they, even in the absence of a “fat layer”, look more impressive than people who have a “thin bone”.

Looking at Taurus, you immediately understand that this person stands firmly on the ground, based on it seriously and for a long time.

Earth signs are generally monumental, but the forms of Taurus, thanks to Venus, are smoother as if rounded.

Taurus women usually look plump, even if they are not overweight. But even with a full physique, Venus gives them fantastic proportionality.

Tauruses are generally prone to fullness. Even those who were slim in their youth can slowly but surely gain weight throughout their lives.

Taurus usually have short necks, which makes them seem squat and clumsy: instead of turning one head, they prefer to turn their whole torso.

The face is round but not puffy, like a water sign. Wide, large nose, often picturesque potatoes, or with pronounced “flared” nostrils, plump sensual but harmonious lips.

Eyes distinguish Tauruses: large and very expressive. And, as a rule, long eyelashes.

Thick, heavy, beautiful hair. Chestnut, golden, rarely blond.

As already mentioned, of all earth signs, Taurus is considered the most pretty; ruled by Venus, they represent the most attractive side of Kapha Dosha.

And since Venusians take care of their appearance, this helps them keep their Kapha Dosha from excessive development. Completeness.

They have soft skin with delicate light color. Speech and manner of communication are courteous, kind, and graceful. The movements are slow gracefully lazy, but there is a hidden power.

Specialists in physiognomy note that Ascending Taurus is distinguished by a remarkably beautiful jawline, ear contour and nose profile. The chin is relatively massive.

A woman with such an ascending sign has harmonious facial features. The face is usually round with dimples on the cheeks.

Facial expressions are delightful and conducive to trust.

The physique is proportional and quite beautiful.

The calves on the legs are sometimes somewhat full. They are very feminine in manner and appearance, but if you do not instil a love of physical exercise over the years, they become noticeably stout.

The hair of such women is shiny, often curly, but coarse.

A Taurus woman is distinguished by practicality combined with good taste.

Taurus is a bit of a snob. She prefers imported fabrics and only quality clothes.

The woman is strong, practical, and tasteful. She is subtle and intelligent; she prefers neutral colors such as cream, ivory, and khaki, accented with rich browns or gold.

They love accessories that bring out their best features, often their graceful necks.

They have selected necklaces and scarves that focus on the neck.

The main stone is an emerald, which she prefers to wear as a necklace. Emeralds are traditionally associated with fidelity, belief in immortality, love and faith; Their primary color is green.

Taurus usually looks best in soothing colors.

Taurus gets used to their clothes. If a woman thinks that the trousers fit her perfectly, she will return and buy another pair, not to risk choosing clothes another time.

Taurus Rising Woman Fashion & Style

Ruled by sensual Venus, the Taurus woman was born to love and be loved.

With one turn of her beautiful and well-groomed head, she can achieve more than many women in magnificent outfits.

She loves shopping, walking calmly and confidently, and choosing only what she thinks is ideal.

Sales turmoil is not for her—just the perfect pair of shoes, just the perfect combination of blouse and trousers.

No matter how much she pays for the outfit, Taurus will look like a million dollars in it.

The Taurus Rising woman has a developed sense of touch, sight and smell.

She loves luxurious fabrics and luxurious colors. Most of all, she loves the smell of new clothes.

She will browse for hours without buying anything, just enjoying the luxury, indulging in her senses.

She loves old-fashioned jewelry, especially those with a romantic history.

At home, she has deep comfortable velvet sofas. Her kitchen and bathroom carry a touch of luxury.

She loves career growth, not for the sake of a career, but as an increase in the ability to buy and have luxurious things and indulge in her passion for shopping.

A Taurus Rising Woman knows exactly what hairstyle and makeup suit her.

No fashion trends will force her to change her rules. Let everyone use trendy purple eye shadow, but nothing can change her mind if she thinks this is not her tone.

She has taste, which she certainly trusts.


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